REVIEW: The Levellers – Subscription Rooms, Stroud 28/11/10

Before embarking on their huge tour next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album Levelling The Land, The Levellers have been warming up with a grass roots tour of smaller venues in towns away from the normal tour circuit. As such, I found myself at the Subscription Rooms in Stroud on a bitterly cold November evening where it was the crowd who needed to warm up first. Thankfully it wasn’t just me that had braved the cold and icy conditions as there was a lively sell-out crowd filling the venue this evening.

As the lights dim, the stage is bathed in a blue wash and a thumping bass track plays, building with the addition of some pipes as the band take to the stage and the track fades to be replaced with the sound of a fiddle, signalling the opening bars of England My Home, setting the tone for the rest of the evening, with the enthusiastic crowd getting more into the songs from the bands early albums than their more recent offerings.


114 Spotisfaction Monday 20/09/10 – Kev Atkinson

Hi folks. We’re a little busy this morning over at Spotisfaction HQ, but the net result is that we’ve got a great week lined up for your aural consumption. Today we welcome back staff members Woody and Richard who have been on holiday, and we’re now back at full strength again. Woop, etc. Expect good things incoming shortly.

Today’s playlist is by Kev Atkinson and is entitled “Bored At Work”. Thanks Kev.

Have a lovely day, kids.

Kev Says:

Ok I created this playlist during a brief quiet period at work recently when I was immensely bored. I thought I’d try and create an upbeat, up-tempo playlist to lift my spirits. The problem with that was that the majority of artists in my collection are not upbeat or up-tempo so I didn’t quite achieve my original goal. However I did manage to alleviate my boredom at work for a period so at least I achieved something with the playlist apart from realising just how much of a melancholy personality I have.

Some of the highlights for me include Machismo by Gomez simply because it is so unalike what you would normally expect from the band, Going Underground by The Jam which is one of my all time favourite Jam tracks, and Hysteria by Muse which for me was the stand out track on Absolution which was the last decent album that Muse have done


105 Spotisfaction Monday 30/08/10 – Kev Atkinson

Hello everybody out there in the big wide world music-loving world. It’s a bank holiday over here, nobody’s at work, making it all the more important we give you a playlist to peruse, consume, and enjoy to your hearts content today. We’ve got a good one for you all, with Kev Atkinson’s 2010 So Far – it’s been one hell of a year so far hasn’t it, and there are still… 1.. 2.. 3.. 4 months to go!

Incidentally, we’ve got a particularly eclectic week planned over the next 5 days, so make sure you’re keeping up with us! If you’re just too busy to check, be sure to sign up to our Newsletter, and we’ll email you the occasional update of all our favourite recent content!

Now, here’s Kev’s rundown of this fantastic year so far.

2010 So Far – Blurby stuff

Ok so we are now halfway through 2010 and to be honest there has been a lot of great music released in the last eight months. Here I have put together a collection of tracks from some of the albums that I have been listening to in the first half of the year, but it’s by no means a comprehensive collection.

Coming into the year there were two albums that I was really looking forward to, the first was Intriguer by my all time favourite band Crowded House, unfortunately this isn’t currently on Spotify so I couldn’tt add a track, but I do highly recommend the album so check it out if you get a chance.

Second was the sophomore release from The Depreciation Guild. I think Spirit Youth is a more mature and accessible album than In Her Gentle Jaws and on first listen there were many great tracks but November was one of those that initially stood out for me.

I wont go over every single album in the playlist but I will give a run down on some of my personal highlights of the year so far.


97 Spotisfaction Wednesday 11/08/10 – Kevin Atkinson

Afternoon, all. Things are really kicking into overdrive with the website redesign. I feel like I’ve done nothing but code for the last couple of weeks, but there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. We think that the new site will be a lot easier to use for you guys, and we can’t wait to unveil it finally! There’ll be an announcement closer to the time so keep your eyes peeled…

Last week I succumbed to the growing trend in our office which is the Graze box. If you’ve not seen these before, they’re a brown box filled with nuts, berries, olives and other such things. I’m not going to lie – it’s tasty and a lot healthier than my normal Tesco-fueled lunch binge, but I feel like a freaking squirrel. I’m campaigning for them to make bacon sandwich flavoured brazil nuts.

Anyway, today’s playlist is by Kev Atkinson and is an eclectic mix of old and new tracks, appropriately entitled “Spotisclectic”. I hope you enjoy.


97 Spotisfaction Wednesday (11 Aug) – KAtkinson
Hit the link for Kev’s blurb.


93 Spotisfaction Monday 03/08/10 – Kevin Atkinson

Morning all. Didya miss me? Today is a shock to the system, fo sho – first day back in the day job after two weeks off, and I’m very much not with it yet. This weekend saw the wedding of two good friends of mine and therefore I’m in a very good mood today. So, in celebration of this rarity, I’ve picked Kev’s soul playlist for today’s aural consumption.

Congratulations to Dr Dave and Sarah Monks, with love from Spotisfaction.


93 Spotisfaction Monday (2 Aug) – KAtkinson
Hit the link for tracklist and Kev’s blurb.


73 Spotisfaction Wednesday 16/06/10 – Kevin Atkinson

Well met, boys and girls.

It’s all go here right now. There are big changes afoot, such as the introduction of deadlines here at Spotisfaction Towers. Working on Spotisfaction is now a bit more like a real job, except I enjoy it and it doesn’t pay my rent.

Okay, I’m going to keep it short and sweet today as I’ve gotta get back to the grindstone. Today’s playlist has been crafted by Kevin Atkinson, a regular reader/listener who is, quite frankly, our rock. You could say he is our post-rock. But that would probably be taking a joke too far.


73 Spotisfaction Wednesday (16 Jun) – KAtkinson

  1. Joy Wants Eternity – Above The Clouds Lies Eternal Sun
  2. Moonlit Sailor – The Fog Is Lifting
  3. And So I Watch You From Afar – A Little Bit Of Solidarity Goes A Long Way
  4. Codes In The Clouds – Don’t Go Awash In This Digital Landscape
  5. Pg.lost – Jura
  6. Caspian – Ghosts Of The Garden City
  7. Exxasens – Sky In Red
  8. Collapse Under The Empire – Conscious Of Thirty-Nine
  9. Signal Hill – Stunning Clarity
  10. Long Distance Calling – Black Paper Planes
  11. Jakob – Malachite
  12. Beware Of Safety – The Difference Between Wind & Rain
  13. Goonies Never Say Die – Everyone Comes To Life
  14. Followed By Ghosts – A Mirthful Experience
  15. Because Of Ghosts – Burn It To The Ground, For Now
  16. The Seven Mile Journey – Theme For The Oddmory Philosophies
  17. Saxon Shore – Replacement Driver
  18. Destroyalldreamers – Souvlaki Space Station
  19. This Is Your Captain Calling – Lullaby
  20. Tristeza – Golden Hill
  21. Mogwai – Hunted By A Freak
  22. Maybeshewill – Seraphim & Cherubim
  23. Ef – Ett
  24. MONO – Follow The Map
  25. Daturah – 9

Post rock. Not everyone’s favourite genre. By those that are not fans it has been politely described to me as elevator music and impolitely in terms that I will not post here. For those of you that like lyrical genius you wont find much here as this is a genre where lyrics are entirely optional but whose style can range from the truly ambient to the extremely experimental. I meandered into this genre following my shoegaze indie tastes and so tend to prefer the more ambient end of the genre but my playlist was more created by what I was able to find on Spotify rather than being able to choose all my favourites as there were a few missing but I think overall it’s not a bad representation of the genre.

Catch you all again soon and I hope you enjoy the sing along!



Spotisfaction Thursday 13/05/10 – 3 Way Split – Thom Lavelle, David Prowse & Kevin Atkinson

Three is a prime number and today’s playlist is nothing if not prime. (However please note that there is no Primus on today’s playlist). See if you can spot the theme here. Answers on a postcard.

Today myself, David and our evil minion Kev decided to stick 10 tracks each onto a collaboration and share it with the world. Or at least the part of the world that cares.

Coming up next week we’ve got a variety of fantastic guest playlists to stir things up a bit. We’re still waiting for a few submissions to trickle in (John Brobyn, I’m looking at you here) so hurry your pants and get them in.

Playlist is here:

Bonus Track: Ernie K-Doe – Here Come The Girls

  1. Dinosaur Jr – Little Fury Things
  2. Husker Du – Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely
  3. The Lemonheads – Second Chance
  4. Temple Of The Dog – Pushin’ Forward Back
  5. The Toadies – Possum Kingdom
  6. Tad – Throat Locust
  7. Local H – Back In The Day
  8. Mudhoney – Suck You Dry
  9. Sonic Youth – Kill Yr. Idols
  10. Nirvana – Oh The Guilt
  11. Sleater-Kinney – Jumpers
  12. Maggot Brain – Extreme And Hard Boogie
  13. Silverchair – Pure Massacre
  14. Screaming Trees – Beyond This Horizon
  15. Queens Of The Stoneage – The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
  16. Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore
  17. Pearl Jam – Garden
  18. Alice In Chains – Them Bones
  19. Silversun Pickups – Melatonin
  20. Blind Melon – Tones Of Home
  21. Meat Puppets – Plateau
  22. Rival Schools – Holding Sand
  23. The Get Up Kids – Grunge Pig
  24. Nada Surf – Popular
  25. Soundgarden – Spoonman
  26. Audioslave – Like A Stone
  27. AM/FM – Come Suck Down A Cloud
  28. Oceansize – Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs
  29. Quicksand – Fazer
  30. Rage Against The Machine – Guerrilla Radio

As an aside, how do you all think Spotisfaction is going? As I stood on my faux-balcony this morning, having my post wake-up cigarette I wondered what the future had in store for this blog. Is radio dead? Are people so saturated with music choice that they have no idea what to listen to? What makes music journalists so damn snooty they think they can decree the success of otherwise of a band with their sub-par, horribly subjective and bland reviews? I’m getting the tickle that states something must be done. This summer, we have to take some kind of action. Please upload your ideas into my brain along with a bit of alcohol so I can get something moving.

Ramble over, ramble on.


Spotisfaction Wednesday 28/04/10 – Guest Mix by Kevin Atkinson

Yeah. So here is today’s Spotisfaction. It’s by none other than the man known only as Kevin Atkinson. Listen to it, because you can and right now I can’t. I ask myself, what would Humphrey DeForest Bogart do in this situation. Probably look slick, smoke and stick his neck out for nobody. Certified cool.

In case you missed it yesterday, here is David and myself on Spotify. Feel free to add us, check out the Spotisfaction submissions and whatever else we’ve been listening to:

It’s goodnight from me. Enjoy today’s playlist – listen to it HERE.

  1. Seasick Steve – Started Out With Nothing
  2. Ray Charles – Guitar Blues
  3. Elmore James – Everyday I have The Blues
  4. Leadbelly – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
  5. Howlin’ Wolf with Eric Clapton – The Red Rooster
  6. Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy
  7. Tom Waits – I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You
  8. Eric Clapton – Layla
  9. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Black Ghost Blues
  10. John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – Ramblin’ On My Mind
  11. Hip Route – Working On Hope
  12. Derek & The Dominos – Nobody Knows You When You Are Down And Out
  13. Buddy Guy – Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues
  14. J.J. Cale – Cocaine
  15. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – Pride and Joy
  16. Dan Auerbach – Heartbroken, In Disrepair
  17. Rory Gallagher – Bad Penny
  18. Blue Cheer – Out Of Focus
  19. The Brew – Surrender It All
  20. The Yardbirds – Heart Full Of Soul
  21. Cream – Strange Brew
  22. Joe Bonamassa – Three Times A Fool
  23. John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom
  24. BB King and U2 – When Loves Comes To Town
  25. Canned Heat – On The Road Again
  26. Dirty Sweet – Baby Come Home
  27. The Black Crowes – Hard To Handle
  28. Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hey Joe
  29. The Black Keys – Strange Times
  30. Jace Everett – Bad Things

Yes it’s me again bringing you another playlist for your delectation. If you’ve listened to or looked at my previous submissions you may have noticed a heavy guitar based indie vibe and this time the guitars are still there but they are playing more of a bluesy riff. Yes that’s right I am bringing the blues to Spotisfaction with a selection of blues and blues rock

I’ve had to trim it a fair bit as my first one was well over 2 hours long which I thought might be a bit much. I have a mix of classic blues and blues rock alongside some more modern exponents of the genre. I have tried to stay away from the more depressive blues tracks (yeah I know that’s quite unlike me) and keep it a bit more upbeat. I have also tried to stick mainly to proper blues artists rather than blues influenced ones (of which there are many) but some have snuck in.

And so on to the tracks themselves…..

When deciding what BB King track to choose I saw the When Love Comes to Town and felt I had to include it just for my good friend Thom.

I was going to include the original Derek and the Dominos version of Layla but I like Eric Clapton’s unplugged version so much I went with that instead and chose a different Derek and the Dominos track.

I heard Girl Is On My Mind by The Black Keys (unfortunately not on Spotify) a couple of years ago and was immediately hooked by their blues sound and went out and got their entire back catalogue.

Whilst True Blood might be yet another modern take on vampire mythology the title track by Jace Everett is a great tune even if a bit more country than blues.

Catch you all on the flipside



Spotisfaction Friday 26/03/10 – Guest Mix by Kevin Atkinson

We’re heading for the weekend folkens. I haven’t got much to say that you want or need to hear. However, I will say this.

Tonight: Get your rear ends down to Monty’s Brasserie at 8.30 tonight to check out dear friend and fantastic artist Juey. She is sublime, a real honest and raw talent and worth checking out. Oh, and tonight you can even take her home. Well, her music. As her debut E.P. “Before The Devil Catches Me” will be on sale. Come on, just go for it, yeah?

Tomorrow: Simply, it’s Cheltenham Underground. Featuring Hip Route; The Drawing of the Three and Stressechoes. Doors open at 8pm at the Frog and Fiddle, in the barn. Entry £4/£3NUS. There isn’t really any excuse not to go to this.

Right, enough plugging, on with todays Spotisfaction. Kev is bringing it today, So here he is. Make sure to check out the Hip Route track, as you know, they’re playing the Underground on Saturday.

Ostrich and Rabbit, people. Fantastic.


Spotisfaction for the masses <——— Playlist be here.

R.E.M – The One I Love
Broken Records – If The News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch It
Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside
Broken Social Scene – Let’s Get Out Of Here
Hip Route – Graced By You
My Latest Novel – Lacklustre
Fanfarlo – The Walls Are Coming Down
Islands – The Arm
Placebo – Running Up That Hill
The Dodos – The Strums
Beach House – Lover Of Mine
Buffseeds – Who Stole The Weekend?
The Sunshine Underground – Spell It Out
Band Of Skulls – Death By Diamonds And Pearls
Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains
De Rosa – A Love Economy
Sunset Rubdown – Apollo And The Buffalo And Anna Anna Anna Oh!
Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk
White Rabbits – The Plot
Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Moonlit Sailor – A Footprint Of Feelings
Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton – Detective Daughter
The National – Looking For Astronauts
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Mixtape Receipt
Joy Wants Eternity – Existence Rust
The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon

Kev says: Blurb

Bit of a mixed bag. A collection of tracks from my recently listen to artists with a couple of old classics thrown in for the fun of it. Part of the playlist was created while hungover, some was added during a quiet evening at home and the last few tracks were included during a quiet moment at work, I’ll let you try and work out which tracks come from which period.

The Broken section, Broken Records and Broken Bells have been my two most listened to albums recently so I had to add them to the playlist and as we have the Spotisfaction meet at a Broken Social Scene gig it seemed fitting to include something by them.

************SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT************

The Cheltenham Underground are putting Hip Route on at the Frog and Fiddle in Cheltenham on the 27th, listen to this taster and come and check them out live if you are in the area.

I think Buffseeds lead singer Kieran Scragg (now lead singer of Iko who unfortunately aren’t on Spotify) has a distinctly awesome voice and writes some brilliant lyrics, if you like this song check out Iko as well.

And the Kinks, one of the greatest bands ever in my opinion and a great track to help us head towards summer (just a shame the weather outside isn’t currently that nice)

Kick back, relax, forget about work, live long and prosper, it’s all shiny, keep it foolish, be excellent to each other and party on dudes!


Spotisfaction Wednesday 10/03/10 – Guest Mix by Kev Atkinson

Morning ladies and gents. Today is a very special day. The most special, in-fact. So super-special it’s making my knees tingle. No, not Christmas… That’s right! It’s Kev’s birthday!

Even though the norm is to receive presents on your birthday instead of giving them yourself, Kev’s kindly made us a wicked playlist. I’ll hand over to him nao.

Happy birthday dude. Don’t drink too much tonight.


Get the playlist here!

  1. The Levellers – 15 Years
  2. Grant Lee Buffalo – Wish You Well
  3. Buffalo Tom – Taillights Fade
  4. Ride – Drive Blind
  5. Sonic Youth – The Sprawl
  6. Cocteau Twins – Persephone
  7. Lush – Ladykillers
  8. Carter USM – Bloodsport For All
  9. The Wonder Stuff – Don’t Let Me Down, Gently
  10. James – Ring The Bells
  11. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Grey Cell Green
  12. Eat – First Time Love Song
  13. New Model Army – Green And Grey
  14. The Wedding Present – Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
  15. Dinosaur Jr. – Blowing It
  16. Jesus Jones – I’m Burning
  17. Teenage Fanclub – Pet Rock
  18. Screaming Trees – Shadow Of The Season
  19. Pop Will Eat Itself – Wise Up Sucker
  20. The Soup Dragons – I’m Free
  21. Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  22. Throwing Muses – Bright Yellow Gun
  23. Split Enz – I See Red
  24. INXS – The Swing
  25. Big Pig – Charlie
  26. Hunters & Collectors – Do You See What I See?
  27. Midnight Oil – Bedlam Bridge
  28. Crowded House – Into Temptation

What can I say about this playlist?

No seriously what can I say about this playlist as I don’t know where to start, I haven’t written anything more than a sarcastic comment or two in a journal in the call logging system at work in quite some time but I’ll see what I can do.

This measly collection of songs is a bit of a trip down memory lane for me, it’s entitled “Old School” because I am old and this is some of the stuff I listened to when I was in school and started me on the musical journey that I am currently travelling.

I start with the Levellers for the reason that they were the first band I ever saw live and this track is the first song of theirs that I ever heard so it seemed like a logical choice.

From there I proceed to meander through the world of independent music from the late 80s and early 90s, my reasons for choosing many of the tracks is simply because I haven’t listen to those artists for a while, others are there because when I think back to that time I simply couldn’t leave them out, inevitably there are some that I couldn’t find on Spotify and there are many, many more that I have left out simply because I had to keep the length of the playlist down.

There is a mix of shoegaze, grunge, alternative, grebo, madchester, indie, techno, punk, dance and many more made up genres that leads me to think my tastes were more diverse back then than I gave myself credit for. Many of these you may know but hopefully there will be some that are new to you as well.

The ending is more of a playlist within a playlist, those of you who know me know that there is quite an antipodean streak through my musical collection and here is where all that started. I was a bit disappointed by the selection of Hunters & Collectors available on Spotify so this isn’t their best track but the best from what I had to choose from.

And to finish? Well who else could I end on than the mighty Crowded House. I am a huge fan of the Finns and could write a whole blurb on them alone but I will keep that for another day and just let their music speak for them.

So have a listen and enjoy…….

or don’t……..

it’s entirely up to you really