1. An act of musical satiation; fulfilment; gratification.
2. The best place on the internet to find old fashioned mixtapes made fresh for you by the finest musical minds we could muster!

The Blurb:
“Out of a desire to do something other than sit around and rot, the men known as Dave Prowse and Thom Lavelle decided to sit around and rot whilst swapping Spotify playlists and blogging about them…”

Spotisfaction is a music blog, focussed on news, reviews, features and mixtapes, founded in February 2010.

Spotisfaction is at its heart a community-driven playlist sharing site. Our aim is to recreate the passion and love that went into crafting the perfect mixtape for your friends and loved ones, in the days when the cassette reigned king. Our playlists are painstakingly created by our community, and Spotisfaction is the medium for getting these playlists the visibility they deserve.