97 Spotisfaction Wednesday – 11th August 2010 – Kev Atkinson

Afternoon, all. Things are really kicking into overdrive with the website redesign. I feel like I’ve done nothing but code for the last couple of weeks, but there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. We think that the new site will be a lot easier to use for you guys, and we can’t wait to unveil it finally! There’ll be an announcement closer to the time so keep your eyes peeled…

Last week I succumbed to the growing trend in our office which is the Graze box. If you’ve not seen these before, they’re a brown box filled with nuts, berries, olives and other such things. I’m not going to lie – it’s tasty and a lot healthier than my normal Tesco-fueled lunch binge, but I feel like a freaking squirrel. I’m campaigning for them to make bacon sandwich flavoured brazil nuts.

Anyway, today’s playlist is by Kev Atkinson and is an eclectic mix of old and new tracks, appropriately entitled “Spotisclectic”. I hope you enjoy.


97 Spotisfaction Wednesday (11 Aug) – KAtkinson
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Over the last couple of months I have been marking tracks that have caught my attention during the course of my listening to be used in a playlist. This overall list of tracks has got quite long and here is the first selection from it. The songs on it are an eclectic mix of old classics that have come to mind, new tracks that I have sampled and new songs from favourite artists.

The whole list thing started late one night when walking home from a great night out and for some reason having a desire to listen to London Music Works ”“ In The House In A Heartbeat. No Idea where the desire came from but I knew then that I would have to included it in a play list (and yeah I know someone else has also done so since then but I don”™t care!)

The Depreciation Guild and The National have both recently released new material and the tracks here are ones that I especially liked from their albums

When listening to Ben”™s playlist of girls names I thought of various other tracks that could have been included and one that came to mind was Christina by Gorky”™s Zygotic Mynci which is a band I hadn”™t even thought about let alone listened to in years.

I saw Kill It Kid live recently and was immediately taken by their sound and have listened to them a lot since.

That”™s all for now folks

Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

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