114 Spotisfaction Monday – 20th September 2010 – Kev Atkinson

Hi folks. We’re a little busy this morning over at Spotisfaction HQ, but the net result is that we’ve got a great week lined up for your aural consumption. Today we welcome back staff members Woody and Richard who have been on holiday, and we’re now back at full strength again. Woop, etc. Expect good things incoming shortly.

Today’s playlist is by Kev Atkinson and is entitled “Bored At Work”. Thanks Kev.

Have a lovely day, kids.

Kev Says:

Ok I created this playlist during a brief quiet period at work recently when I was immensely bored. I thought I”™d try and create an upbeat, up-tempo playlist to lift my spirits. The problem with that was that the majority of artists in my collection are not upbeat or up-tempo so I didn”™t quite achieve my original goal. However I did manage to alleviate my boredom at work for a period so at least I achieved something with the playlist apart from realising just how much of a melancholy personality I have.

Some of the highlights for me include Machismo by Gomez simply because it is so unalike what you would normally expect from the band, Going Underground by The Jam which is one of my all time favourite Jam tracks, and Hysteria by Muse which for me was the stand out track on Absolution which was the last decent album that Muse have done

Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

Dave is Spotisfaction's Editor-in-Chief and founded the site in February 2010. He can often be found acting as web designer, code-monkey, writer, people manager, editor, tea boy, and sometimes all of the above at the same time. Dave lives in Gloucester with his wife and two cats.

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