100 Spotisfaction Wednesday 18/08/10 – Best Of Spotisfaction, Volume 1

Afternoon, folks. We hope you’re enjoying the new website. We certainly are, that’s for sure. I loved Tumblr, but this new site is a breeze to use from an editing point of view, and hopefully it’s a lot easier to navigate, too. We’ve still got a list as long as our arms of things we’d like to implement, so you’ll see the site improve over time. Exciting stuffs!

Anyway, you’re probably a bit bored of me going on about the new website by now so let’s talk about today’s playlist.

Thom and I crafted this “Best Of” playlist a couple of months ago, and it contains our picks of our favourite tracks from the first few months of Spotisfaction’s life. We think it’s a fairly accurate representation of the diversity of playlists in those early days (and even to this day). Those of you who have been with us since the beginning, let us know if you’d have changed any of these selections!

We’re trying out a new method of displaying the tracklists for our playlists so that they’re more visible on the homepage, and you’re seeing the result of this on the right. Hit the “Tracklist” link to open the playlist.

Thanks again for everyone who has stuck with us since the early days of the site, and hi to anyone that’s new to the party. Thanks for your ongoing support.

Here’s to another 100 playlists!


99 Spotisfaction Monday 16/08/10 – Thom Lavelle’s Magical Departure

Savage Henry has cashed his cheque.

And you know what that means. Yes, after 99 Spotisfactions and numerous features over the last 6 months, I am leaving the Spotisfaction team.

Since it’s birth back in February, Spotisfaction has grown from two frustrated 20-somethings swapping playlists into, well, what you’re reading right now – A fully featured music blog with news, reviews and a handful of dedicated and enthusiastic contributors. I wish Dave and the rest of the team all the best in the coming months and look forward to seeing the further growth of our little baby.

Right, so without further delay, here is Thom Lavelle, posting a Spotisfaction playlist for the last time.


[Dave’s Note: Goodbye Thom, it’s been a massive pleasure my young sir. Stay safe, and keep us updated with your goings on. PEACE and TRUCKING]

99 Spotisfaction Monday (16 Aug) – TLavelle – Departure


88 Spotisfaction Wednesday 21/07/10 – Thom Lavelle

Bonjour et mercredi heureux. Apportez la discothèque! Today’s playlist is one of mine and is a combination of funky tracks that have got me through the last few days of stressful moving and acts that played 2000trees festival. All in all, it’s a pretty good mix. Check it.

As an aside, we’re really short staffed at the moment. So if you’ve submitted something please bear with us. We will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

88 Spotisfaction Wednesday (21 Jul) – TLavelle


  1. Terry Poison – Comme ci comme ca (The Twelves Remix)
  2. Goldheart Assembly – King Of Rome
  3. Klaxons – Forgotten Works
  4. Errors – A Rumor In Africa
  5. Trentemoller – Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!
  6. 65daysofstatic – Dance Dance Dance
  7. Abe Vigoda – House
  8. Tubelord – Night Of Pencils
  9. Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars
  10. Desaparecidos – Popn’ Off At The F
  11. Little Fish – Am I Crazy
  12. Sky Larkin – Octopus ‘08
  13. The Xcerts – Home Versus Home
  14. And So I Watched You From Afar – Set Guitars To Kill
  15. Vessels – Altered Beast
  16. Three Trapped Tigers – 6
  17. Maybeshewill – He Films The Clouds Pt. 2
  18. Daft Punk – Too Long (Gonzales Version)
  19. Air – So Light Is Her Footfall
  20. Metronomy – Love Song For Dog

Haven’t got much to say about this playlist. I just knocked it up as I fancied listening to a few tracks. Kicking off is The Twelves Remix of “Comme ci comme ca”, which in typical Twelves style brings the disco. If you’ve never heard these Brazillian love bastards at work, this is a fantastic place to start. I slipped Goldheart Assembly’s “King Of Rome” in next because it just feels good, you know? Let’s keep things happy for now, eh?
Tubelord were at 2000trees, unfortunately I missed them. To make up for it, I’ll just leave “Night Of Pencils” here. I also missed Sky Larkin at the recent Broken Social Scene gig, which is a shame as they are fantastic – “Octopus ‘08” highlights this, then underlines it. Then draws a lightening bolt behind it. Kickin’ rad aces.

And So I Watched You From Afar were one of my favourite acts I did see at 2000trees. They were tight, they were vibrant and “Set Guitars To Kill” really sets the scene for the second half of the playlist.

Gonzales has a knack for picking fantastic tracks to re-imagining, and I’m sure you’ll remember the reworking of “Too Long” from Daft Punk’s catalogue.

Closing this playlist is Air’s sublime “So Light Is Her Footfall” and Metronomy’s “Love Song For A Dog”, which to be fair feels a little out of place, but I just wanted to end with it. They were fantastic at 2000trees and I know for a fact made a few converts to their cause with their sublime set.

For now, for then, au revoir.


84 Spotisfaction Monday 12/07/10 – Thom Lavelle

Howdy, folk.

Right, gotta get this done a bit quick today as I’m swamped. I’m now out of the loop for a week whilst I move house and attend 2000trees so I thought I’d give you a bit of personal love with today’s playlist. Yes, it’s one of mine. I’ve also split it into two acts. The first act is something designed to drag you out of the fuzzy haze of a drizzly Monday. The great British summertime. It’s a bit of a slow burner, but stick with it and you’ll soon be moving your feet to the beat.

The second half of the playlist continues in the same vein as the end of the first, however it tails off into the hauntingly vacant. There are a couple of fantastic new tracks on today’s creation as well as a couple of classics.

84 Spotisfaction Monday (12 Jul) – TLavelle

Act 1

  1. Konami Kukeiha Club – Prologue (Castlevania)
  2. Ils – Cherish (Adam Freeland Mix)
  3. Noisia – Split The Atom
  4. Booka Shade – In White Room
  5. Stephen Bodzin – Kerosene
  6. Ellen Allien + Apparat – Way Out
  7. The Temper Trap – Fader (Adam Freeland Mix)
  8. Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)
  9. Yuksek – Supermenz (We’re Not)
  10. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Higher Than The Stars (Skanfrom Remix)
  11. Oh No Ono – Internet Warrior (The Depreciation Guild Remix)
  12. Konami Kukeiha Club – Pattern Clear No. 1 (Contra)

Act 2

  1. The Megas – Enemy Selected (Mega Man)
  2. Soulwax – Teachers
  3. Chromeo – Fancy Footwork
  4. MSTRKRFT – It Ain’t Love (Feat. Lil’ Mo)
  5. Boys Noize – Transmission (Tixa Remix)
  6. Vitalic – Poison Lips
  7. Primal Scream – Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers Mix)
  8. The Chemical Brothers – Swoon
  9. Thom Yorke – Black Swan (Christian Vogel Spare Parts Remix)
  10. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Fright Night (Nevermore)
  11. Tangerine Dream – The Dream Is Always The Same
  12. Disasterpeace – Dying A Meaningful Death

Yes, this playlist does have video game music on. Little skits from Castlevania, Contra and a metal rendition of a Megaman track. The two halves of this playlist reflect my working day. For once, I’ll let the music speak for itself. Have a great week and I’ll catch you all next Monday.


Features Reviews

On The Radar Mixtape – Thom Lavelle

A new feature on Spotisfaction. Every now and again one of us will cobble together some rare (read: probably not on Spotisfaction) tracks that have made their way into our playlists for you to download. Yes, music to download. This week, I have:

  1. The Shins – Strange Powers (Magnetic Fields Cover)
  2. Phoenix – Lisztomania (Acoustic Spin Session)
  3. Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (The XX Remix)
  4. Four Tet – Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix)
  5. Hot Chip – Transmission (Joy Division Cover)

The Shins – Strange Powers (Magnetic Fields Cover)
Between The Shins and Broken Bells, I would almost forgive you if you’d had enough of James Mercer’s fantastic and distinct voice by now. Almost, but not quite. Perhaps this cover is just what The Magnetic Fields need to open up their music to a wider fanbase.

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Acoustic Spin Session)
Lisztomania (or Wrestlemania, as it has become known as in Spotisfaction Towers) is a fantasic song, and hearing it live and acoustic just reinforces the fact that France’s hottest export Phoenix write beautiful songs.

Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (The xx Remix)
I’m not the greatest fan of Florence + The Machine, truth be told. But this reworking by The XX really hits the spot for me.

Four Tet – Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix)
I recently introduced my Fiancée to Four Tet. I think it was Angel Echoes that really grabbed her. It is a pretty classic track. I implore you to check out Caribou’s take on it.

Hot Chip – Transmission (Joy Division Cover)
This is one of my favourite Joy Division tracks. I can’t imagine how this cover actually came about. Prepare yourself for something a bit different.

Tune in next time for MOAR of what is on my radar.



NEWS: Depreciation Guild Remix Chatelaine Track & UK Tour

Good news for UK fans of The Depreciation Guild, who had to cancel the European leg of their Spirit Youth tour earlier this year. The word on the street is that they are looking to play some UK dates in September. This is fantastic news and I urge everyone to consider checking them out. In the meantime, check out their reworking of “Broken Bones” by Chatelaine. Chatelaine is the solo project of Toni Halliday of Curve fame.

Chatelaine’s Myspace:
Buy Depreciation Guild’s new album “Spirit Youth” at Amazon.


NEWS: Watch The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s New Video

To cheer yourself up if you’re not heading to Glastonbury this year, check out the video for ”Say No To Love” by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

Also, they’ve currently got a few UK dates lined up for next month…

18/7 – Suffolk, Latitude Festival
23/7 – Spain, Contempopranea Festival
24/7 – Spain, San Sebastian Festival
25/7 – Derbyshire, Indietracks Festival
28/7 – Brighton, Concorde 2
29/7 – London, Heaven
31/7 – Stirling, U18s Festival

Check out more from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart at

News Playlists

NEWS: Spotisfaction Archives

Evening all.

Just a quick bit of information I wish to share with you all. Are you new to this Spotisfaction thing? Do you want to listen to a playlist that some bloke with a shaved afro and dangerously long fingernails posted last month but don’t want to trawl through the entire blog looking for it? Well you’re in luck, because you can now head over to the Spotisfaction Archives here (or if you’re prejudice against clicking text links you could click that little clock icon on the top right of this blog). Contained within is every single submission we’ve published. Woot. Is that still too much effort, then you can head over to either Dave’s Spotify profile or my Spotify profile, which also feature the entire Spotisfaction back catalogue.

Right, back to work.


Mukinabaht: Feature: What Is The Cheltenham Underground?

Link: Mukinabaht: Feature: What Is The Cheltenham Underground?
It would appear that for some unknown reason, Thom decided to write an article about the Cheltenham Underground on his day off from Spotisfaction. In the absence of a playlist today, head on over to his blog and have a good ol’ fashioned read.


Mukinabaht: Cheltenham Underground present: The Decent Days And Nights Weekend

Link: Mukinabaht: Cheltenham Underground present: The Decent Days And Nights Weekend

Time to start beating the drum about this coming weekend, then. From Thursday 27th May, Messrs Madden and Base are putting on a show of overwhelming proportions, showcasing just shy of 20 acts over the course of 4 days. Cheltenham Underground presents: The Decent Days And Nights Weekend.

This is…

A quick and dirty piece about Cheltenham Undergrounds Decent Days and Nights weekender. I feel that there may be further coverage to come on this matter. Please, go on down and support a) the charity b) the bands and c) Cheltenham Underground.


Spotisfaction Thursday 13/05/10 – 3 Way Split – Thom Lavelle, David Prowse & Kevin Atkinson

Three is a prime number and today’s playlist is nothing if not prime. (However please note that there is no Primus on today’s playlist). See if you can spot the theme here. Answers on a postcard.

Today myself, David and our evil minion Kev decided to stick 10 tracks each onto a collaboration and share it with the world. Or at least the part of the world that cares.

Coming up next week we’ve got a variety of fantastic guest playlists to stir things up a bit. We’re still waiting for a few submissions to trickle in (John Brobyn, I’m looking at you here) so hurry your pants and get them in.

Playlist is here:

Bonus Track: Ernie K-Doe – Here Come The Girls

  1. Dinosaur Jr – Little Fury Things
  2. Husker Du – Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely
  3. The Lemonheads – Second Chance
  4. Temple Of The Dog – Pushin’ Forward Back
  5. The Toadies – Possum Kingdom
  6. Tad – Throat Locust
  7. Local H – Back In The Day
  8. Mudhoney – Suck You Dry
  9. Sonic Youth – Kill Yr. Idols
  10. Nirvana – Oh The Guilt
  11. Sleater-Kinney – Jumpers
  12. Maggot Brain – Extreme And Hard Boogie
  13. Silverchair – Pure Massacre
  14. Screaming Trees – Beyond This Horizon
  15. Queens Of The Stoneage – The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
  16. Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore
  17. Pearl Jam – Garden
  18. Alice In Chains – Them Bones
  19. Silversun Pickups – Melatonin
  20. Blind Melon – Tones Of Home
  21. Meat Puppets – Plateau
  22. Rival Schools – Holding Sand
  23. The Get Up Kids – Grunge Pig
  24. Nada Surf – Popular
  25. Soundgarden – Spoonman
  26. Audioslave – Like A Stone
  27. AM/FM – Come Suck Down A Cloud
  28. Oceansize – Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs
  29. Quicksand – Fazer
  30. Rage Against The Machine – Guerrilla Radio

As an aside, how do you all think Spotisfaction is going? As I stood on my faux-balcony this morning, having my post wake-up cigarette I wondered what the future had in store for this blog. Is radio dead? Are people so saturated with music choice that they have no idea what to listen to? What makes music journalists so damn snooty they think they can decree the success of otherwise of a band with their sub-par, horribly subjective and bland reviews? I’m getting the tickle that states something must be done. This summer, we have to take some kind of action. Please upload your ideas into my brain along with a bit of alcohol so I can get something moving.

Ramble over, ramble on.


Spotisfaction Friday 07/05/10 – Thom Lavelle & David Prowse


Happy Friday.

Dave has returned to Spotisfaction Towers, one more exam behind him. Well done to Dave for passing yesterdays hardship. To celebrate, we’ve created a joint playlist. The first half is largely quite upbeat. The second half is more chilled. A special mention goes to the track by The Futureheads “Decent Days And Nights”. Two reasons. Firstly, tonight we are going to see the Futureheads. The second reason is “Decent Days And Nights” is the name of the Cheltenham Underground weekend extravaganza. More information on this is here, and no doubt there will be further news posts over the weekend about it.

Anyway, enjoy today. If people could start leaving some feedback the world will be abetter place. See you all Monday.


Playlist est here.

  1. The Depreciation Guild – Crucify You
  2. Liechtenstein – All At Once
  3. Phoenix – Lisztomania
  4. Hot Hot Head – Naked In The City Again
  5. Dogs Die In Hot Cars – I Love You Cause I Have To
  6. The Cribs – My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
  7. The Futureheads – Decent Days And Nights
  8. The Subways – Rock & Roll Queen
  9. The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
  10. Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
  11. Depeche Mode – Only When I Lose Myself
  12. Kasabian – Underdog
  13. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version)
  14. Del The Funkee Homosapian – Mistadobalina (Remastered Remix Version)
  15. Jurassic 5 – A Day At The Races
  16. Gang Starr – Work
  17. Handsome Boy Modeling School – A Day In The Life
  18. Alice Russell – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
  19. The Freedom Sounds – Behold The Day
  20. Mo’ Horizons – Foto Viva (Nicola Conte Mix)
  21. Butti 49 – Alan Accelerates
  22. Marc Moulin – La Blouse
  23. Sunburn In Cyprus – Out Of Sight (Chilled Version)
  24. Bonobo – We Could Forever
  25. Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv
  26. Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life

Spotisfaction Thursday 06/05/10 – Thom Lavelle’s birthday playlist

Dave is sitting his ISCW today. So everyone send him luck and good vibes.

Okay, so the music today. I fancied something a bit different. We kick off this playlist with some music from the other side of the world. Japan, to be exact. Anyone who knows me knows that I can be a huge Japanophile sometimes and one thing that I was a bit upset about was the lack of Japanese music on Spotify. This seems to be changing, slowly but surely.

As for the rest of the list, I have to admit that most of these tracks are new to me.

Playlist is here

  1. Cornelius – Mic Check
  2. Cornelius – Count Five Or Six
  3. L’Arc~en~Ciel – The Black Rose
  4. Blood – Maria
  5. D=OUT – Bankoku, Dai Toukyou
  6. 9mm Parabellum Bullet – Trigger
  7. Ayabie – Hinata
  8. Guitar Wolf – Fujiyama Attack
  9. Electric Eel Shock – Bastard!
  10. Ima Robot – A Is For Action
  11. Polysics – Moog is Love
  12. Add N to x – Metal Fingers In My Body
  13. Alpinestars – Carbon Kid
  14. Clor – Love + Pain
  15. The Photo Atlas – Red Orange Yellow
  16. Dirty On Purpose – Send Me An Angel
  17. Neon Horse – Cuckoo!
  18. Heavens – Patent Pending
  19. Les Savy Fav – The Sweet Descends
  20. Forward Russia – Nine
  21. Neon Neon – I Told Her On Alderaan
  22. Tom Vek – Nothing But Green Lights
  23. Field Music – She Can Do What She Wants
  24. Passion Pit – The Reeling
  25. Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire
  26. The Presets – My People

Stick with today’s playlist, you might find something you like. Also, if you have any more submissions for us then get them sent in – next week I believe we’re starting to run guest mixes again – so please share some playlists with us. To all that have submitted, I extend my thanks and I promise that they will be ran shortly.



Spotisfaction Wednesday 05/05/10 – Thom Lavelle

So, ah, David is currently studying to become some kind of Cisco networking guru. Last I heard he was climbing a mountain in Tibet to learn the art of Zen routing. Good luck to him, I say. You unlucky people have to put up with Thom flavoured Spotisfaction until his return.

Again, todays playlist is just a bunch a tracks that I want to listen to. Nothing else behind it.

Click here to give it a listen

  1. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Just Like Honey
  2. A Place To Bury Strangers – Lost Feeling
  3. And So I Watch You From Afar – If It’s Ain’t Broke, Break It
  4. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Some Trees
  5. Sparklehorse – Piano Fire
  6. Asobi Seksu – Familiar Light
  7. Deerhunger – Microcastle
  8. The Besnard lakes – Thomasina
  9. A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Ashes Maths
  10. worriedaboutsatan – The Butterfly Effect
  11. Howling Bells – Wishing Stone
  12. Volcano Choir – Seeplymouth
  13. Yo La Tengo – Walking Away From You
  14. Jon Hopkins – Light Through The Veins
  15. amina – Kolapot
  16. Balmorhea – San Solomon (Reprise)
  17. The Orb – Towers Of Dub
  18. Tycho – The Daydream
  19. Nathan Fake – Basic Mountain
  20. Umek – Complikator
  21. Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
  22. Kings Of Convenience – The Weight Of My Words (Four Tet Instrumental)
  23. Beck – Broken Drum (Boards Of Canada Remix)
  24. The Whitest Boy Alive – 1517
  25. MONO – Everlasting Light
  26. The Future Sound Of London – Appendage
  27. Stars – Take Me To The Riot

“Just Like Honey” by The Jesus And Mary Chain kicks this off. I watched Lost In Translation for the first time and really loved the soundtrack. One of the last tracks in the film was this, so I had an urge to listen to it. The rest of the tracks on here are, pretty much, recommendations with a smattering of tracks that I love but haven’t heard in a while. Hopefully you’ll find something you like. So, er, give it a listen.



Spotisfaction Tuesday 04/05/10 – Thom Lavelle

So no David today, then. Yes, it has been a long weekend. Hope everyone had a good one. Mine was pretty fantastic, there was music, there were parties, there were surprise announcements. Needless to say, I’m the happiest, luckiest person alive today. So with that in mind, I created the below playlist. It’s not fantastically upbeat or happy, there is no structure, no elitism or any of that rubbish. It’s just a few tracks that I haven’t heard in a while lumped together in Spotisfaction form.

Listen to it here, if you will.

  1. Chemical Brothers – Leave Home
  2. Fluke – Atom Bomb (Atomix 6)
  3. Royksopp – Sparks
  4. Global Communication – 5:23 (Maiden Voyage)
  5. Hexstatic – Chase Me
  6. Portishead – Glory Box
  7. Morcheeba – Big Calm
  8. Massive Attack – Black Milk
  9. Bjork – Play Dead
  10. Ratata – Seventeen Years
  11. Erol Alkan – Waves
  12. Daft Punk – Voyager
  13. Orbital – Speedfreak
  14. Noisia – Machine Gun
  15. Photek – Industry Of Noise
  16. Manic Street Preachers – La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) Chemical Brothers remix
  17. Placebo – Spite And Malice
  18. Explosions In The Sky – First Breath After A Coma
  19. M83 – Skin Of The Night
  20. The Album Leaf – Twentytwofourteen
  21. Four Tet – Angel Echoes
  22. Thom Yorke – Atoms For Peace
  23. Radiohead – 2+2=5
  24. Blur – Coffee and TV
  25. Beck – Modern Guilt
  26. Eels – Flyswatter
  27. The Dandy Warhols – Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth

There really isn’t much of an order to this list. As stated, I just wanted to listen to these tracks. Special mention to Chemical Brothers “Leave Home”, as this track reminds me plenty of my youth. I totally wore out my copy of “Exit Planet Dust” which I had on the magic medium of cassette tape. Explosions In The Sky are one of my favourite bands and “First Breath After A Coma” is probably the track that got me into the band. Finally, Blur’s classic “Coffee & TV”, which Tom Mitchell taught me to play whilst I was rather drunk at a party on Saturday. Good work, sir.

Anyway, get back to it and I will catch you on the other side.