Spotisfaction Friday 07/05/10 – Thom Lavelle & David Prowse


Happy Friday.

Dave has returned to Spotisfaction Towers, one more exam behind him. Well done to Dave for passing yesterdays hardship. To celebrate, we’ve created a joint playlist. The first half is largely quite upbeat. The second half is more chilled. A special mention goes to the track by The Futureheads “Decent Days And Nights”. Two reasons. Firstly, tonight we are going to see the Futureheads. The second reason is “Decent Days And Nights” is the name of the Cheltenham Underground weekend extravaganza. More information on this is here, and no doubt there will be further news posts over the weekend about it.

Anyway, enjoy today. If people could start leaving some feedback the world will be abetter place. See you all Monday.


Playlist est here.

  1. The Depreciation Guild – Crucify You
  2. Liechtenstein – All At Once
  3. Phoenix – Lisztomania
  4. Hot Hot Head – Naked In The City Again
  5. Dogs Die In Hot Cars – I Love You Cause I Have To
  6. The Cribs – My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
  7. The Futureheads – Decent Days And Nights
  8. The Subways – Rock & Roll Queen
  9. The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
  10. Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
  11. Depeche Mode – Only When I Lose Myself
  12. Kasabian – Underdog
  13. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version)
  14. Del The Funkee Homosapian – Mistadobalina (Remastered Remix Version)
  15. Jurassic 5 – A Day At The Races
  16. Gang Starr – Work
  17. Handsome Boy Modeling School – A Day In The Life
  18. Alice Russell – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
  19. The Freedom Sounds – Behold The Day
  20. Mo’ Horizons – Foto Viva (Nicola Conte Mix)
  21. Butti 49 – Alan Accelerates
  22. Marc Moulin – La Blouse
  23. Sunburn In Cyprus – Out Of Sight (Chilled Version)
  24. Bonobo – We Could Forever
  25. Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv
  26. Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life