Spotisfaction Friday 30/04/10 – A (slightly delayed) Mix by Thom Lavelle

Guys! Massive apologies for being so late with Spotisfaction today – Thom’s experiencing some technical difficulties with his Spotify, and I got a bit busy at work. No excuses though, we’re both failhards. Won’t happen again.

Today is our friend Jo’s birthday, so huge congratulations from Spotisfaction Towers (well, the David half anyway – Thom will no doubt be offering his own sexy congratulations in person).
In honour of her loveliness, Thom’s cooked us up a real old-school treat. Honestly, I’m super excited about hearing this one. I know I’m biased, but I think it’s worth the wait!
Bank Holiday weekend, so no Spotisfaction on Monday. Have yourselves a wonderful time, and keep your fingers crossed for me as I’m away camping and the weather looks like it’s going to be crap :(
Playlist here!

  1. Bob Dylan – Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
  2. The Rolling Stones – Let’s Spend The Night Together
  3. The Yardbirds – For Your Love
  4. Nico, The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning
  5. The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset
  6. Neil Young – Rockin’ In The Free World – Live Acoustic Version
  7. Jefferson Airplane – Lather
  8. Jimi Hendrix Experience – 1983… (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
  9. Santana – Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
  10. Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love
  11. Dennis Brown – Man Next Door
  12. Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23
  13. Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street
  14. Merlena Shaw – California Soul
  15. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Nowhere To Run
  16. Minnie Riperton – Inside My Love
  17. Aretha Franklin – Save Me
  18. The Delfonics – La-La Means I Love You
  19. Nina Simone – To Love Somebody
  20. Sam & Dave – Soul Man
  21. Various Artists – Boderline Dub
  22. King Tubby – The Dark Destroyer Dub
  23. Mr. Scruff, Roots Manuva – Jusjus
  24. Roots Manuva – Inna
  25. Team Sleep – Ataraxia
  26. The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home

Spotisfaction Friday 23/04/10 – A Mix by Thom Lavelle

No apologies for today, my friends. Today’s playlist I class as easy listening, as it is a Friday and everyone needs to get some weekend up inside their guts. So that is the way it is.

It’s Friday the 23rd of April. This means a number of things. First, a big shout out to Sean Ferguson, who will be celebrating his birthday tonight. Guess where? The Railway, Cheltenham which also happens to be a Cheltenham Underground night. Today is chock full of good reasons to go down to the Railway and have yourself a super mega fun time. Playing tonight at the Underground are such fantastic acts as Stressechos, Men Diamler and Mark Hole – check the link about for the full bill.

Right, enough guff let’s get to the good stuff. Once again, thank you for listening, submitting, commenting and just being generally awesome.

Playlist lives here today

  1. Iggy Pop – Lust For Life
  2. Manic Street Preachers – The Masses Against The Classes
  3. Supergrass – Caught By The Fuzz
  4. Suede – Animal Nitrate
  5. Magoo – A To Z And Back Again
  6. Mogwai – Auto Rock
  7. Pearl Jam – Once
  8. Ash – Who You Drivin’ Now
  9. Sonic Youth – Touch Me I’m Sick
  10. Tad – Grease Box
  11. Soundgarden – 4th July
  12. Nirvana – Sappy
  13. Alice In Chains – Them Bones
  14. Social Distortion – Story Of My Life
  15. Goldfinger – Ghouls Night Out
  16. Misfits – Teenagers From Mars
  17. Misfits – I Turned Into A Martian
  18. AFI – My Michelle
  19. Tiger Army – Power Of Moonlight
  20. Dead Kennedys – Kill The Poor
  21. Rancid – Roots Radical
  22. Operation Ivy – Sound System
  23. Bad Religion – Infection
  24. Suicidal Tendencies – Cyco Vision
  25. The Vandals – My Girlfriend’s Dead
  26. Nerf Herder – Pantera Fans In Love
  27. The Ataris – I Won’t Spend Another Night Alone
  28. Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – Crazy
  29. The Specials – Too Much Too Young
  30. Mad Caddies – Drinking For 11
  31. Strung Out – Somnombulance
  32. Lagwagon – May 16
  33. Catch 22 – Keasbey Nights
  34. NOFX – Bottles To The Ground
  35. The Offspring – Amazed
  36. Pennywise – Bro Hymn

Some quick and dirty hightlights.

First up is Iggy Pop with “Lust for Life”. Remember the film Trainspotting? Yeah, that’s right.

With that behind us, we move on the more traditional part of the playlist. People have commented that “Masses Against The Classes” wouldn’t be their first Manic Street Preachers choice. However, I love playing this on guitar, it’s a vitriolic release to me, simple and straight ahead. As such, just listening to it to exercise any negative thoughts that I may succumb to during the day.

Similar story with “Caught By The Fuzz” by Supergrass. I’ve got a soft spot for Supergrass and this track always makes me bounce around.

“Animal Nitrate” by Suede makes an appearance here to silence my boss, who was highly critical of my last Suede choice being “Filmstar”, due to the fact it was from the post-Butler era. No matter what he says, Coming Up was a fantastic album and a big hats off to Richard Oakes for stepping up to the plate back in the day.

“Once” by Pearl Jam is on there for two reasons. Firstly, being a huge Nirvana fan when I was a kid, I was dead set against Eddie Vedder. Eventually gave Ten a listen to and kicked myself over and over again for being so closed minded. Never again. Secondly, this track has helped me through some pretty dark times in my life. It also leads into the next stage of the playlist… grunge.

Okay, so Ash aren’t grunge. But Mudhoney were, and Ash were pretty big fans of Grunge back in the day. Hence this awesome cover of “Who You Drivin’ Now”. It’s catchy, it’s catchy. Could do with some more fuzz, though. Big Muffage! Oh did I mention that growing up both Ash and Mudhoney were two of my favourite bands? There is another band that I’m a fan of too – and that band is Sonic Youth. Keeping in with the Mudhoney connection, you’ll also find their cover of “Touch Me, I’m Sick” on this playlist.

Soundgarden’s 4th July is quite personal for me, but I won’t go into why. I love the tuning in this song, Christ the entire track gives me shivers.

Many people seem to see Nirvana as a guilty pleasure these days. This is wrong. There was a reason that they were so successful and that is because Kurt was a fantastic songwriter. This song, entitled “Sappy” was probably written as early as 1987, yet never featured on any album. It was recorded a bunch of times at various studios but Kurt was never happy with the results. In my eyes the definitive version was the version recorded with Albini at Pachyderm Studios in 1993. However, this version doesn’t appear to be on Spotify so you will have to listen to the Jack Endino recording instead. Yes, I could get a job as a Nirvana historian I know.

I’m going to leave this here. But all I will say is “Bro Hymn” by Pennywise. It is fantastic. I wish they had the tribute version on here, but alas they don’t.

Keep it peasant, people.



Spotisfaction Wednesday 14/04/10 – Thom Lavelle

I’m glad it’s Wednesday. I made a playlist. This one will probably split people down the middle. There will be those that hate it and there will be those that show indifference. There will also be those that curse the use of short sentences in this opening blurb. But those would be bad people. Bad.

I’m not going to give a blow by blow blurbage of what the jiminy this playlist is about. I will however say that it is a bunch of tracks (some we know so well, some we know less so well) that have inspired me to write music over the last few weeks. The stuff I’ve been writing recently is very heavily influenced by the styles contained in this list. So plug in, listen up and enjoy.

Playlist is here.

  1. Ash – Day Of The Triffids
  2. The Manhattan Love Suicides – Jonny Boy
  3. The Medusa Snare – Slow Motion
  4. Secret Shine – Temporal
  5. Rocketship – I’m Lost Without You Here
  6. Crystal Stilts – Love Is A Wave
  7. Japandroids – Young Hearts Spark Fire
  8. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Everything With You
  9. The Depreciation Guild – Listless
  10. Airel – Blowin’ Cool
  11. Serena-Maneesh – I Just Want To See Your Face
  12. Ringo Deathstarr – In love
  13. Surfer Blood – Swim
  14. Amusement Parks On Fire – You Made Me Realise
  15. Northern Picture Library – Paris
  16. The Field Mice – Emma’s House
  17. Asobi Seksu – Thursday
  18. The Aislers Set – California
  19. Pavement – Shady Lane
  20. Stephen Malkmus – Baby C’mon
  21. Stereolab – French Disco
  22. Another Sunny Day – You Should All Be Murdered
  23. My Bloody Valentine – Lose My Breath
  24. Air Formation – Low December Sun
  25. Women – Cameras
  26. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Some Trees
  27. The Radio Dept. – Pulling Our Weight
  28. Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Movement
  29. Modey Lemon – Bucket Of Butterflies
  30. The Ponys – Double Vision
  31. Ash – Sneaker

Pease pudding and truckin’.


Spotisfaction Tuesday 06/04/10 – Thom Lavelle

Happy Tuesday, people. Some of you people have some strange ideas when it comes to what is classified as a guilty pleasure, you know that? Regardless, thanks to everyone who took part and everyone who listened to Friday’s collab. Feedback, as always will be appreciated.

Today’s playlist is one of mine. Here it is. Enjoy.

  1. LCD Soundsystem – Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up
  2. Chemical Brothers – Music: Response
  3. Metric – Gimme Sympathy (Adam Freeland Remix)
  4. Daft Punk – Crescendolls
  5. Leftfield – Afrika Shox
  6. DJ Shadow – Organ Donor
  7. UNKLE – In A State (Sasha Remix)
  8. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – The Road
  9. Death In Vegas – Dirge
  10. Caribou – Melody Day
  11. Sparklehorse – Wish You Were Here
  12. A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Nitetime Rainbows
  13. Broken Social Scene – Windsurfing Nation
  14. Ungdomskulen – Modern Drummer
  15. 65daysofstatic – Retreat! Retreat!
  16. Erland And The Carnival – You Don’t Have to Be Lonely
  17. Titus Andronicus – Four Score and Seven
  18. Eels – Mansions Of Los Feliz
  19. Memory Tapes – Bicycle
  20. Blood Red Shoes – Colours Fade
  21. The Duke Spirit – The Step And The Walk
  22. Los Campesinos! – We’ve Got Your Back
  23. These New Puritans – We Want War
  24. Bear In Heaven – Wholehearted Mess
  25. Supergrass – Sun Hits The Sky
  26. Primal Scream – Accelerator

Some choice words.
Yes, it’s me again so you know what you’re getting. I had a fantastic weekend with fantastic people, but it was not without it’s down points. As such, this playlist is a kind of “Best Of Thom’s weekend”, only it’s not as there was so much more awesome music that was kicked about in Spotisfaction towers and indeed out and about. Most of these tracks have some kind of meaning or reason behind me including them today, including:

LCD Soundsystem – Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up
I do love this album. This track is a bit of a comfort to me today. Also sums up how I felt this morning trying to get out of bed. Internal soundtrack for the win. Team Win.

Chemical Brothers – Music: Response
I haven’t heard this in a long time, I had been meaning to put this album on specifically for this track for the last 3 or 4 months and I finally got round to it this weekend, so I’m putting this on. Also, it makes me realise that it’s actually Tuesday, not Monday, so 4 day week.

Metric – Gimme Sympathy (Adam Freeland Remix)
Although not a fan of the breaks scene per se, I respect the fantastic talents of Adam Freeland and his Marine Parade label. He once again works his magic on this Metric track.

Daft Punk – Crescendolls
I picked up a copy of Interstella 5555 this weekend, so in Sheps honour I present this track. Besides, you can’t go wrong with a bit of Daft Punk. Factual.

Broken Social Scene – Windsurfing Nation
My tickets for the BSS gig in Birmingham came through this weekend, I can’t wait to see them, and I can’t wait to hear this track on my playlist. If you haven’t already, check out the stuff from the upcoming album, it’s most fantastic.

65daysofstatic – Retreat! Retreat!
Again, chucking this one as these guys are at 2000trees this year and I am DEAD EXCITED about it. So, yeah.

Titus Andronicus – Four Score and Seven
Kev remains undecided on Titus Andronicus. I put this out here for Kev to digest.

Supergrass – Sun Hits The Sky
This song is so fucking summer and anyone who disagrees deserves to be shot through the heart with a crossbolt. Hurry up, summer.

Primal Scream – Accelerator
Just this.

I’ve been a bit all over the place recently, I haven’t had chance to check out as much music as I’d of liked to, so I’m really happy at all of the awesome playlists we’ve had in. We will be running them all, so please keep them coming. I know my playlists tend to be a little bit on the safe and predictable side, I’ve got some real shockers coming soon.

Peace and Noise



Spotisfaction Monday 22/03/10 – Thom Lavelle

Ok, it’s Monday. It’s the springtime of our lives. This playlist is all over the shop, much like my mind right now. I can’t centre on anything right now. My mind is alive and the sun is out. I’m WRITING IN CAPS happy right now. Shut up, Thom. I’d planned to do some work on this site this weekend but events happened. I will conspire with Dave to bring you a better Spotisfaction experience soon. I’ll do a news post earlier later with some further details (fingers crossed).

Right, here is todays playlist.

1. Miyavi – SURVIVE
2. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Come Saturday
3. Japandroids – The Boys Are Leaving Town
4. Ungdomskulen – Osaka
5. Ulrich Schnauss – Nobody’s Home
6. Bon Iver – Skinny Love
7. The Dodos – Fools
8. James Holden – Lump
9. Luke Abbot – Whitebox Stereo
10. Four Tet – Sing
11. Royksopp – The Girl And The Robot
12. Anthony Shakir – Here, There & Nowhere
13. Esben And The Witch – Skeleton Swoon
14. Yeasayer – Ambling Alp
15. Bear In Heaven – Lovesick Teenagers
16. The XX – Crystalised
17. Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats
18. Cornelius – Drop
19. The Velvet Underground – I’m Waiting For The Man
20. Sparklehorse – Don’t Take My Sunshine Away
21. Streetlight Manifesto – Riding The Fourth Wave
22. Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump
23. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Don’t Haunt This Place
24. Titus Andronicus – Upon Viewing Brueghel’s “Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus”
25. Joy Wants Eternity – Above The Clouds Lies Eternal Sun
26. Sonic Youth – Sugar Kane
27. Ash – I’m Gonna Fall

Okay, I’ve had one or two comments that my later blurbs are a bit more tame than the early stuff I was putting up. Simply put, I’ve shifted my style for this format. I could sit and write half a paragraph that no-one reads, pouring my heart and soul into a detailed analysis of each track. But I’m not here to review my playlists, I’m here to draw attention to some of the highlights and justify why I’ve added them. With that in mind, here is a quick run down:

Kicking this off with Miyavi with “SURVIVE”. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve got a big love for Japanese music. This is the only thing I can find on here other than some of the more recent Dir En Grey stuff.Miyavi is actually quite a talent himself, he is fantastic at guitar, a great showman and is actually part of the superband SKIN with Gackt (Malice Mizer), Sugizo (Luna Sea) and Yoshiki (X Japan). Check out his cover of Nirvana’s “Blew” here to see the man in action. This track, whilst not my favourite Miyavi track, still seems to have a certain funk to it’s step.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart were my favourite band this weekend. As I had already put “This Love Is Fucking Right” on a playlist previously, I decided to put “Come Saturday” on as well, as it reminds me of waking up on a Saturday morning and having a cigarette out of the window whilst watching the world go by.

Ungdomskulen’s track “Osaka” takes the place of the song I was going to put into this playlist, which was King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man. Nobody wanted an 11 minute prog rock epic this early on a Monday though, did they?

Everyone knows I like James Holden. I rate him very highly indeed. The track “Lump” was taken from his awesome album “The Idiots Are Winning”. If this track tickles you as it does me, then make sure you check it out. Along with the follow up track by Luke Abbot entitled “Whitebox Stereo”.

The XX is a band that I didn’t click with at first, although I had a huge amount of respect for what they were putting out. “Crystalised” is the first track that clicked with me, which is why it is here. It’s got the minimal.

I couldn’t run a playlist without a Sparklehorse track in memory of Mark Linkous, who died earlier this month. I would seriously recommend Sparklehorse to anyone, and “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away” is as good a place as any to start.

I’m going through a bit of a Streetlight Manifesto crush at the moment, this track is basically being used to bridge Sparklehorse and the next track – Beastie Boys – “Shake Your Rump”. Little known fact, I know more Beastie Boys lyrics than actual English words. This track, taken from the fantastic album Paul’s Boutique, is often just kicking around my head, causing me to bark out lines and hooks from it like some angry new yorker with tourettes.

The Rual Alberta Advantage are a great find. Seriously, check these guys out. “Don’t Haunt This Place”.

Finally, rounding up the playlist is the sublime “Sugar Kane” by Sonic Youth and Ash’s “I’m Gonna Fall” (Taken from the oft overlooked album Nu-Clear Sounds). I figured this was a good enough end to a playlist that has been a bit all over the place.

More to follow… Bears and robots for now, Sailors.



Mukinabaht: Save Our Interwubs

Link: Mukinabaht: Save Our Interwubs

I haven’t had chance to post recently, it’s been a pretty wild April that has managed to near bankrupt me. Lots of news, lots of news. I’d planed to update later this week with enough stuff to make up for the last week or so of quiet. However, this couldn’t really wait.

The Digital Economy Bill

Sit up and take note, people. This is important. It damn well is. Trust me, sitting this one out will piss the Spotisfaction boys to no end. So make sure you damn well read it. And ACT, for the love of God. Unless you are a soul-less, ball-less no brain who is happy to sit on and smile whilst the condiments that are your liberties are being taken from the dinner table that is your life. I for one love a bit of wasabi. Don’t let them take our wasabi!


Spotisfaction Thursday 11/03/10 – Thom Lavelle

I had coleslaw for breakfast today. Apologies for the delayed update, it’s been a crazy ride for the last few days. The below playlist is a few tracks I cobbled together that I fancied listening to today. Blurb to follow.

Oh and also, the last few playlists have been fantastic. A huge thank you to everyone who has submitted. Please submit more so I can take more days off and listen to your awesome tastes in music. Much love.

Playlist lives here


  1. The Whitest Boy Alive – Burning
  2. Kings Of Convenience – Singing Softly To Me
  3. Erlend Oye – Sheltered Life
  4. Broken Bells – The High Road
  5. MGMT – The Youth
  6. Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)
  7. Xploding Plastix – Treat Me Mean, I Need The Reputation
  8. Ellen Allien – Do Not Break
  9. T. Raumschmiere – Zartbitter
  10. The Mars Volta – Son et Lumiere & Inertiatic Esp
  11. Pixies – Break My Body
  12. Screaming Trees – Butterfly
  13. Suede – Filmstar
  14. Terrorvision – Josephine
  15. Fang Island – Daisy
  16. Ungdomskulen – Idunno
  17. Jesus and Mary Chain – Just Like Honey
  18. Serena Maneesh – Drain Cosmetics
  19. My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep
  20. Explosions in the Sky – Magic Hours
  21. Broken Social Scene – Ibi Dreams Of pavement (A Better Day)

Quick justification run down then. It will be quick, as times are a-busy at present. Here we go. Be warned – this is quick. For reasons I can’t go into I’m not going to be so wordy today. My mouthbox is all broked up.

Interest in the Whitest Boy Alive and Kings of Convenience stem from my love for Erlend Øye. Maybe it’s the subtle voice, but it seems to work with so many applications. This triple slice of honesty is enough to kick off the slightly more chilled and introspective playlist.

Broken Bells put out their first album this week. “The High Road” has been on constant rotation on my personal playlists for a while now. I’ve always been a sucker for Mercer’s voice and this track showcases just what it is I love about it beautifully.

I’m not a regular passenger on the MGMT express train, but “Youth” is so the song to curl up to, all starcrossed, in a quiet bar without a care in the world :-)

Xploding Plastix’s “Treat Me Mean, I Need The Reputation” has no place on this list. I’ve been meaning to put it on one of my Spotisfactions for a while. It’s just a slice of buttered chaos-on-toast of drums, bass and some a piano straight from the ball room of hell. Oh, also, it kills any “chilled vibe” this playlist had with a spastic hammer.

“Idunno” by Ungdomskulen really grabbed me when I heard it last week. It just sounds like a guitar rendition of a theme you’d find on Rygar on the NES. Nobody can pronounce the band name though.

Serena Maneesh – “Drain Cosmetics” is a wicked track. These guys are starting a tour with The Depreciation Guild this month I think. I think these guys are pretty special and definitely worth a listen.

Yes, it’s short. It’s not fantastically descriptive. I will make great pains to go into more detail for my next post. Think you can do better? Prove it and submit some playlists. I know there are a few of you out there who have expressed interest in a playlist and haven’t sent on yet. Please, please do. And the playlists we’ve had thus far have been fantastic and I want to thank each and every one of you personally with words and a drink. This is fact. Submit playlists, get beer. Until next time, bye.



Spotisfaction Tuesday 02/03/10 – Very quick and dirty playlist

“Out of some desire to do something other than sit around and rot, the men known as David Prowse and Thom Lavelle decided to sit around and rot whilst swapping Spotify playlists and blogging about them…”

As Dave has been ill and I’ve been pretty busy recently todays playlist is a quick and dirty playlist hacked together. It’s still a good selection of stuff, so enjoy. Hopefully tomorrow our good friend John Brobyn will be stepping in with a mix. Goodstuffs.

Playlist here.

We’ll update with a bit of blurb and some news a bit later today.

  1. The Decemberists – O Valencia!
  2. Tunng – The Pioneers
  3. Kings Of Convenience – The Girl From Back Then
  4. Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
  5. Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-headed Boy
  6. Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper
  7. Mumford & Sons – The Cave
  8. The New Pornographers – Mass Romantic
  9. Bombay Bicycle Club – Lamplight
  10. Head Automatica – At The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet
  11. The Depreciation Guild – Butterfly Kisses
  12. Japandroids – Wet Hair
  13. Dinosaur Jr – Little Fury Things
  14. Brian Eno – By This River
  15. Dresden Dolls – Good Day
  16. Jack Rose – Since I’ve Been A Man Full Grown
  17. John Fahey – John Henry
  18. Manic Street Preachers – You Stole The Sun From My Heart (Mogwai Remix)
  19. Thom York – Atoms For Peace (Four Tet Remix)
  20. DJ Food – Dark Lady
  21. DJ Format – 3ft Deep
  22. Jurassic 5 – Thin Line
  23. Roots Manuva – Too Cold
  24. Gang Starr – Just To Get A Rep

Catch you in a while.

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03 Spotisfaction Wednesday 24/02/10 – Thom Lavelle

Day 3. The playlist is up early. I actually struggled with this one. Dave’s playlist was fantastic yesterday. I had already put a playlist together today earlier in the week, and another one as backup. However neither really stood up to yesterdays so I tried to bastardise the two. It didn’t work. I tried to salvage what I could and put something together and I think the playlist suffered as a result, but hey. I’ll put it out there.

With this one, I’ve decided to get most of the “heavier” stuff out the way first with the intent to finish on the atmospheric and textured tracks. Doesn’t quite blend, due to numerous amendments, but hell – after listening to it I can confirm that I love every track on here.

03 Spotisfaction Wednesday (24 Feb) – TLavelle

  1. Started Out With Nothing – Seasick Steve
  2. The Age Of The Understatement – The Last Shadow Puppets
  3. Hearts On Fire – Clor
  4. This Love Is Fucking Right – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
  5. Everything’s Explodin’ – The Flaming Lips
  6. Here Comes The Summer – The Fiery Furnaces
  7. Mental – Eels
  8. You! Me! Dancing! – Los Campesinos!
  9. Summer Away – Aloha
  10. The Movers And The Shakers – Herbert
  11. Id Engager – Of Montreal
  12. Light & Day – The Polyphonic Spree
  13. Tokyo – The Books
  14. Lord Leopard – Caribou
  15. Desert Eagle – Ratatat
  16. The Upwards March – Bell Orchestre
  17. From Off To On – The Knife
  18. Gone To Earth – The American Analog Set
  19. The Outer Banks – The Album Leaf
  20. Leviathan, Bound – Shearwater
  21. Knife – Grizzly Bear
  22. Everything In Its Right Place – Radiohead
  23. Black Swan – Thom Yorke
  24. The Weight Of My Words (Four Tet Remix) – Kings Of Convenience
  25. You Are The Worst Thing In The World – Telefon Tel Aviv
  26. Floating Points – Ellen Allien
  27. Leaving You Behind – Herrmann + Kleine
  28. On A White Lake, Near A Green Mountain – M83
  29. Allt varð hljótt – Ólafur Arnalds

Today’s highlights: Forgive me, it’s been a long morning and I’m pretty tired. There are too many words to be written today…

When I saw Seasick Steve live I was humbled by his raw honesty and passion. “I Started Out With Nothing” and it’s driving blues progression is a fitting track for the start of a day.

Further on in the playlist you’ll find something to compliment the Ringo Deathstarr I had on my Monday Spotisfaction. Been going through a bit of a shoe gaze thing for a while. I got a chance to see The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart recently with The Depreciation Guild and was amazed. “This Love Is Fucking Right” is saccharin noise pop bathed in distorted guitars and upbeat melodies. Or something. Anyway, watch out for The Depreciation Guild too, as I will no doubt be featuring them shortly.

I haven’t got anything clever or interesting to say about The Fiery Furnaces – “Here Comes The Summer” but I wanted to give it a mention because it is a fantastic track.

Going back a few years courtesy of the long suffering Mark Everett of Eels fame with the well crafted “Mental”. Verse-chorus-verse formula dripping with emotional angst, complete with a fantastically surreal almost surf-esq breakdown.

The intro to “You! Me! Dancing!” by Los Campesinos!, especially after the last track in the playlist, really tugs at your soul before unleashing a frenzied torrent of modern indie rock with a light smattering of Patrick Moore-like percussions. Oh my, I’ve given myself images of “The Gamesmaster” playing Xylophone with Los Campesinos! I’d pay to see that. I’d pay to see Patrick Moore playing with any modern band though, to be fair.

Herbert’s “The Movers and the Shakers” starts out meek enough with simple beats and an organ loop to get you hooked, laying on the vox, the beat and the crazy before the horns signify that it is time to start dancing. Yes, dancing. It’s a warm and fantastically well topped slice of dance pizza pie. It probably has pineapple on. Although given Herbet’s outlook on life and the subversive tone on the album, the pizza is likely to contain traces of chewed up aluminium.

“Tokyo” by The Books serves as an interlude. A fantastic interlude, mind, with the first of two Japanese transport soundbytes in (the second being “Leaving You Behind” by Herrmann + Kleine later in the playlist).

I’m sorry Caribou. I think you’re fantastic but I was only able to squeeze you in this time with the sublime but short “Lord Leopard”. To me, this song is akin to walking up a flight of stairs, only you have three knees in each leg, the stairs are synths and there is a drummer following you up on one of those Stannah stairlifts.

Ratatat’s “Desert Eagle” continues from the Caribou stairway. You reach the top only to find more stairs, some lava and 50% more apocalypse. The distorted guitar riff here really emulates the feeling I get walking up apocalyptic staircases surrounded by lava that I encounter on a daily basis. Oh also, in this analogy, the drummer in the stairlift has fallen into the lave and been replaced with a sequencer.

The Knife – “From Off to On” makes me want to commit Enocide. Simple as that.

“Everything In It’s Right Place” by the mighty Radiohead, then. I don’t think I have to say anything about this track. As soon as I hear the opening; I’m smiling. The tune is going to stay in my head all day, for sure. I followed this up with “Black Swan” by the man himself, Thom Yorke. As his solo stuff is still nothing short of excellent. As I said to David – big name bands can be good too, they just have more to prove, which is something Thom Yorke and Radiohead have been doing for quite some time now.

I picked the Four Tet reworking of the Kings Of Convenience classic “The Weight Of My Words” from the album Verses because Four Tet managed to add so much more to an already fantastic and sincere track. None of the haunting sadness of this song has been lost in translation.

The next few tracks are just fantastic, I haven’t the vocabulary to express their brilliance so I will just shut up and let you listen.

Rounding this playlist off however, is Ólafur Arnalds. From what I can tell, this guy is a genuine god damn talent. Not content with drumming for hardcore/metal bands but he also appears to be gifted in the languages of guitar, piano and banjo. He is such a nice chap he even did string arrangements for 65daysofstatic. “Allt varð hljótt” is taken from his latest release “Found Music” and I urge you to give it a listen in it’s entirety.

Give the playlist a listen and let me know what you think. I’m thinking of doing a bit of a radical change of style for my next time (Which is likely to be Monday again). We’ll see what develops.



01 Spotisfaction Monday 22/02/10 – Thom Lavelle

“Out of some desire to do something other than sit around and rot, the men known as David Prowse and Thom Lavelle decided to sit around and rot whilst swapping Spotify playlists and blogging about them…”

And so it begins. This week, Dave Prowse and myself are going to be swapping Spotify playlists, culminating in a Collab playlist come Friday. I was first up, so here is my Monday morning playlist.

Take a listen, leave some feedback. We’re hoping we can expand this concept in the coming weeks, so feel free to get in touch with either of us if you want to contribute in some form (playlists, reviews, rants, ideas, whatever).

01 Spotisfaction Monday (22 Feb) – TLavelle

  1. Heartbreaker – Metronomy
  2. You Could Easily Have Me – Metronomy
  3. Presto Change-o – Quasi
  4. I Never Want To See You Again – Quasi
  5. GNG BNG – Flying Lotus
  6. Velvet – The Big Pink
  7. Summertime – Ringo Deathstarr
  8. Them That Do Nothing – Field Music
  9. Rome – Phoenix
  10. Bro’s – Panda Bear
  11. Empty Vessels – The Macabees feat. Roots Manuva
  12. Herbaholics – Phi Life Cyper
  13. The Terrorist – DJ Vadim Feat. Moshun Man
  14. King Without A Crown (Live) – Matisyahu
  15. The Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor – Youthmovies
  16. Wasteland – Swanton Bombs
  17. Dot – Instrumental – Gonzales
  18. Always Already Gone – The Magnetic Fields
  19. Norway – Beach House
  20. Rulers, Ruling All Things – Midlake
  21. Stick To My Side – Pantha Du Prince
  22. Outhouse (Fluffy Mix) – Nathan Fake

Running down track by track isn’t happening. So instead, I’ll list the highlights. Will keep this short…

Metronomy’s “Heartbreaker” is just the track to kick off the weekends revenge with its steady beat and dark undertones before rolling into “You Could Easily Have Me”. Taken from Metronomy’s debut album “Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe)”, this track is a personal favourite, complete with gangled distorted riffs and awkward melodies. The shocking thing here is that it all comes together so well.

With that behind us, it’s on to Quasi. You know, ‘that band with Janet Weiss in’. “Presto Change-o” wouldn’t sound out of place on Yamane Michiru’s Castlevania soundtracks. The restless yet futile ascension of this haunting track makes me feel that I should be atop a giant tower, at midnight, overlooking the city. Smoking a cigarette and plotting evil. Looking cool… (with a cape).

(aside) I put “GNG BNG” by Flying Lotus on here as it nothing short of awesome. I’ll just leave it at that and see how you get on with it.

On with show and on to Ringo Deathstarr. I came for the name, stayed for the awesome. I saw their name on a split 7 inch with The Depreciation Guild a few months back. I was blown away with the fantastic band name but sadly didn’t get chance to check them out. Finally gave them a listen recently and well, I was impressed enough to tell you that I am impressed with them. “Summertime” is candy wrapped shoegaze, drowned in ambience and subtle melodies that may or may not put you into a quiet candyfloss coma.

In an attempt to break things up, I dropped a few oddities in to the playlist. Phi Life Cypher, for example. These guys have always escaped my radar. Having done work with DJ Vadim and The Gorillaz you would think I’d have paid more attention to this group. Well, I haven’t, no. Regardless, my friend JB played “Herbaholics”, rapropaganda of grand intentions, for me many years ago and I’ve held on to it ever since. This track has hooks, it has the beat and it mentions Jack Straw. Instant win in my book.

The Hasidic singjay known as Matisyahu has single handedly proven that white people can be cool and having religious messages in your music isn’t always horrible. This live version of “King Without A Crown” is an office favourite and has earnt a place on todays playlist.

Swanton Bombs – “Wasteland” reminds me of The Cramps attempting to accidently The White Stripes and winner. Don’t try and look for sense in that.

“Dot – Instrumental” by Gonzales helps me with my crippling lust for fantastic piano pieces. This track could be two hours long and I’d still be mesmerised by it. As it stands, it’s two minutes long and therefore ten times as fantastic as your mind will allow you to comprehend.

And now we lay in wait for Tuesdays playlist to go up and read what David has to say about that. See you Wednesday.