148 Spotisfaction Friday 10/12/10 – Simon Mogg

Another busy week polished off. Dreadzone on Wednesday and New Pornographers on Thursday were both awesome. Dreadzone review should be up next week, look out for that. It’s been a good year for me, Dave and everyone involved with Spotisfaction, thanks for enjoy it with us.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and we are considering wrapping up the site for a while (see what I did there? Cracker of a pun.. OOP, GUILTY AS CHARGED) – we’ve got to go to our families, cook the turkeys, wrap the presents, so don’t be surprised it the site slows down for a while. We’re still alive though, and Spotify will still be here for us in the new year. Hopefully you’re all gearing up for Christmas and looking forward to a long overdue break. We are!

Moggy brings us todays awesome brass-instrument themed playlist. This really is a great playlist, enjoy.



145 Spotisfaction Wednesday 01/12/10 – Simon Mogg

Afternoon guys and gals. So, 1st December. Crazy, huh? I’m actually feeling pretty Christmassy today which I think is making my colleagues want to punch me in the face. I’m OK with that, though. When is it too early to start with the mince pies? Never too early, you say? Fine! I’m all over it.

Today’s playlist is by regular Simon “Moggy” Mogg, and comes off the back of the recent Apple announcement regarding The Beatles. He’s titled today’s playlist “The Beatles?”, and you can view his blurb after the break.

Hope you have a lovely one, kids, and remember: just because it’s 25 days to go ’til Christmas doesn’t mean it’s OK to listen to Whigfield. That is all.


138 Spotisfaction Monday 15/11/10 – Simon Mogg

Morning guys and dolls. I trust your weekends were great? My wife spent the weekend at her sister’s, so I spent a large amount of my weekend sat on the sofa in my pants, grinding out levels in Black Ops’ multiplayer. Good times! A wasted weekend, you say? How very dare you. This week should be pretty good – James T and I have a few live reviews for you, along with our regular mix of content and playlists.

As always, if there’s something you’d like to see us cover, or even if you’d like to cover said thing yourself, please do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Anyway, to business! I shall hand you over to Moggy for todays playlist, and his passionate defence of Nu-Metal. Readers of a nervous disposition are probably best advised to stop here; readers with a sense of humour are encouraged to read on.

Take it easy, kid-faces.


NEWS: Skindred Announce New Album

It was announced today (10 November) that Welsh Ragga Metal 4-piece Skindred are releasing their fourth studio album next year, titled Union Black. It’ll be released 2 May 2011 and is currently being recorded at Britannia Row Studios in London. On the bands official website front man Benji Webbe had this to say about his new album,

“This is the first album we have written and recorded in the UK, it’s a big departure from our usual sunny California or Florida surroundings, its bloody freezing! The album will be darker and heavier than any of our previous recordings and I’ve not been this excited whilst writing since I was a kid! “Union Black” is bringing the darker side of the Dred out for sure!!!!!”

Having previously toured with Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, Korn and Disturbed they are set to bring their high energy live show to Rob Zombie‘s sold out UK tour next February. Skindred have been fighting their way into popularity ever since the success of their first album Babylon and the inclusion of a number of their songs on various video games.

I am personally greatly looking forward to this album. I really enjoy the combination of Benji’s screeching Ragga vocals, the Drum n Bass beats and Heavy Metal guitars from the first two albums (I haven’t yet had a chance to hear the third). Shame it’s half a year away. Lets hope they release some teasers soon.


134 Spotisfaction Friday 05/11/10 – Simon Mogg

Morning everyone. I trust your weeks have been lovely? Mine’s been, to be honest, incredibly busy – so, my apologies for the slight slow-down on content this week. On that note, though, if you ever fancied having your writing published, then we’re always looking for news, reviews, features, opinion-pieces and other such stuff, as well as our usual tri-weekly playlists. Get in touch if you are interested.

Today’s playlist is by staff-member Simon Mogg, and is entitled “I’m 27” – appropriate, since we went to Alton Towers to celebrate his birthday last weekend, and he turns 27 tomorrow bless him. Happy birthday, old bean.

See you next week guys and dolls.

Moggy Says:

Tomorrow I am 27 years old. Congratulations to me another year, and I’m not dead yet. To celebrate such an unimpressive landmark I decided to make a playlist to see how musical taste in Britain has changed over the years I’ve been alive. So I’ve been perusing the UK number 1 single lists and picked one number 1 for every year I’ve been alive and here they are:

1983: The Police – Every Breath You Take
I love the Police. They’re awesome.
1984: Stevie Wonder – I Just Called To Say I Love You – Single Version
1985: Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) – Original 7″ Mix
1986: Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
1987: M. – Pump Up The Volume (7″)
1988: Aswad – Don’t Turn Around
1989: Jive Bunny – Swing The Mood
Jive Bunny had 3 number ones this year. Crikey I only thought they did this one song.
1990: Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me

Hit the link for the rest:


127 Spotisfaction Wednesday 20/10/10 – Simon Mogg

So, another Wednesday. I think Monday gets a bad rep, to be honest – all weekdays are pretty crap, not just Monday. And on that lovely note, happy birthday to contributor Ben Mercer! Love!

Anyway… Today’s playlist is by Simon Mogg and is entitled “The West Wing”. I’ll be honest, I never really watched it. I may need to bug you for the box sets…


Moggy Says:

There have been seven seasons of The West Wing. I’ve watched them all… a lot. I love everything about it. I think all elements of the show are of tremendous quality and that includes the choice of music. Other than W.G. Snuffy Walden’s incidental music, they pick a mixed selection of tracks to complement the episode that they are included in. Many tracks are very emotive, some very strange but most are just very good. Here is a playlist of some of the best from all seven seasons, in order.

The Yo-Yo Ma cello piece is absolutely beautiful. I very much like the tone of the cello. The Dire Straits track used at the end of season two really swells the mood of the season finale and helps create a dramatic climax. Tori Amos‘s very breathy version of ‘I don’t like Mondays’ is coupled with a storyline about a bomb in a school and adds a haunting feeling that can bring a tear to the eye. I could talk at length about the rest of the tracks as well but it would be dull for all of those who don’t know the show. I will just leave you with this advice: even if you skip the rest of the playlist, at least listen to Massive Attack, Steve Miller Band and the two Chopin piano pieces they are all brilliant in their own way.

Hit the link for info on which tracks came from which seasons.


124 Spotisfaction Wednesday 13/10/10 – Simon Mogg

Morning kids. Quite a busy one today, so I’ll keep it brief. If anyone is going to see Doom (with support from Dangermouse – can anyone say Dangerdoom tracks?!) in Bristol this weekend, a few Spotisfaction staffers will be in attendence – let’s get our brew on, y’all.

Today’s playlist is by staff member Simon “Moggy” Mogg and is entitled “Super Dooper Upbeat Happy Songs”, which I think is probably the best playlist title I’ve ever read.

Peace and love, and other stuff like that.

Moggy Says:

Here is my playlist of happy songs to make you dance… DANCE MONKEY BOY DANCE! Sorry about that, got a little over excited. So, these tracks are not all ‘good’ as such (I highlight Professor Green for example) but that does not necessarily matter. They are all bouncy and unpretentious, and all round good fun (in my opinion).

Young MC‘s ‘Bust A Move’ is a classic hip hop track and one I like because it is not about bling and it is not entirely full of swearing, which makes a nice change. I am always quite surprised when I enjoy a Black Eyed Peas song. The fact that Travis Barker has had his hot little hands all over this one doesnt hurt. Think I might have a bit of a man-crush on him.

I remember ‘Boombastic’ from the claymation Levi’s Advert in the 90s. Later in life I remember it being played in clubs and finding it hilarious watching men and women alike gyrating to it. Brilliant. ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ is just a purely brilliant track as is the Fatboy Slim remix of ‘Body Movin’. I think it is a vast improvement from the version off the Hello Nasty album.

So there it is. Enjoy it all. I know I will.


REVIEW: This Town Needs Guns – Animals (Big Scary Monsters 2008)


This Town Needs Guns are an Oxford based outfit formed by Stuart Smith and Tim Collis in 2004. Several band members and a few moderately successful E.P.s later they are still touring the world over and in 2008 released their debut full album, Animals. This album brings you 13 (well 12½) tracks of their unashamedly experimental math rock. Not always an easy genre to listen to but interesting none the less. The album’s tracks are all named after different animals but this has very little bearing on the content of the lyrics. While they were writing the album they named all their tracks after animals as temporary placeholders with every intention of giving them real names before release but in the end they just did not bother. Anyway on to the album itself…

One of the first things you notice about this album is that the band appears to have mislaid their distortion pedals. This leaves the music very stripped back – you might even say pure – which is astonishing when you realise how much is actually going on with the guitars and the huge amount of notes that they cram into each track. The meandering guitar parts dance around the fretboards throughout the whole album, which is fine until it begins to feel that you have been just listening to one long track rather than 13 different ones.  The only let up in this never ending barrage is the final track, Zebra, which replaces the now tiresome guitar with what sounds like a Glockenspiel and some discordant strings. The string parts feel like they have been carried on from the previous track, Rabbit, as the guitar fades away towards the end of this track and leaves the strings alone – it has a definite reminiscence of Damien Rice. This is by no means a bad thing but is all unfortunately too little to late to rescue the album from becoming awfully samey.


120 Spotisfaction Monday 04/10/10 – Simon Mogg

Morning all. I’m only in the office for Monday and Tuesday this week before I head out to London for a spot of schmoozing with industry-types (read: going to visit Spotisfaction editor James TAE for his birthday, bless’im), so this week will be a bit manic. If any of you fine folks are in London this week, though, let me know on Twitter and we’ll go for a drink or something.

Today’s playlist is by staff-member Simon Mogg and is entitled “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Hope you enjoy as much as I am currently.


Moggy Says:

I do not like Female Vocallists. I cant really explain why, I think it could be the genral lack of gravellyness (clearly not a word). At least thats what I thought until I started making a list of the songs with female vocals that I do like. Turns out there’s quite a few.

I love this Justice track. Best one on the album in my opinion. In the Bodyrox track I like the way Luciana’s voice kind of cracks at the end of some of the songs lines. When I was VP of my university Rock Music Society we booked Zombina and the Skeletones to support [spunge] at our alternative May Ball. I’ve liked them ever since. Live performance is particularly good. Look forward to seeing them again in November. Yeah Yeah Yeahs = Awesome. Need I say more.

I liked No Doubt as a spotty teenager (partly because of a big crush on Gwen Stefani). Then they went away from their Ska style and I lost interest. Having said that, going back to Tragic Kingdom is always a pleasure. The Shangri-Las were my mothers teenage angst put to music so she used to play them a lot. Thats why they feature here. This song sticks in your mind like you wouldnt believe.

I really like the Noisettes at the moment. Wild Young Hearts has a particularly nice retro feel to it and the track I’ve picked is my favourite. I first heard the Tori Amos track in an episode of The West Wing and thought it was beautifully haunting. Finally, Skin’s vocal in all Skunk Anansie songs has such passion and power that I can’t help but be impressed.

Well, enjoy my selection of girls. Any other recommendations of quality female vocal would be greatly appreciated. Put them in the comments box below.



ARTICLE: Musical Genres – Good, Bad or Ugly?

Image copyright

There are an awful lot of musical genres in the world, but are they A) a useful tool designed to guide people towards a band or artist that they will like; B) a constrictive framework that means bands get tagged with a label that they cannot shake off regardless of how much they try; or C) an outdated irrelevance that helps no one because of the sheer volume of different genres on offer?

Here’s my opinion, and please do feel free to disagree with me in the comments section.

For 5 years between 2003 and 2008 I was a DJ (in the loosest sense of the word) in several different drinking establishments throughout Aberystwyth. I played largely alternative music – rock, punk, ska, metal etc. – but I also worked every Friday night in a dingy (and very sticky) night club called Y Bae (or The Bay for those who do not live in Wales). This, unfortunately, meant I had to dabble in the dark arts, or “popular music” as it is also known. I played all sorts of music from Girls Aloud to Cradle Of Filth. Requests are an unavoidable hazard of the job and quite often, rather than asking for a particular track or artist, the customer would ask for a whole genre of music. This led to the night when someone asked me for “Funky House”. I still to this day have no idea what Funky House is. I can’t name an act that fits into this genre, but the most ridiculous thing about the whole situation was neither could the guy making the request. Turns out in the end he wanted something like Pendulum which I am fairly sure is classed as Drum and Bass, but who even knows any more and this is where the problem lies. There are so many different genres that, for the most part, people don’t know what they mean, and as such they are of little help at all.


112 Spotisfaction Wednesday 15/09/10 – Becky Mogg

Morning folks. This week sees the return of The Cheltenham Underground, Cheltenham’s premier live music night. The Wilderness of Manitoba are headlining this Friday at Slak, so please do go check them out. We’ve got a brief feature on Ch’underground incoming shortly.

Today’s playlist is by regular contributor Simon “Moggy” Mogg‘s lovely wife, Becky Mogg.

Love, etc.

Moggy Says:

So I was wondering what the theme of my next playlist should be. I couldnt think of one so I got lazy and got my wife, Becky, to do one instead. So here it is (entitled Wifeisfaction) and her blurb to go with it. Enjoy.

Becky Says:

This is a selection of some of my favourite songs. There are reasons for all which range from making me happy to reminding me of stuff and occasions. Enjoy

[A note from Moggy: A few tracks Becky chose weren’t on Spotify. Imagine these were present! –
Pendulum – Slam
Moloko – Mother
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away]


FEATURE: The Pulse of the Maggots.

The Pulse of the Maggots.

So… My column then. Where to start? Maybe a brief explanation. ‘The Pulse of the Maggots’ is a song by Slipknot. The lyrics are about fighting for the beaten down and oppressed and for the people who cannot fight for themselves. In that vein this column will predominantly be about defending music, albums and artists that have been given a rough time of it by the press or just common opinion. So after that intro we begin with the very people that inspire the column name, Slipknot.

“Aren’t they the guys who poo on stage?” I hear you cry, and the answer is… well… yes. But there is so much more to it than that. If you look beyond the masks and on-stage antics you discover a wealth of talent and some fantastic tracks. This is a band that has received 7 Grammy nominations and 1 win. All of their four main studio albums have gone at least platinum and the members have numerous side projects which are all well worth a listen. Stone Sour, Murderdolls, To My Surprise, Dirty Little Rabbits and DJ Starscream (unfortunately not on Spotify).


103 Spotisfaction Wednesday 25/08/10 – Simon Mogg

Afternoon all. Weird to think that this time last week we relaunched the site. Lots of things still going on behind the scenes but as always if there’s anything you’d like to see (whether that’s an improvement to the site layout, a specific album review, or an idea for a feature) we’d love to hear from you.

I’m going to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tonight, which has me incredibly excited. It’s rare that a soundtrack to a movie gets as much hype as the movie itself, but in this case I think it’s probably justified – just check out the OST! Fun times!

Today’s playlist is by Spotisfaction contributor Simon “Moggy” Mogg, and is quite lovely in my opinion.


Moggy says:

Here is my latest submission. I was listening to Flogging Molly and I realised that the only Irish style music I listened to is played by Americans, so I decided to look into actual Irish musicians. While doing this I discovered a lot more music that originates from various places throughout the world, hence this playlist with no real theme. Not a good explanation but there it is… Anyway, onto the actual tracks.

Starting with a nod to my love of Rugby and a New Zealander I recently encountered, first up is The Haka. Then Bellowhead, who are a lot better live (the vocalist doesn’t half put some welly in). Neck were also amazing live (except the bleeding nose but thats a hazard of a pit I suppose).

Also on this list is more Johnny Cash and Cat Empire. Both featured on previous playlists, but both deserve lots more playing so here they are again. Skindred are generally known for their Reggae Metal but this is an acoustic bonus track off their Babylon album and is definitely worth a listen. The whole album, that is. And finally, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. I first heard this group on Paul Simon‘s Graceland album. I like the style. Right thats it I’m done. Enjoy.


74 Spotisfaction Friday (18 Jun) – Simon Mogg

Quick straw poll – would you prefer playlist updates such as this one in the morning or afternoon? Let us know via Twitter (@spotisfaction).

Afternoon, folks! Today’s playlist comes courtesy of Simon Mogg, whose previous playlist was one of my favourite concepts: “The Evolution of Moggy (in music)”. Fortunately, for today’s submission he’s guaranteed us no nu-metal or PJ & Duncan…

Remember that we’re running a competition to win a ticket for Broken Social Scene’s show in Birmingham on Sat 26th June – if you’ve not entered yet, tweet us your favourite feel-good song with the #compisfaction hashtag. See here for full info!

Love, hugs and mealy bugs.

74 Spotisfaction Friday (18 Jun) – SMogg

Hit the link for the track listing and Moggy’s blurb.

  1. Damien Rice – Amie
  2. Johnny Cash – Hurt
  3. Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis
  4. Harry J Allstars – Liquidator
  5. David Bowie – Life On Mars?
  6. Flipron – Flush It
  7. Saul Williams – Black Stacey
  8. Maxim – Spectral Wars
  10. Beastie Boys – Shadrach
  11. Sublime – KRS-One
  12. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version)
  13. RJD2 – Ghostwriter
  14. Flogging Molly – Float
  15. Brigham Young University Vocal Point – Super Mario
  16. The Puppini Sisters – Spooky
  17. Special AKA – Gangsters
  18. Desmond Dekker – You Can Get It If You Really Want
  19. Reel Big Fish – Drunk Again
  20. Everlast – Black Jesus
  21. Bill Withers – Lean On Me – Single Version
  22. Newton Faulkner – People Should Smile More
  23. Paolo Nutini – Pencil Full Of Lead
  24. Nick Drake – Black Eyed Dog
  25. 65daysofstatic – Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
  26. John Martyn – May You Never
  27. Ben E. King – Stand By Me
  28. The Proclaimers – King Of The Road
  29. Steve – I Am Here (Falling Down Album Version)
  30. Mitch Benn – Steal This Song

So this is a slightly different style of playlist than my last. This time its a selection of music that I like to listen to when I can’t move at all. Would be nice for summer in the garden.

Here are a few stand out tracks.

Johnny Cash – Hurt
This track is just plain awesome. You dont often hear tracks that are a vast improvement on their original. But this one is.

Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis
Discovered this in a car advert. But dont hold that against it. It has a nice quality to it.

Flipron – Flush It
This band are dark. When I was playing them at one point “the wife” asked me to turn it off because it was depressing her. Gotta love music that creates emotion.

Beastie Boys – Shadrach
I like the Beastie Boys. Any group that goes from Punk to Hiphop in their career appeal to me. This is one of their best tracks if you ask me.

RJD2 – Ghostwriter
I love this track. No other comment its just awesome.

Brigham Young University Vocal Point – Super Mario
hahahahahahahahahaha. Brilliant. Goes with the trade too.

65daysofstatic – Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
Shame its the live track but i love the way this track builds. It ends in a creshendo of noise. Love it.

The Proclaimers – King Of The Road
I like the Proclaimers. I’m not ashamed.

So there it is. I love all of these tracks. I’d of commented on all of them but that just ends up with a lot of writing.



Spotisfaction Thursday 22/04/10 – Guest Mix by Simon Mogg

Morning all you beautiful people. Today we’ve got a real treat for you. I really love it when people theme their playlists – me? I’m rubbish. I try and get them to flow, but I never really have a decent theme for any of mine. This one, however, has inspired me to create a similar one of my own and I hope it offers inspiration to yourselves, too.

So here’s Simon Mogg: father, husband, video game tsar, and genuinely beautiful man.
Hey Dave,
Not sure if this is the sort of thing you’re looking for. Not exactly music that’ll be new to people but it is very personal. I wont be offended if you dont use it. Either way I’ve enjoyed compiling it.


The evolution of Moggy (in music)playlist here.

  1. PJ & Duncan – Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble
  2. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Twist And Shout
  3. Wildchild – Renegade Master – Fatboy Slim Old Skool Radio Edit
  4. Delirious? – Deeper
  5. Steve – My Ever My All (Falling Down Album Version)
  6. DC Talk – Jesus Freak
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Police Helicopter
  8. Green Day – Minority
  9. Muse – Muscle Museum
  10. Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff
  11. Linkin Park – One Step Closer
  12. Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away
  13. Less Than Jake – Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding
  14. [spunge] – Kicking Pigeons
  15. Jesse James – Shoes
  16. Sublime – Santeria
  17. Flogging Molly – What’s Left of the Flag
  18. Richard Cheese – Down With The Sickness
  19. Weird Al Yankovic – Angry White Boy Polka
  20. NOFX – Monosyllabic Girl
  21. (Hed) Planet Earth – Suck It Up
  22. The Union Underground – Turn Me On “Mr. Deadman” – Explicit Version
  23. System Of A Down – F**k The System – Explicit Version
  24. Kiss – God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II
  25. Queen – One Vision (Single Version)
  26. Jimi Hendrix Experience – Crosstown Traffic
  27. Wolfmother – Dimension
  28. Ocean Colour Scene – Hundred Mile High City
  29. The Living End – Hold Up
  30. Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Are Rockstars
  31. Hadouken! – Liquid Lives – Original Version
  32. Mint Royale – Singin’ In The Rain
  33. Pendulum – Granite
  34. Sway – Mercedes-Benz – Radio Edit
  35. The Cat Empire – Hello
  36. Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven – Single Version
  37. Aretha Franklin – Think
  38. The Commitments – Try A Little Tenderness

…and now the Blurb.
This is a demonstration of how my musical taste has changed and developed over the years since i started listening to music.
Tracks 1-3 (age 10-14)
I apologise for the first track but i remember that PJ and Duncan – Psyche was the first album I ever owned (on tape). I thought I was cool. Turned out I was wrong. I also remember my sister owning Twist and shout on vinyl and listening to it constantly. As for renegade master it’s a track that is good (even to this day) at high volume.

Tracks 4-12 (
age 15-18)
I spent this time in an exceptionally bad band. hence minority. we covered it. (there should be some blink 182 here as well but spotify didnt have it). Also I was heavily involved in my school christian union which explains the bit of christian music (Steve, Delirious? and DC Talk). My ever my all is (in my opinion) a perfect indie style track. Guitar led with somr interesting twiddly bits. And then like any good teenager I started listening to Nu-Metal.

Tracks 13-23 (
age 19-22)

While I was at university my CD collection increased from 30 CDs to just under 1000. There is a lot of music in there but this is the pick of it. There is a selection of Ska punk from DJing at the local punk night. Richard Cheese and Weird Al have made some awful tracks in their time but these 2 I personally think are inch perfect comedy covers. And then yet more nu-metal from being Vice President of the uni Rock society. I hasten to add that these tracks are of a slightly better quality nu-metal than the earlier tracks. I suppose thats all personal opinion mind.

Tracks 23-34 (age 23-25)

In this time I DJ’d in a (slightly alternative) Dingy night club. Hence the fairly popular guitar led Rock. Dimension and Hundred Mile city are both examples of songs built round astonishing guitar riffs. I never get bored of the way the Ocean Colour Scene track starts. The Living End are an underratred australian punk three piece. I discovered them through the guitar hero game but the rest of their back catalogue is well worth a listen aswell.
The next 5 tracks are what I like to call ‘volume’ tracks. On the whole I dont like them much. But when played at ear bleeding volume in a club they are excellent.

Tracks 35-38 (age 25 – old)

I quit my job in the club and decided I wanted cheerful music with a tune and less swearing for my baby to listen to. You can not go wrong with old Rock n Roll and Rythmn and Blues. I can listen to this sort of thing all day. Amazing vocals and nobody is trying too hard to do interesting and new things. Its very simple but brilliant.
I want to add I still listen to all of this music. I never get tired of any of it. in fact i’m off to listen to Limp Bizkit. Brilliant.