Girls, Girls, Girls

Morning all. I’m only in the office for Monday and Tuesday this week before I head out to London for a spot of schmoozing with industry-types (read: going to visit Spotisfaction editor James TAE for his birthday, bless’im), so this week will be a bit manic. If any of you fine folks are in London this week, though, let me know on Twitter and we’ll go for a drink or something.

Today’s playlist is by staff-member Simon Mogg and is entitled “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Hope you enjoy as much as I am currently.


Moggy Says:

I do not like Female Vocallists. I cant really explain why, I think it could be the genral lack of gravellyness (clearly not a word). At least thats what I thought until I started making a list of the songs with female vocals that I do like. Turns out there’s quite a few.

I love this Justice track. Best one on the album in my opinion. In the Bodyrox track I like the way Luciana’s voice kind of cracks at the end of some of the songs lines. When I was VP of my university Rock Music Society we booked Zombina and the Skeletones to support [spunge] at our alternative May Ball. I’ve liked them ever since. Live performance is particularly good. Look forward to seeing them again in November. Yeah Yeah Yeahs = Awesome. Need I say more.

I liked No Doubt as a spotty teenager (partly because of a big crush on Gwen Stefani). Then they went away from their Ska style and I lost interest. Having said that, going back to Tragic Kingdom is always a pleasure. The Shangri-Las were my mothers teenage angst put to music so she used to play them a lot. Thats why they feature here. This song sticks in your mind like you wouldnt believe.

I really like the Noisettes at the moment. Wild Young Hearts has a particularly nice retro feel to it and the track I’ve picked is my favourite. I first heard the Tori Amos track in an episode of The West Wing and thought it was beautifully haunting. Finally, Skin’s vocal in all Skunk Anansie songs has such passion and power that I can’t help but be impressed.

Well, enjoy my selection of girls. Any other recommendations of quality female vocal would be greatly appreciated. Put them in the comments box below.


Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

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