112 Spotisfaction Wednesday – 15th September 2010 – Becky Mogg

Morning folks. This week sees the return of The Cheltenham Underground, Cheltenham’s premier live music night. The Wilderness of Manitoba are headlining this Friday at Slak, so please do go check them out. We’ve got a brief feature on Ch’underground incoming shortly.

Today’s playlist is by regular contributor Simon “Moggy” Mogg‘s lovely wife, Becky Mogg.

Love, etc.

Moggy Says:

So I was wondering what the theme of my next playlist should be. I couldnt think of one so I got lazy and got my wife, Becky, to do one instead. So here it is (entitled Wifeisfaction) and her blurb to go with it. Enjoy.

Becky Says:

This is a selection of some of my favourite songs. There are reasons for all which range from making me happy to reminding me of stuff and occasions. Enjoy

[A note from Moggy: A few tracks Becky chose weren’t on Spotify. Imagine these were present! –
Pendulum – Slam
Moloko – Mother
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away]

Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

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