Spotisfaction Thursday 22/04/10 – Guest Mix by Simon Mogg

Morning all you beautiful people. Today we’ve got a real treat for you. I really love it when people theme their playlists – me? I’m rubbish. I try and get them to flow, but I never really have a decent theme for any of mine. This one, however, has inspired me to create a similar one of my own and I hope it offers inspiration to yourselves, too.

So here’s Simon Mogg: father, husband, video game tsar, and genuinely beautiful man.
Hey Dave,
Not sure if this is the sort of thing you’re looking for. Not exactly music that’ll be new to people but it is very personal. I wont be offended if you dont use it. Either way I’ve enjoyed compiling it.


The evolution of Moggy (in music)playlist here.

  1. PJ & Duncan – Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble
  2. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Twist And Shout
  3. Wildchild – Renegade Master – Fatboy Slim Old Skool Radio Edit
  4. Delirious? – Deeper
  5. Steve – My Ever My All (Falling Down Album Version)
  6. DC Talk – Jesus Freak
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Police Helicopter
  8. Green Day – Minority
  9. Muse – Muscle Museum
  10. Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff
  11. Linkin Park – One Step Closer
  12. Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away
  13. Less Than Jake – Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding
  14. [spunge] – Kicking Pigeons
  15. Jesse James – Shoes
  16. Sublime – Santeria
  17. Flogging Molly – What’s Left of the Flag
  18. Richard Cheese – Down With The Sickness
  19. Weird Al Yankovic – Angry White Boy Polka
  20. NOFX – Monosyllabic Girl
  21. (Hed) Planet Earth – Suck It Up
  22. The Union Underground – Turn Me On “Mr. Deadman” – Explicit Version
  23. System Of A Down – F**k The System – Explicit Version
  24. Kiss – God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II
  25. Queen – One Vision (Single Version)
  26. Jimi Hendrix Experience – Crosstown Traffic
  27. Wolfmother – Dimension
  28. Ocean Colour Scene – Hundred Mile High City
  29. The Living End – Hold Up
  30. Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Are Rockstars
  31. Hadouken! – Liquid Lives – Original Version
  32. Mint Royale – Singin’ In The Rain
  33. Pendulum – Granite
  34. Sway – Mercedes-Benz – Radio Edit
  35. The Cat Empire – Hello
  36. Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven – Single Version
  37. Aretha Franklin – Think
  38. The Commitments – Try A Little Tenderness

…and now the Blurb.
This is a demonstration of how my musical taste has changed and developed over the years since i started listening to music.
Tracks 1-3 (age 10-14)
I apologise for the first track but i remember that PJ and Duncan – Psyche was the first album I ever owned (on tape). I thought I was cool. Turned out I was wrong. I also remember my sister owning Twist and shout on vinyl and listening to it constantly. As for renegade master it’s a track that is good (even to this day) at high volume.

Tracks 4-12 (
age 15-18)
I spent this time in an exceptionally bad band. hence minority. we covered it. (there should be some blink 182 here as well but spotify didnt have it). Also I was heavily involved in my school christian union which explains the bit of christian music (Steve, Delirious? and DC Talk). My ever my all is (in my opinion) a perfect indie style track. Guitar led with somr interesting twiddly bits. And then like any good teenager I started listening to Nu-Metal.

Tracks 13-23 (
age 19-22)

While I was at university my CD collection increased from 30 CDs to just under 1000. There is a lot of music in there but this is the pick of it. There is a selection of Ska punk from DJing at the local punk night. Richard Cheese and Weird Al have made some awful tracks in their time but these 2 I personally think are inch perfect comedy covers. And then yet more nu-metal from being Vice President of the uni Rock society. I hasten to add that these tracks are of a slightly better quality nu-metal than the earlier tracks. I suppose thats all personal opinion mind.

Tracks 23-34 (age 23-25)

In this time I DJ’d in a (slightly alternative) Dingy night club. Hence the fairly popular guitar led Rock. Dimension and Hundred Mile city are both examples of songs built round astonishing guitar riffs. I never get bored of the way the Ocean Colour Scene track starts. The Living End are an underratred australian punk three piece. I discovered them through the guitar hero game but the rest of their back catalogue is well worth a listen aswell.
The next 5 tracks are what I like to call ‘volume’ tracks. On the whole I dont like them much. But when played at ear bleeding volume in a club they are excellent.

Tracks 35-38 (age 25 – old)

I quit my job in the club and decided I wanted cheerful music with a tune and less swearing for my baby to listen to. You can not go wrong with old Rock n Roll and Rythmn and Blues. I can listen to this sort of thing all day. Amazing vocals and nobody is trying too hard to do interesting and new things. Its very simple but brilliant.
I want to add I still listen to all of this music. I never get tired of any of it. in fact i’m off to listen to Limp Bizkit. Brilliant.