148 Spotisfaction Friday – 10th December 2010 – Simon Mogg

Another busy week polished off. Dreadzone on Wednesday and New Pornographers on Thursday were both awesome. Dreadzone review should be up next week, look out for that. It’s been a good year for me, Dave and everyone involved with Spotisfaction, thanks for enjoy it with us.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and we are considering wrapping up the site for a while (see what I did there? Cracker of a pun.. OOP, GUILTY AS CHARGED) – we’ve got to go to our families, cook the turkeys, wrap the presents, so don’t be surprised it the site slows down for a while. We’re still alive though, and Spotify will still be here for us in the new year. Hopefully you’re all gearing up for Christmas and looking forward to a long overdue break. We are!

Moggy brings us todays awesome brass-instrument themed playlist. This really is a great playlist, enjoy.



Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, that one from ‘The Zutons’ with the nice legs, the list of quality brass players is endless. None of these people feature on this list. I don’t know why, that’s an error on my part I suppose, but I digress. I think the sound of brass in music whether in Jazz, Swing, Ska Punk or any other genre is a real asset. Hence the Playlist.

We start with the Last Post. One of the most famous tunes for Trumpet. It’s really beautiful in it’s way. Then we move onto a bit of Jazz, Swing and Gospel and the like. Hot 8 Brass Band and Cherry Poppin Daddies are particularly entertaining. I think the Theme from Rocky speaks for itself with it’s general wonderfulness.

We finish with some Ska Punk. Probably my favourite genre overall. I grew up on Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish but since then I have found that British Ska Punk is much better. Capdown live are a wonder to behold even with the concussion.

MOGGY done.

Simon "Moggy" Mogg

By Simon "Moggy" Mogg

Husband, Father, Game shop owner, ex DJ, Drama Graduate and... No thats about it. He likes music. He's always liked music. From his very first album (PJ and Duncan - Psyche) till his total of just over 1000 albums.
He even likes Nu-Metal. Theres no accounting for some.
At age 57 Moggy decided to invade Splatistan. His armies succesfully managed to move over the western border and destroyed a few villages but met huge resistance when reaching the outskirts of the capital city of Fallikov.... No hang on that wasn't him. Forget all that.

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