134 Spotisfaction Friday – 5th November 2010 – Simon Mogg

Morning everyone. I trust your weeks have been lovely? Mine’s been, to be honest, incredibly busy – so, my apologies for the slight slow-down on content this week. On that note, though, if you ever fancied having your writing published, then we’re always looking for news, reviews, features, opinion-pieces and other such stuff, as well as our usual tri-weekly playlists. Get in touch if you are interested.

Today’s playlist is by staff-member Simon Mogg, and is entitled “I’m 27” – appropriate, since we went to Alton Towers to celebrate his birthday last weekend, and he turns 27 tomorrow bless him. Happy birthday, old bean.

See you next week guys and dolls.

Moggy Says:

Tomorrow I am 27 years old. Congratulations to me another year, and I’m not dead yet. To celebrate such an unimpressive landmark I decided to make a playlist to see how musical taste in Britain has changed over the years I’ve been alive. So I’ve been perusing the UK number 1 single lists and picked one number 1 for every year I’ve been alive and here they are:

1983: The Police ”“ Every Breath You Take
I love the Police. They’re awesome.
1984: Stevie Wonder ”“ I Just Called To Say I Love You – Single Version
1985: Dead Or Alive ”“ You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) – Original 7″ Mix
1986: Falco ”“ Rock Me Amadeus
1987: M. ”“ Pump Up The Volume (7″)
1988: Aswad ”“ Don’t Turn Around
1989: Jive Bunny ”“ Swing The Mood
Jive Bunny had 3 number ones this year. Crikey I only thought they did this one song.
1990: Beats International ”“ Dub Be Good To Me

Hit the link for the rest:

1991: Michael Jackson ”“ Black Or White – Single Version
1992: The Shamen ”“ Ebeneezer Goode
1993: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ”“ Boom! Shake The Room
I put this track in because it is the first track I really remember enjoying. When one of the other choices was Mr Blobby there wasn’t much competition anyway.
1994: Chaka Demus & Pliers ”“ Twist And Shout
1995: Blur ”“ Country House
That’s it Blur kick Oasis’ backside. Damn Manc bastards. A good day when this
beat Roll With It to number 1.
1996: Prodigy ”“ Firestarter
1997: No Doubt ”“ Don’t Speak
1998: RUN-DMC vs. Jason Nevins ”“ It’s Like That
1999: The Offspring ”“ Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
2000: U2 ”“ Beautiful Day
2001: Limp Bizkit ”“ Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
Never even knew this got to number 1. Woo hoo Nu-Metal!
2002: Elvis vs JXL ”“ A Little Less Conversation – JXL Radio Edit Remix
2003: Fatman Scoop ”“ Be Faithful
2004: McFly ”“ Obviously
I love McFly. I’m not ashamed.
2005: Gorillaz ”“ DARE
2006: Arctic Monkeys ”“ When The Sun Goes Down
2007: MIKA ”“ Grace Kelly
2008: Mint Royale ”“ Singin’ In The Rain
2009: Rage Against The Machine ”“ Killing In The Name
2010: Tinie Tempah ”“ Pass Out

See you in another 27 years time when I will do the same again.


Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

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