135 Spotisfaction Monday – 8th November 2010 – Kev Atkinson

Morning all. Hope you had a good weekend? I had a weekend of mixed fortunes – my computer died on Friday and shows no signs of recovery; I went to Craven Cottage to watch my team (Villa, the best team the word has ever seen, the chant confirms) decimate Fulham and then concede deep in injury time for a draw; then had a killer night listening to Jackmode at Counter Culture – still going strong and still plenty more to go, get yourself down to London Bridge asap.

Today’s playlist is one designed to be off the cuff, totally random and the essence of putting your MP3 players full library on shuffle. In an effort to tidy up the look of the post, I’ve split the tracklisting in two, hopefully it makes sense and looks a little tidier. Now, I’ll hand you over to Kev.


Not much to say about this playlist really. It”™s not a crafted one but instead a collection of random tracks that I have always liked or have caught my interest. What I do when generally listening to music, if something catches my attention, is make a note of it and either use these tracks in playlists or, as I have done here, just make a playlist out of these tracks themselves.

Spotisfaction 135

James TAE

By James TAE

James TAE is a Music and Tech Journalist, Editor for Spotisfaction, and writer for God Is In The TV and London Tour Dates magazine. Follow him @James_TAE

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