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Hi everyone, and welcome to another edition of Classics Collected, where we at Spotisfaction grab our musical scuba gear and go skin diving through the deeps of the Spotify oceans searching for hidden treasure. This weeks hefty booty that we’ve managed to haul to the surface is below, and we hope you enjoy each shining, jewel encrusted example…. can I get a “yarrrrrrr?”

Portishead ”“ Dummy ”“ At the time trip-hop was at it’s peak, this album was an absolute blockbuster. A fantastic mix of trip hop beats, haunting vocals and musical craftsmanship. It was an album that was almost too great for its own good, and it caused the group tremendous strain trying to follow it up and produce something as successful, or that would be received in the same vein. Whilst follow up albums have also been fantastic, Dummy has never quite been beaten. Its sufficiently accessible that even if you weren’t the biggest fan of the genre you could still appreciate it.

The Specials ”“ The Specials ”“ Unknown to some, revered by others The Specials managed to produce some of the most innovative music of their age. Deftly weaving punk sensibilities with ska beats and twotone styles, they single handled restarted a ska revival in the late 70’s which kept going into the 80’s. This album is a shining example of what started the movement and what made them such a powerful force of their age.

Placebo ”“ Without You I’m Nothing – Not their first album (which is also excellent), but certainly I think the album with the most impact which they have released to date. It certainly moved them as a band with a certain hype to serious contenders in terms of mainstream appeal. A little dark and melancholy in places, but musically a fantastic collection of songs.

Jane’s Addiction ”“ Ritual De Lo Habitual – For me, Jane’s Addiction embodied the New Wave surge of the early 90’s which gave rock music an alternative to and, in some respects a respite from, grunge. The polar opposite of grunge’s downbeat air, with hair ribbons, makeup and outlandish style, but drawn in many ways from the same core of punk, post-punk, metal and the like, Jane’s Addiction produced a great sound. Although studio albums were limited, they produced an entire movement and, although in the end the members all went their seperate ways, their impact is still being felt through other bands (like Dave Navarro’s stint with the Red Hot Chili Peppers) or through the Lollapalooza festival (brainchild of Perry Farrell).

We hope you enjoyed today’s choices, which as always are collected below in with a few sneaky musical doubloons scattered in for the faithful. If anyone has any suggestions for future editions, please let us know via the Comments section , we always love it when you get in touch and we’ll see you next week with another edition of “Tomorrow’s Sounds Today” where we’ll bring you the latest and greatest on the Spotify shelves.

Peace, Love and Music

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By James Battin

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