144 Spotisfaction Monday 29/11/10 – Paul “Fozz” Foster

Morning ladies and lads. I don’t like to be one to state the obvious, but good goddamn it’s cold. So cold, in fact, that I’ve come down with a bout of ManFlu (the horror!). So, I’m sat here trying to warm my poor hands whilst sipping a steaming mug of Lemsip. Great times, sirs. Great times.

Today’s playlist is by Gig Rig extraordinaire, Paul “Fozz” Foster, and is a fantastic concept – hit the links contained in the blurb below to see the music videos that go with his playlist. Nice work, Fozz.

As always, if you have an idea for a playlist (or if you just have a playlist you enjoy listening to, concept or not), then wing it our way and we’d love to publish it.

Love, hugs and mealy grubs.


128 Spotisfaction Friday 22/10/10 – Paul “Fozz” Foster

Morning kids. Got a pretty feature-packed day for you today which hopefully explains why the playlist is ever-so-slightly earlier than normal. Some good news to kick off with: Spotisfaction HQ is getting crowded these days as we’ve had a couple of newbies join our staff ranks – say hi to Dave Christensen, Rob Tite and Tom Girard. Look out for stuff from these fine chaps in the near future. We’re always looking for more content, just so you know, so get in touch if you want to join our illustrious ranks and write for Spotisfaction.

In other news, James TAE keeps stealing the biscuits, and Kev smells distressingly of booze – thank God it’s the weekend and I can get out of here! In the build up to escape-time, today’s playlist by Paul “Fozz” Foster is, frankly, stuffed full of relentless energy and has gotten me completely pumped up for the weekend. I’m sat here listening to The Bloody Beetroots and dancing around like a loon. Wahsomes, kudos to you Fozz.

Catch you next week, amigos.

Fozz Says:

There’s no particular theme to this playlist, it’s just a bunch of tracks that have caught my attention over the last few weeks. It does work best listened to at high volume though, at the risk of irritating your neighbours/housemates/parents.

I absolutely love each track for various different reasons so it’s hard to pick any stand-outs, I just hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I have.



Well it’s Friday again, which can only mean that it’s time for another instalment of the Gig Rig, after scouring pages of t’interweb to find the finest selection of live music coming to a town near you. Highlights this week:

Booka Shade
will be playing a one-off gig at the HMV Forum in London to make amends for their performance at the Lovebox festival, which had to be cut short due to crowd control problems. Tracks from the German duo’s latest album, More!, have been featured in a number of playlists recently, and for good reason (it’s frackin’ awesome)!

Another artist who has been blogged about numerous times is Karin Dreijer Andersson (aka Fever Ray), who is also well known as vocalist for The Knife and her collaborations with Röyksopp. Her live performances are renowned for being a little on the theatrical and wacky side, and are sure to be quite an experience.

are currently on a worldwide tour playing at various music festivals across the globe, and will be stopping off in London on their travels. I’ve found that some people seem to have an irrational hatred of the band, but personally I love their music and would love to see them live.

If shoegaze/post-rock is more your cup of tea (and you’re in the London area) then I can thoroughly recommend This Will Destroy You and Red Sparowes.

Hit the link for this week’s listings.



Howdy folks, and merry Friday to one and all!

Monday’s feature, Tomorrow’s Sounds Today, included reviews for the latest releases from I Am Kloot and Lissie, both of whom have gigs coming up at Thekla in Bristol in September and October respectively. If you liked what you heard then why not check them out live.

In the run up to their appearance at V Festival and following the success last year of their latest album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Kasabian will be performing a one-off gig at the O2 Academy in Brixton. Definitely worth a look-in if you live in the London area.

and Hurts are two artists that make an appearance on Kitsuné Maison Compilation 9: Petite Bateau Edition, the latest instalment from the French electronic music label Kitsuné. They have already had a decent amount of airtime on the radio and with a bit of luck will be destined for great things.

As always, hit the link for listings.


87 Spotisfaction Monday 19/07/10 – Paul “Fozz” Foster & James TAE

Good afternoon to you all. Today’s playlist was a little delayed. Hopefully the sheer brutality of it will distract you from the fact that I’m not going to apologise for the late update.

Today’s playlist is a metal collaboration between regulars Paul “Fozz” Foster and James TAE and you can hear it right here, whenever you wish.

87 Spotisfaction Monday (19 Jul) – PFoster&JTAE

Playlist Title: MetalAffliction

  1. Planetary Duality I: Hideous Revelation – Faceless
  2. The Naked And The Dead – Mnemic
  3. Light – Periphery
  4. Toxicity – System of A Down
  5. 5 Minutes Alone – Pantera
  6. God Send Death – Slayer
  7. Demanufacture – Fear Factory
  8. Duality – Slipknot
  9. Pollution – Limp Bizkit
  10. Did My Time – Korn
  11. Battle Ready – Otep
  12. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse – Dimmu Borgir
  13. Minerva – Deftones
  14. Pet – A Perfect Circle
  15. Weight – ISIS
  16. The Drapery Falls – Opeth
  17. Flying Whales – Gojira
  18. Pineal Gland Optics – Meshuggah
  19. CAFO – Animals As Leaders
  20. Inferno (Unleash The Fire) – Symphony X
  21. Laid To Rest – Lamb Of God
  22. Mid-death Crisis – Stampin’ Ground
  23. Sabbra Cadabra – Black Sabbath

Collaboration by Paul “Fozz” Foster (Contributor) and James Cook (Curator)

Both Fozz and JC had begun independently working on a Metal playlist, and discovered their simultaneity (boom) just before submitting to Spotisfaction. We decided to merge the two lists together in as fluid a fashion as possible, creating one list that retained the character of both originals. We hope you like it.

JC highlights:

Periphery, the brainchild of Misha Mansoor, is a shining example of how far you can get through the online community. He built his name by showing his own tracks on music forums, Soundclick, YouTube and various other social media. Gaining a name for himself, he eventually formed a band, got a label and after 5 years releases the eponymous debut Periphery.

Animals As Leaders is another 1-man brainstorm. Tosin Abasi is perhaps one of the most talented guitarists alive at the moment. Mixing metal chops, jazz sensibility and Stanley Jordan inspired tapping techniques, he has created one of the most exciting prog releases of last year.

The playlist is a bit longer than I usually do, but I felt that was necessary to get across the character of a dual-mix, and also because there hasn’t been much metal on Spotisfaction up to now. I’ve tried my best to keep similar styles together where possible – there are notable nu-, thrash- and prog-metal sections for instance. Hopefully it works as a mix!

Fozz says:

Most of the tracks I chose for the playlist are bands I used to listen to about 10 years ago during my mid teens when I went through a bit of a metal phase. The most notable tracks for me are the Pantera and Slayer tracks, both of whom are powerful and dominating forces of the genre, and it couldn’t really be called a metal playlist without them.

I’m not really a massive fan of some of the more well known prog metal bands (Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and such like) but fortunately there are quite a few exceptions to the rule. Opeth and Isis are prime examples of this, with their blissful mix of soaring riffs and floaty vocals.

Stampin’ Ground are a hardcore metal band from Cheltenham who I saw play at the Guildhall when I was in sixth form, and it was probably one of the most ferocious and insane gigs I’ve ever been to.



Love live music? Yep, we do too, so we thought we’d bring you a selection of the finest musical extravaganzas that will be taking place over the coming months. New gig listings will be posted on a fortnightly basis, or more frequently if there is a need for it. If there are any gigs that have escaped our attention and that you think deserve a mention, then just drop me an e-mail ( and we’ll get the details posted.

Muchos amores

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[±] Black Mountain

    O2 Academy Oxford, Sat 04/09/10 @ 18:30

[±] Crystal Castles

    Roundhouse, London, Fri 15/10/10 @ 19:00

    Anson Rooms, Bristol, Sun 17/10/10 @ 19:00

[±] Doom

    O2 Academy Brixton, London, Thu 14/10/10 @ 19:00

    O2 Academy Bristol, Sat 16/10/10 @ 19:00

[±] Eels

    O2 Academy Birmingham, Thu 26/08/10 @ 19:00

[±] Errors, Twilight Sad

    XOYO, London, Thu 07/10/10 @ 20:00

    The Fleece, Bristol, Sun 10/10/10 @ 20:00

[±] Groove Aramada

    O2 Academy Bristol, Tue 12/10/10 @ 19:00

    O2 Academy Birmingham, Thu 14/10/10 @ 19:00

    O2 Academy Brixton, London, Fri 15/10/10 @ 19:00

    O2 Academy Brixton, London, Sat 16/10/10 @ 21:00

[±] Los Campesinos!, Frankie & the Heartstrings, Johnny Foreigner, Wichita

    The Relentless Garage, London, Thu 15/07/10 @ 19:00

[±] Maybeshewill

    O2 Academy Birmingham, Thu 26/08/10 @ 19:00

[±] Mr. Scruff

    Koko, London, Sat 23/10/10 @ 21:00

    O2 Academy Bristol, Sat 30/10/10 @ 22:00

[±] Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

    The Croft, Bristol, Sun 10/10/10 @ 20:00

[±] School of Seven Bells

    Thekla, Bristol, Sun 18/07/10 @ 19:30

    Scala, London, Tue 20/07/10@ 19:30

[±] Sia

    Troxy, London, Wed 06/10/10 @ 19:00

[±] Trentemøller

    Roundhouse, London, Sun 24/10/10 @ 19:00

[±] Two Door Cinema Club

    O2 Academy Oxford, Fri 24/09/10 @ 18:30

[±] Wolf Parade

    Thekla Bristol, Sat 11/09/10 @ 19:00

[±] The xx

    Somerset House, London, Tue 13/07/10 @ 19:30

[±] Yeasayer

    Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton, Wed 25/08/10 @ 19:00

    Roundhouse, London, Thu 21/10/10 @ 19:30


Spotisfaction Tuesday 13/04/10 – Guest Mix by Paul Foster

Howdy chums.

Yes, I’m back to life due to the miracles of music, sunshine, nano-machines and a cyborg exoskeleton. Before I forget, make sure you come down to The Cheltenham Underground this Friday (I believe it’s the 16th) to check out New Rising; Phil King and Men Diamler. Those of you who have spoken to me for more than 5 minutes know I hold Men Diamler as the benchmark for live performances. You simply have to check him out before you die. In addition to him you’ll get another two bands of awesome to watch, listen and tap your toes to. So make sure you go. Right, I’m still not feeling 100% so less of the jabber from me and more of the wobble from Fozz. Go!


Playlist is here: Wobble Those Knees

1. Four Tet – Love Cry
2. Nathan Fake – You Are Here
3. Mr. Scruff – Shrimp
4. The Qemists feat. Mike Patton – Lost Weekend
5. Soulwax – Too Many DJs
6. The Cooper Temple Clause – Blind Pilots
7. Forward Russia – Twelve
8. Eagles of Death Metal – Cherry Cola
9. Idlewild – You Held The World In Your Arms
10. Kill It Kid – Dirty Water
11. Secret Machines – Atomic Heels
12. Lykke Li – Breaking It Up
13. Yoav – Where Is My Mind?
14. Zero 7 – This Fine Social Scene
15. Broken Social Scene – Shampoo Suicide
16. Metric – Grow Up
17. La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)
18. Delphic – Counterpoint
19. Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk
20. The Whip – Muzzle #1
21. Pnau – We Love The Fresh Kills
22. Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy
23. Passion Pit – Seaweed Song
24. Errors – Mr. Milk
25. Filthy Dukes – This Rhythm
26. Example – You Can’t Rap

It seems that Dave and Thom rather enjoyed my first playlist, so I now have the challenge of emulating that and coming up with another one that doesn’t disappoint. This time round I thought I’d get some inspiration from the bands/artists that I’ve had the privilege of seeing live in concert over the last year or so.

What better way to begin than with my latest outing to see Four Tet, with support from Nathan Fake. Wowzers, what a combo! From Four Tet’s new album we have “Love Cry”, which starts off fairly stark and empty, but over the course of the track more and more elements are added and it gradually metamorphoses into a cacophony of aural bliss. The experimental qualities of these first two tracks are the perfect set-up for more of the same in the next track, which comes in the form of “Shrimp” by Mr Scruff. I had the pleasure of seeing Scruff with Dave, and the large alcohol intake that ensued made sure our knees were certainly wobbling by the end of the night!

Strictly speaking, I haven’t seen Soulwax. However, I have seen them under the guise of 2 Many DJs, and what an audio-visual feast that was. Spotify currently doesn’t contain any of their work (which really needs to be rectified) so I decided to go with the Soulwax “Too Many DJs” track instead.

Supporting Lykke Li was Yoav, an Israeli guy armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a couple of effects pedals, yet he was able to cleverly concoct some pretty funky electronica-style beats. I thoroughly enjoyed his set, and then he went and pulled this doozy of a track out of the bag as the finale – a chilling and vacuous rendition of “Where Is My Mind?” by The Pixies that will send a shiver down your spine.

I love Zero 7, I really do, and I had high hopes when I went to see them live. Sadly, they just didn’t live up to my expectations, and I would probably go as far as to say it was one of the most disappointing gigs I’ve been to. A lot of the stuff they played was off “Yeah Ghost”, which I hadn’t heard at the time, but even the older stuff that I did recognise they somehow seemed to butcher. It may have been better if Sia had been able to join them, but alas she was off touring elsewhere. Anyways, enough of my grievances, have a listen to “This Fine Social Scene”.

Speaking of fine social scenes, how about some of the broken variety? (Do you see what I did there?) OK, so I tell a lie, I haven’t actually seen Broken Social Scene live yet, but after bagging some tickets to see them in June I just couldn’t resist throwing this cheeky little number into the mix in anticipation.

La Roux, Delphic, Two Door Cinema Club and The Whip have all had releases on the Kitsune label so it kinda made sense to bundle them together. After seeing La Roux before she became popular I don’t really understand how she managed to get so famous. I don’t think she can sing very well at all, but there are some pretty good remixes of her stuff floating around.

I love going to gigs where the support act turns out to be equally as good as, if not better, than the main headliner. Electro-geeks Errors and Filthy Dukes, who were supporting Forward Russia and Secret Machines respectively, are both prime examples of this. Errors kicked off the gig with “Mr. Milk” to a virtually empty crowd, but people soon started to gather once they realised the musical treats emanating from the stage. And Forward Russia were very entertaining as well. The lead singer is completely and utterly mental, and was literally swinging from the rafters at one point.

So that’s pretty much it for this one. There was a lot more I wanted to include but I’ll probably save them for future playlists.



Spotisfaction Tuesday 16/03/10 – Fozz

I’m really looking forward to this one. What am I saying? I look forward to all of them. I’m hoping that I’m going to get down and craft one of these myself this week, my head is spinning to listen to new music. I had the pleasure of meeting today’s guest at a Cheltenham Underground night and I have to say, he was pretty awesome. Much sexier and more charming than David. Anyway, plug in and listen to this stuff.

Also, submissions people. PLAEZ CAN WE HAZ MOAR SUBMISSIONS. I’m going to do an overhall of everything at the weekend, so making submissios is going to be easier going forward. In fact, big ideas – coming soon. Right, I’m gonna drink this here orange juice and listen to todays mix. Over to Fozz. Oh, and serious respect for the blurb. You are winner.


Playlist is here
Tracklist below:

1. Röyksopp – What Else Is There? (Trentemøller Remix)
2. Mvsevm – French Jeans (Dada Life Remix)
3. Late of the Pier – Bathroom Gurgle (Breakbot Remix)
4. Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Caspa Remix)
5. MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
6. The Priors – What You Need (Hey Champ Remix)
7. Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remix)
8. Heartsrevolution – Ultraviolence (Vitalic Remix)
9. Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got the Love (The xx Remix)
10. Röyksopp – Happy Up Here (Boys Noize Remix)
11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
12. Hawa – Dance
13. Delphic – This Momentary (Le Matos Remix)
14. Tiga – Sex O’Clock (Matthias Aguayo Remix)
15. Matt & Kim – Daylight (Troublemaker Remix feat. De La Soul)
16. Nneka – Heartbeat (Chase & Status We Just Bought a Guitar Mix)
17. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Breakage’s Tight Rope Remix)
18. Annie – Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix)
19. Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)
20. The Kills – Cheap and Cheerful (Sebastian Remix)

OK, so Dave asked me to come up with a playlist for this malarkey a while ago so I thought I’d throw a handful tracks together and see what happens. While the previous playlists have had some awesome tracks in them I felt that a few more remixes were needed. I know the rules say to try and keep things varied, and most of these tracks are quite electro, but I though I’d push the boat out. A lot of the stuff in my list has been blogged about fairly recently on the Hype Machine and, to be honest, I’m quite surprised that I managed to find a lot of it on Spotify. I don’t really have any personal reasons for choosing any of the tracks other than the fact that I think they sound freakin’ kick-ass. Simple as. So crank up the volume and enjoy.

I thought I’d kick things off with Trentemøller’s remix of “What Else Is There?” by Röyksopp, which is probably my favourite track in the list. I first heard Trentemøller’s album “The Last Resort” a couple of years ago and was instantly hooked by the haunting minimalistic and downtempo beats. I’m also a big fan of Röyksopp, so the combination of the two was destined for awesomeness.

I’ve listened to a few Breakbot remixes lately and I find that they can be very hit-and-miss. Fortunately, this remix of “Bathroom Gurgle” by Late of the Pier really hits the spot for me. In a non-sexual way that is.

The Hey Champ remix of “What You Need” is a down-right sublime track. If this doesn’t bring back memories of lazy summer days, supping on a beer then nothing will.

I tried to avoid duplicating artists in my list, but there are so many awesome remixes of various Röyksopp songs out there that I just had to include the Boys Noize remix of “Happy Up Here” as well. Hell, I could probably make an entire playlist consisting purely of Röyksopp remixes, but I thought that might be pushing my luck just a little bit.

“Dance” by Hawa is not a remix but is actually a rather quirky cover of “D.A.N.C.E.” by Justice, done brilliantly in a 1960s soul-funk style. I stuck it somewhere near the middle of the list to break things up a bit and so that I could say I’d added a bit of variety!

I’m really not a massive fan of Tiga in the slightest, I think he can be an arrogant and irritating, and this also tends to manifest itself in his music. But I must admit that there is something annoyingly catchy about “Sex O’Clock”, and this remix of it certainly improves on the original.

“Paradise Circus” is off the “Heligoland” album, the latest offering from Massive Attack, and luckily the version of the album on Spotify comes with Breakage’s remix.

The Sebastian remix of “Cheap and Cheerful” by The Kills has been around for a couple of years now, but it is an old favourite of mine so I thought I’d tack it onto the end just to round things off nicely.

Over and out.