108 Spotisfaction Monday – 6th September 2010 – Rhys Howell

Morning folks. I trust everyone had a lovely weekend? Last night was pretty fun for me – at least 4 streets in my neighbourhood were plunged into darkness for the majority of the night due to a power outage, which was a bit surreal. There’s always some light around, whether that’s streetlights or otherwise, so being able to see stars was a treat… even if I did stub my toe trying to find a torch, and never did manage to heat up my treacle tart…

Today’s playlist is by Rhys, and as themes go it’s a great one. My normal exercise regime involves doing as little as possible as often as possible, but if I were to go running every now and again this’d be the playlist I’d use!

Hope you enjoy,

Rhys Says:

Good Evening one and all. I’ve crafted a playlist to listen to when you go running. Some of these tracks are on my own personal running mix but as that mix tends to be a couple of albums all muddled up it wouldn’t make the most interesting mix for Spotisfaction.

Hit the jump for a talk through of the workout and also some shameless plugging. (If you don’t see any shameless plugging then the editorial gods have come from on high and excised it.)

It all starts with the Warm Up

Some Chariots Of Fire for y’all. Its an almost Pavlovian response to start running in slow motion when this track comes on so where better to put it than at the beginning when you’re not trying to break any records just get those muscles warmed up?

Then some classic Survivor with Eye of the Tiger. The musics getting a bit faster now so its time to pick up pace. Do some air jabs as you go and you can feel as if you’ve had a whole body work out.

Main Session

I’ve tried to go for rhythmic tracks here with a very obvious beat to run along with.

We’ve a cover of Let’s get Physical by Cagedbaby to start you off. Every so often the beat drops out but I always find that when the beat kicks back in again it gives me another burst of energy to keep me going.

Then onto Get Innocuous by LCD Soundsystem. This track always reminds me of the adverts for GTA IV with Niko Bellic just walking into the camera. The repetitive thudding beat makes me want to keep going. Hope it does you too.

Then onto a bit of Lady Gaga, Just Dance. A song to do some alternating runs to. When in the verse go a bit slower then when she tells you to Just Dance speed up. Simple.

Back to just plain running with Little Boots and Stuck on Repeat. Keep up a steady pace and see it through to the end.

Up the Speed for Chinese Burn [Steve Osborn Mix]. If you’re up to it, try sprinting for as much of the track as you manage. Even better jump over something every so often. (This second suggestion doesn’t work that well on a treadmill.)

Often by this point in a run I’m starting to count my steps and doing calculations in my head to work out how much further there is to go, how far I’ve come, what my average speed is. To stop this I’ve put a track in with lots of numbers in to confuse my counting and as such keep me focussed on the purpose of this exercise, the exercise. So its Count Five or Six in this slot.

Onto The Golden Path. A chance to slow down your speed again if you fancy it. Interval training I’m told is a good thing.

Up your rhythm again for this mix of Bloc Party and Death From Above 1979. Its a remix of Luno

And now some Black Eyed Peas with Boom Boom Pow. Just follow the beat.

Okay we’re coming towards the end so some high intensity music for you now. Insomnia. Its a long track so you may want to pace yourself.

Keep going. One More Time. Just get through this song and then your onto the cool down and a pat on the back.

Cool Down

You don’t get to stop straight away on this one. Walking on a Dream next and you should be walking on this one. A fast walk but a walk never the less.

Then downgrade your fast walk to a  jaunty strut if anything. There’s no rush anymore.  Just enjoy When You Walk in The Room.

Sit Down

Grab a pew, a sports drink and a sports massage while listening to Staralfur. Well done. That was a good work out.

Now for the Shameless plug. I’ll keep it brief. Please sponsor me for the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). I’m doing a triathlon and I’m not the fittest meathead in the gym. If you want more information or to sponsor me click HERE for more information.

[Editor’s Note: I stupidly forgot that the triathalon was this past weekend, otherwise we’d have run this playlist sooner. Please please do sponsor Rhys though – it’s a great cause]

Dave Prowse

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