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Feature: Tomorrow’s Sounds Today

Hi everyone, and welcome to a new edition of Tomorrow’s Sounds Today – the place where Spotisfaction picks the best of what’s new to Spotify. The eagle-eyed among you will notice we’re a week out of sync at the moment due to the Bank Holiday, but we will continue to alternate weekly on a Monday with our Tomorrow’s Sounds Today / Classics Collected pieces.

This week is a bumper edition due to the extra week of new albums, so grab a coffee, a comfy seat and don’t be shy with that Danish while we burst forth with musical goodness! As ever, you can select each piece individually or listen to the full playlist with a few secret special extra tracks thrown in. We also like insightful debate at Spotisfaction Towers, so please use to the comments section to give kudos to the good choices and flame free constructive criticism to the bad ones.

Various Artists ”“ Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – My first choice is rather a self indulgent one as it comes from the recently released must see “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”. I was a huge fan of the graphic novels after our editoral master introduced me to the first one and the movie really didn’t disappoint, thrusting straight into my personal top 10. Edgar Wright has a particular visual talent as a director but he also understands that special symbiotic relationship between a movie and its soundtrack. With the likes of Beck (as in film band Sex Bob-Omb) and Broken Social Scene (as Crash and the Boys) adding their talents you can guarantee a special experience. Add it to the official music soundtrack (Various Artists ”“ Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) and you’ll have some time well spent while craving the DVD release date.

The Pretty Reckless ”“ Light Me Up – I must warn those of you without premium accounts, this one has overnight joined the “premium exclusive” pile, but give it a couple of weeks and it’ll be back for everyone. As debut albums go, this is a very solid effort with strong vocals from singer, actress and model Taylor Mommsen. For someone to achieve success in multiple fields you would expect one of the branches to be a little weaker but as the front woman for a rock band, she’s definitely got it working! The formula is nothing new or revolutionary but very well executed so expect to see more from this band!

I Am Arrows ”“ Sun Comes Up Again – Another debut album, this time coming from ex Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows. In many respects, its a Dave Grohl effort in that it was entirely self written, recorded and produced by Andy while working with Razorlight with friends and family filling in on the other instruments. I will be honest and say I was never a huge fan of Razorlight and musically (thankfully) this albums takes a very different tack. A pleasant, positive album with hints of Solo/Wings era Paul McCartney styling on a number of the tracks (particularly I Am Arrows ”“ Nice Try).

Mark Lanegan ”“ Hawk – Both Mark and collaborator Isobell Campbell should need no introduction, thanks to the excellent back catalogues of their best know bands, Screaming Trees and Belle and Sebastian. The pair have been long time collaborators and this new piece is another album that continues to demonstrate their excellence. A mellow, melancholy album but not to lengths that will put a downer on your day. Thoughtful lyrics, haunting melodies and excellent guitar undercurrents. This for me is one of those records to listen to when you want to tune out real life and just let the music take you on a journey.

Lissie ”“ Catching A Tiger – I have been waiting for this album following the release of the Lissie ”“ Why You Runnin’ earlier in the year. I have a slight penchant for some of the more recent interpretations of the folk scene and this album for me has hints of Beth Orton, Feist and Carole King all blending into a sound all of her own. Current single Cuckoo is a very strong track that has an almost country, Sheryl Crow undertone but manages to be a perky, happy feel good tune to listen to in the shower if you want to feel good about your day.

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble ”“ The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble 3.0 – This track packed triple album is not new musically but is new to Spotify at least. I was torn as to whether to review it as a new record or sneak it into next weeks Classics Collected, but as you’ve had the extra week to wait I couldn’t really hold out on you! Stevie Ray Vaughan remains one of the greatest blues guitarists of our age, like a heavenly mix of Muddy Waters and Jimmy Hendrix. He is one of those few guitarists that have achieved the near impossible and created a sound that, whilst drawn from a number of sources, is unmistakable and all of their own. The sound is such that you know exactly who it is when you hear it. I would emplore you all, if you only choose one album from this weeks run to listen to, make it this one – appreciate the man and the legend.

The Raveonettes ”“ I Wanna Be Adored – A sneaky addition as it’s only really a single track and I would normally try and limit this section to EPs and albums, but this song was an instant hit with me and I’ve listened to it about 2 dozen times in the last couple of days alone. I can’t really describe why I like it so much but its a haunting blend of Joy Division, Sleeper and Velvet Underground. I hope this song is the sign of great new things to come and if you like it, I would definately recommend their album from last year – The Raveonettes ”“ In And Out Of Control

Soundgarden ”“ Black Rain – My final pick this week is another single track, coming in the form of the teaser tune/single from the forthcoming Soundgarden album. As groups go, they’ve had their ups and downs, breakups and side projects and over the years, produced some great music but their fair share of drama. This track certainly has at its core that original sound which made them great and hopefully they’ll all stay friends long enough to produce a couple of albums worth this time!

Well my friends, that’s all for this week, I’ve kept the text deliberatey short as you should be spending more time listening to this great music rather than spending time reading my babble trying to convince you to! Next week we’ll return with another Classics Collected listing a handful of previous greats and why you should dust them off and give them another play.

Here is the playlist encompassing all of my picks plus those sneaky hidden extras! Tomorrows Sounds Today 06/09/2010

Peace, Love and Music,

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