Feature: The Gin and Tonic Youth

I found this album (The Gin and Tonic Youth! ”“ New Times) the other day and it got me thinking: why do I know far more Swedish bands than Norwegian ones? The Gin and Tonic Youth! are a Norwegian band and join Röyksopp, Casiokids and A-Ha on my list of good Norsk bands. I”™m half Norwegian and my natural dislike for Swedes makes me upset that I can think of a far greater number of Swedish bands ”“ The Concretes, Radio Dept, Jose Gonzalez, The Tallest Man on Earth, The Hives, Ace of Base to name but a few.

Can anyone tell me any good Norwegian bands? And I don”™t want metal bands like Turbonegro. I know about them; my cousin”™s into them and I”™m not. Or if you don”™t want to help me, just check out the album I started off by mentioning. And check out this vid: