Feature: The Gin and Tonic Youth

I found this album (The Gin and Tonic Youth! ”“ New Times) the other day and it got me thinking: why do I know far more Swedish bands than Norwegian ones? The Gin and Tonic Youth! are a Norwegian band and join Röyksopp, Casiokids and A-Ha on my list of good Norsk bands. I”™m half Norwegian and my natural dislike for Swedes makes me upset that I can think of a far greater number of Swedish bands ”“ The Concretes, Radio Dept, Jose Gonzalez, The Tallest Man on Earth, The Hives, Ace of Base to name but a few.

Can anyone tell me any good Norwegian bands? And I don”™t want metal bands like Turbonegro. I know about them; my cousin”™s into them and I”™m not. Or if you don”™t want to help me, just check out the album I started off by mentioning. And check out this vid:

Dave Christensen

By Dave Christensen

Dave is an identifiably tall PhD student who enjoys pretending he knows what he's talking about. With Spotify, his music tastes, ability to act as if he's well-informed, and desire to sound pretentious have increased dramatically. Now he just wants to demonstrate this to you - give him a chance won't you?

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