151 Spotisfaction Wednesday – 8th March 2011 – Dave Christensen

Good morning folks. I’m going to be an honest bunny and put my hands up – I’ve been slacking horrendously with Spotisfaction. I won’t bore you with the excuses, but I will tell you that I’m going to try and find time to update a little more often. I got a little burnt out with running the site over Christmas, but I’m re-energised and ready to share some more Spotify playlists with you all. On that note, of course, if you have one you’re working on, send it our way ;)

I’ve spent this evening going through our backlog (wow, you guys have been busy! I’ll work through them over the next couple of weeks, I promise <3), so here’s one out of my “I’ve been listening to this playlist quite a lot, I should probably give it the post it deserves!” list! It comes from my favourite Dave, Dave Christensen, and is entitled “Fleeting Love”.