147 Spotisfaction Wednesday 08/12/10 – James TAE

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday. We skipped a Monday because Mondays generally suck ass, and also because we’re real human beings with Christmas shopping and spare days holiday left.

But we’re back today and straight on it, and I present you with a, if I say so myself, a banger of a playlist. I’ve done a third installment of my Dubisfiction series, and this time I’ve gone for upbeat, high tempo dub, electro and a touch of breakbeat. Hopefully this will get your bloodpumping on this cold, chilly December morning.



Spotisfaction Wednesday 31/03/10 – Guest Mix by James TAE

Oh man do I love short weeks! Since we’re not going to be stuck at work on Friday, suffocating in the mediocrity that is our lives (wait, is that just me? Crap), we’re considering running a collaborative playlist, perhaps on the theme of “Guilty Pleasures”… Consider this due warning to get your selections ready. More info to follow…

After listening to Craig’s mix on Monday, today’s guest was inspired to bang out his own Spotisfaction for our aural consumption. If you find that you’re similarly inspired to create your own, but are worried that it might not work or fit, know this: there’s room here for all of the many genres of music all of you fine people enjoy. We’re here to get your creative juices flowing, folks, no matter what you like. So give it a shot.

With that, here’s today’s guest. Ladies and gents, James TAE.


You may find today’s playlist by following a series of elaborately designed clues, culminating in the… oh sod it, it was HERE all along.

Dubisfiction blurb:

Easy to the Spotisfaction crew.

Having listened to the great mixes courtesy of Dave ‘Pmau5’ Prowse and Thom ‘James’ Lavelle, and inspired by Bboy Craig Haynes’ incredible funkstep mix, here, I wanted to do a more pure dubstep mix that would compliment his. While his mix leans towards funk, dnb and a little grime, I thought I could put together a more two-step compilation, with some breathing space towards experimental and glitch. I’ve also tried to avoid the mixlist being particularly dark following Prowse’s recent mix, but hey, this is Dubstep, and it doesn’t take prisoners.

Dubisfiction track list is as follows:

  1. Martyn – Velvet
  2. Burial – Unite
  3. Distance – Fallen (Vex’d Remix)
  4. Kontext – Blinkende Stjerne
  5. Deadmau5 – I Remember (Caspa Remix)
  6. Skream – Sub Island
  7. Skool Of Thought – Sludge (Album edit)
  8. Feist/Boys Noize (DZ Remix) – My Moon, My Dub
  9. Digital Mystikz – Thief In Da Night
  10. Sub Version – Forgot The Virus
  11. Kid Acne – Eddy Fresh (Gescom dub remix)
  12. edIT – Laundry
  13. Datsik vs Downlink – Against The Machines (Original Mix)
  14. Distance – Ska
  15. Reso – Beasts In The Basement
  16. The Streets – In The Middle (Nero Remix)

How do I start this mixlist? Do I choose something very obviously, quintessentially Dubstep, or do I choose something light and popular to ease us in? I wanted to avoid both of those clichés, and hopefully chose a track, in Martyn’s ‘Velvet’ that not many of you will know, but which mixes some nice tech-house and IDM influences over the Dubstep groove. I hope this one sucks us all in whichever angle we’re coming from.

A particular highlight on this mixlist for me is the Vex‘d remix of ‘Fallen’ by Distance. This track shattered my soul the first time I heard it, and is so heavy that the theory of relativity breaks down at its centre. I’m a big fan of anything Planet Mu, and so was delighted to see edIT’s Laundry on Spotify (just about the only track of his on there).

DZ’s remix of Boys Noize’s remix of Feist’s My Moon, My Man is another special one. The Boys Noize remix is a classic itself, but DZ pull off a fantastic twostep take on what was once a jaunty and beautiful piano ditty. Four bangers to end on with Datsik/Downlink (bear with it, when the Jungle influence kicks in later, the tune really takes off), Distance, Reso (forget coffee, the last minute and a half of Beast In The Basement will keep you going all day), and the uplifting Nero remix of In The Middle by The Streets. Before, during and after a night out, this tune picks me up time and time again, so here’s hoping it picks you guys up for the rest of today.

Enjoy, cheers,