150 Spotisfaction Friday – 21st January 2011 – Dave Christensen

Morning all. Just a quick one to let you know that we’d love your playlists like they were our first born children. They deserve a good home, yo, so send them to us. We have candy.

Also, as you may have noticed, we’ve relaxed our update schedule a wee bit – we decided that a formally scheduled, magazine style format wasn’t really for us (tbh, it was a bit too much like real work). This means that there should be an awful lot less pressure for contributors to come up with stuff, so if the reason you didn’t want to get involved in the site previously was that you didn’t have enough time to commit, then fret ye not! If you want to write a paragraph about a new album that’s exciting you then great! Want to run a poll on the public’s favourite Descendents album (everyone knows it’s Milo Goes to College. Fact)? Perfect! Less structure, less rigidity, fewer (no) deadlines, more fun. That’s the aim, anyway. Get in touch if this sounds good to you.

Got a new playlist for you today, courtesy of the mighty Dave Christensen. I love playlists like this, to be honest – something about a good instrumental tune that truly helps you get through the day.

Anyway, catch you on the other side (of the weekend)!


This is pretty simple really. When I”™m working I quite often like to listen to instrumental music because the lyrics of a song can often distract me, as I am very easily distracted. I”™ve listened to the soundtracks to The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford and There Will Be Blood huge numbers of times and just got a bit bored of them, beautiful as they are, so I made a playlist with a bit more variety, but still no words.

Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

Dave is Spotisfaction's Editor-in-Chief and founded the site in February 2010. He can often be found acting as web designer, code-monkey, writer, people manager, editor, tea boy, and sometimes all of the above at the same time. Dave lives in Gloucester with his wife and two cats.

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