140 Spotisfaction Friday – 19th November 2010 – Dan Herlin

Afternoon all! Sorry for the slight delay in getting the playlist to you today – I had this morning off as holiday and quite short-sightedly forgot to ask anyone to cover! Oops. My apologies. Tonight is episode 3 of The Walking Dead, which is ridiculously exciting – I’ve not been this gripped by a series in a long time. Are you watching it? If so, what are your thoughts so far? Having said that, I guess, I was equally as engaged by Lost season 1, and look how seasons 2 and 3 panned out…


Today’s playlist is by Dan Herlin and is entitled “Paraphrasing”. It’s a long one, but stick with it as it’s very enjoyable – some great versions in there, kudos to you Dan!

Have a lovely weekend, kids, and see you next week.



Paraphrasing essentially is the restating of a something in another form, a text in other words, an interpretation. The number of songs interpreted and reiterated are endless, however the number of successful ones are limited to only a few, some of which can be found in this playlist.

Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

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