137 Spotisfaction Friday – 12th November – Kev Atkinson

Friday, we’ve made it to the weekend. Let us know what your plans are for the next couple of days – where are the places to be this weekend? It’s been a busy few days for Spotisfaction – they took a dislike to Davey P at the 3 Daft Monkey’s gig last night and nearly didn’t let him through the door, but he convinced them in the end. The Mystery Jets and Fenech-Soler were on top form for me over the last two nights; Dave and I will be preping our reviews this weekend.

Now, following my Last.FM playlist on Wednesday, Kev Atkinson has taken up the idea and done his own. This might be a good idea for everyone to pick up on, so lets see an influx of Last.FM based playlists in our inbox soon! It’s a simple idea, so if you’re struggling for playlist inspiration, give this a try! Anyway, here’s Kev’s contribution, so I’ll hand you over to him.


Following on from James”™ wonderfully eclectic playlist created from the top artists scrobbled to his account, I was inspired to follow suit and see what my playlist would look like (and give people more of an idea what we like listening to over here in Spotisfaction Towers).

I was fairly late onto the whole thing and so my account was only created in January and since then I have scrobbled a few tracks and one or two artists and have found that the recommendation section is wonderful for finding new artists to check out.

And so on to the insight of my listening habits for the year. There are a lot of artists that are either new or at least new to me on this list. A couple of the artists that were new to me this year are The National and The Decemberists both of which pretty much only took one listen to get me hooked.

New artists this year included Broken Bells, who are not only one of three artists with Broken in their name in my top ten (cheers for pointing that out Dave) but also a contender for my album of the year, and A Genuine Freakshow, think I may have mentioned these guys once or twice (I even reviewed their album here), who are now available on Spotify.

Lastly sharp eyed readers may have spotted that Neil Finn actually appears three times in the top twenty, with his solo work, his 7 Worlds Collide project and obviously with Crowded House, this isn”™t too surprising for those of you who know me and know that I consider Neil Finn a musical genius.


I do apologise for for a lot of these songs and artists appearing on my other playlists but the reason they appear on my playlists is because I like listening to them.

Kev Atkinson

By Kev Atkinson

Living on a precarious balance of caffeine and alcohol Kevin continues to baffle medical science by continuing to live. In order to keep these finely tuned levels up Kevin can often be found in pubs and clubs where quite by chance there is regularly music playing and through a process of osmosis has acquired a diverse taste in music. Kevin is known for his bright and cheery outlook on life as well as his spectacular sense of humour (some of that last sentence may not be true)

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