113 Spotisfaction Friday – 17th September 2010 – James TAE

Morning all. I won’t keep you long this morning, since there’s a lot of blurb to get through. Hopefully I’ll see some of you tonight at Slak.

Today’s playlist is one I’ve been looking forward to for a long while. I still play the first installment regularly, and now consider the DZ remix of Feist/Boys Noize’s ‘My Moon My Man’ as one of my favourite tracks. So, here’s James TAE – hope you enjoy; I know I will.

Have a lovely weekend, folks.

James Says:

So, my first dubstep playlist, Dubisfiction, is perhaps my favourite of the mixlists I’ve done, because the genre is so vastly under-represented on Spotify, meaning I had to spend a lot of time unearthing tracks from the further reaches of the library.  Crafting a mixlist that worked was therefore an interesting and eye-opening project.

Dubstep has had a very big summer, culminating in the release of the Skream album (which still isn’t on Spotify – I told you it was an under-represented genre) which sadly hasn’t been particularly well received.  I can sort of see why.  What the genre needed, at a time when its sub-mainstream momentum was at its peak, was not a wimpery stab at the popworld from one of the genre’s primary representatives.  It was an empty step too far.  I thought, then, it was time to hunt out some more of the truly great dubstep that’s out there.

I give you, therefore, Dubisfiction 2.

Moderat probably aren’t considered dubstep, but they were creating their minimal glitch-electro at a time when dubstep was the cool kid in town, and so the influence is definitely there.  In No. 22, there’s no denying the deep bass and half-time step are Moderat ‘doing’ dubstep, and it is phenomenal.

An absolutely banger is Supra 1‘s remix of the Brodinski/Mumdance collab Eurostarr.  If you ever wanted the definition of ‘wobbly basslines’ this track is it.

There are two tracks from Ital Tek’s phenomenal Mako EP, title track Mako and my personal favourite Manhattan.  I couldn’t believe the quality of the EP when I stumbled across it, and wanted to highlight to the world this little gem.  Slightly techy (quelle surprise), almost minimal and housey, these tracks are a mix of ambient glitchtech I think is incredible.

Reso, Distance and MRK1 just roll of the tongue as my staple Dubstep diet, and a triumvirate during the mixlist keeps the momentum going.

There’s nothing heavier than Lee Scratch Perry telling you to respect his shit over a dirty dub tune, and Dubblestandart’s Blackboard Jungle Dub delivers, tuuuune!

Martyn (Deckers) featured on Dubisfiction with the amazing Velvet, and I wish there was more of him around on Spotify.  Electric Purring, a much more mellow, almost downtempo-garage tune is chilled out but richly textured, hanging on a very simple beat/bass groove for just a couple of minutes, which is all it needs.

Ital Tek’s second track finishes the mixlist with layers of dark electro, ending in a gloopy, drippy synth-outro that recalls Autechre at their melodic best.


Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

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