92 Spotisfaction Friday – 30th July 2010 – Jo Hawling

Don”™t do it, kids. Seriously. Just stay at home. I”™m feeling like 17 tonnes of horrible today. It”™s been a very busy week, very stressful. Speaking of stress, Stressechos (the band that Ben drums in when he”™s not giving out free candy to children) cut an 4 track EP yesterday. I had a sneak listen to it and I have to say, I”™m blown away. Further proof that there is more to the Cheltenham music scene than new-folk (not knocking new-folk, here. Just sayin”™, is all). Is it “new-folk” or “nu-folk”? Gah, that conjures up horrible images of Fred Durst with a resonator”¦

Anyway, without further delay, here is today”™s playlist. Bought to you by my very own Joform Hawling, entitled “Indie Disco”. Have a listen.

92 Spotisfaction Friday (30 Jul) – JHawling

Indie Disco

  1. My Life Story – You Don”™t Sparkle (In My Eyes)
  2. Marion – Sleep
  3. Menswear – Being Brave
  4. Strangelove – Beautiful Alone
  5. Soft Cell – Bedsitter
  6. The Boo Radleys – Lazarus
  7. The La”™s – There She Goes
  8. Inspiral Carpets – Saturn 5
  9. Catherine Wheel – Delicious
  10. The Bluetones – Bluetonic
  11. Sparklehorse – Someday I Will Treat You Good
  12. Kenickie – Lunch At Lassiters
  13. Gene – Olympian
  14. The Whitest Boy Alive – Timebomb
  15. Rancid – Time Bomb
  16. The Offspring – Bad Habit
  17. Primal Scream – Jailbird
  18. The Sleeper – Vegas
  19. Cake – Daria
  20. Longpigs – Happy Again
  21. P J Harvey – A Perfect Day Elise