91 Spotisfaction Wednesday – 28th July 2010 – Mike Sheldrick

Good morning, y”™all.

It”™s very quiet at Spotisfaction Towers right now. Everyone is out doing busy things. Dave has gone on a trek to find himself. He found himself sat in front of his TV in his pants watching”¦ whatever it is the people of the daytime watch. Some god awful show no doubt, a loud mouthed presenter barking at a family of criminals to change their ways. Yes, because your angry little-penis rant will really accomplish what a 2 year stretch in a correctional facility failed to do to these people. I shudder to think that TV such as this is allowed to exist. That”™s why I don”™t watch TV. That and Big Brother. Oh, and soaps. I mean, seriously guys”¦ come on. I digress”¦

Today”™s playlist is by the standup gentleman known as “WastedLegend”, aka Mike Sheldrick. A long serving, long suffering friend of mine. I”™m quite excited about this one, truth be told. Hardcore Mike is hardcore. I”™ll leave the rest to him.

91 Spotisfaction Wednesday (28 Jul) – MSheldrick

Ballads of a Broken Man ”“ Playlist by Mike Sheldrick (@Wasted_Legend)

  1. Creep – Radiohead
  2. The Scientist – Coldplay
  3. Dry Your Eyes – The streets
  4. Blinded by the Sun – The Seahorses
  5. Original – Leftfield
  6. 40 Days – Lali-Puna
  7. Image of you – Red Snapper
  8. Six Says – DJ Shadow
  9. Everybody Hurts – REM
  10. Mr Nicholls – Coldcut
  11. Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen
  12. Fast Car – The Rock Masters (Tracy Chapman cover)
  13. Open your window – Reverend & The Makers
  14. Get yourself together – Tahiti 80
  15. The Warmth – Incubus
  16. Hello – The Seahorses
  17. Everything will be alright – The Killers

The title should explain the main theme of this playlist. I wanted to create a mini-symphony of tracks to play that really captivate the emotions behind the moment you hit rock-bottom. The tunes compiled here are a few numbers that I think best tell the story of a mind going round in circles trying to make sense of a situation. Taken literally, the songs listed here may demonstrate emotions you might feel during a break up, but this isn”™t necessarily the theme. Rather, the tracks are meant to hold a sense of understanding that you can connect and relate to.
Starting with “Creep”. Reminding me of my days at school, I can picture a lost soul wandering round the courtyard feeling like a very small fish in a very big pond, struggling to fit in. The next few tracks sort of reflect a mind in pieces questioning all angles, The themes get a little darker towards the middle, towards the lyrically intense “Mr Nicholls”. I felt that to help ease the mood, I introduce a masterpiece of song writing from the legendary Leonard Cohen. Having seen this live at Glastonbury a few years ago, I can remember being reduced to tears as I witness a chorus of countless thousands waving their arms as he serenaded us with his deep and purposeful voice. Continuing in a refreshing vein, the list concludes with a few tracks that I feel still have a soulful sadness whilst also maintaining a sense of quiet optimism. However desperate the situation, two things you should remember.

You are not alone.

No matter how dark the night, the sun will always rise.

Hope you enjoy.