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Mystery Jets career seems to be in an odd yet encouraging position compared to the wave of British indie bands that have fallen before them. Never achieving mass commercial success, but with a dedicated following, critic approval and song writing stamina to still warrant the attention of fans, critics and media alike. At the grand old age of 3 albums, the Mystery Jets have everything to play for. The good news for all involved is that the Eel Pie islanders from London have produced another gem to add to their last release, 2008”™s infectious ”˜Twenty One”™.

It seems inaccurate to state that the Mystery Jets have matured on this album, but there is a noticeable added depth to the song writing on ”˜Serotonin”™. ”˜It”™s Too Late”™ demonstrates the bands ability to recreate the grandeur of power-ballads without descending into Bonnie Tyler-esque melodrama. The melodies are as striking as the honest and tender delivery by lead singer Blaine Harrison, accurately evoking the feelings of many heart-broken 20-somethings across the land. ”˜Flash a Hungry Smile”™ feels like, what can now be titled as, a ”˜classic”™ Mystery Jets track. It”™s an experimental yet playful outing into the pop universe with fuzzy guitars, sweeping whistle harmonies and lyrics about the more promiscuous side of love. Like many songs in their back catalogue, it”™s instantly catchy yet they never bore, nor do they repeat themselves, such is the skill and craft of their material. And just when you think they”™ve peaked, title track ”˜Serotonin”™ starts its cinematic, pop assault on the listener. The vocal refrain near the end ”˜Sero, Serotonin”™ has been lingering in my head for at least 2 weeks as if to prove two points. Firstly that a) this is the best song of the summer so far and b) that I still haven”™t finished reviewing this brilliant album yet you moron!

There are a couple of tracks which contain some less inspired moments as these peaks. ”˜Melt”™ plods along, struggling to keep up with the 80s pop-euphoria pace and ”˜Lady Gray”™ lacks the flare of other tracks, but these are minor set backs. ”˜Serotonin”™ will cement the love for fans of the Mystery Jets and hopefully serve as an invitation card for those who may have passed them by. It”™s an album which is deserving of more exposure and a bigger audience than it will sadly receive.


Woody Whyte

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