News: Glassjaw

So we’re admittedly a little late to the plate on this one, but on 20 August Glassjaw released a new vinyl-only single All Good Junkies Go To Heaven.  This was the first official Glassjaw release since 2005’s El Mark EP, and we’ve just stumbled across the best vinyl rip of the track we’ve heard, and wanted to share it with you all.  The audio via YouTube is embedded below.

The new Glassjaw album has been a slow burner since their 2002 sophomore release Worship and Tribute.  Guitarist Todd Weinstock left the band, writing and recording for a new record began – as a four piece – as early as 2006, and they’ve been hinting at new material ever since.

It’s been a long ride, but we’re glad that more and more material is now being released for our consumption.  We really like the track (and if you can find an even better quality rip please do let us know!) and we hope it wets everyone’s appetite enough for whenever we finally get our hands on the new record!

Enjoy. (PS, don’t be confused by the live sample halfway through, that is on the track!)