160 Spotisfaction Friday – 17th April 2020 – Dave Prowse

Hi team Spotisfaction! You know, the best thing about living in Singapore is… well, I’m not going to lie, it’s the food. But, another pretty good thing is the fact that our music scene is super interesting. A mish-mash of different cultures coming together means that we get the best in K-pop, J-pop, contemporary hip-hop and jazz, and everything in between. Even our boring old commercial radio has a decent amount of Asian influence (and also a hell of a lot of Blue, JLS and 5ive, to be fair).

So, for today’s playlist I’ve started with a little bit of Korean hip-hop, and then we move into some of the tracks I’ve been enjoying chilling out to while we’re in lockdown; some old, some new.

Hope you enjoy. See you next time x