159 Spotisfaction Monday – 16th March 2020 – Ben Hawling

Hey gang. I hope that, wherever you are, you and your loved ones are safe and well. Give everyone a big virtual (non-contact) squeeze for me, would you?

Today’s playlist comes from our friend and Spotisfaction regular, Ben Hawling. In this current climate, I think that music is a powerful thing; we can all use a bit of positivity and fantasy, so thank you for this, Ben. Here he is:

Hi! Welcome back Spotisfaction!

So, a year ago, I was stuck in a soul-destroying job where I was constantly unhappy. I would often visualise a scene in my mind, wherein I would be on a terrace/ patio, complete with bright beaming sunshine and shimmering music surrounding me, drinking beer, relaxing, with all of the bullshit of work far away from me.
Ok, so I appreciate that this all sounds a little pedestrian and cliché. But, naturally, the fantasy became more and more important to me, as it was slowly etched onto my mind and took the form of a sanctuary, where I hoped to finally find resolve. As a result, the terraces/ patios that I actually experienced were, of course, immediately sullied by the impossibly high expectations that I had applied, therefore, making the fantasy seem increasingly more unrealistic and unobtainable, which made the torment even worse.

Anyways, this collection acts as one part of a 2 playlist set that I’ve put together, which both include tracks that would often soundtrack my fantasy, in both the day and night hours, and would, in turn, carry me through the pain and inertia. Also, I’ve included a few new-ish tracks that I feel continue to illustrate this fantasy appropriately.
So, I hope that you enjoy this particular collection and that it fills your soul with the taste of sugary sweet positivity and, most importantly, hope, as we draw closer to summer. For me, these collections evoke the feeling of freedom and serenity, as well as the feeling of departure and release from all the hate and worry. I sincerely hope that they do the same for you.

Here’s to the hope for happiness, the hope for renewed good health and well-being, and the hope of a better life. Chin up, we’re almost there…

-Ben Hawling