(I Can’t Get No) Spotisfaction – Special Collab Edition

Friday! Your sweet embrace nourishes and renews. To gear us up for a great weekend, we’ve got a super-special collaborative playlist to check out and contribute to!

Step 1: Find the playlist (hint: it’s here).
Step 2: Add your tracks.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit!

To keep it a bit manageable, try to limit yourself to a mere handful of banging tracks. No genre limitations, no having to flow correctly from the previous song (although you can if you like) – the only rule is that you have to love the tracks you contribute :)

Peace, love and shiny stuff.


PS. Got 4 guest mixes coming your way very soon (woopwoopwoop keep submitting bishes), and another couple from Thom and David. Rawr.