Review: PJ Harvey – Let England Shake guess you guys already know PJ Harvey, but I only just listened to her for the first time with her most recent album, Let England Shake. I was browsing the earliest reviews of Radiohead”™s newest offering, a couple of weeks back, and one user comment on Metacritic said something like, “This is crap, like every other recent release by Radiohead, just electronic experimental bollocks. If you liked what they used to do when they were good, check out PJ Harvey”™s new album.” Although I disagreed that Radiohead has gone downhill since the days of OK Computer and The Bends, I thought I”™d listen to his suggestion anyway.

And I”™m glad I did. This is a great album with easy comparisons to Laura Marling, Cat Power or Taken By Trees. But I guess these women were probably, at least to an extent, influenced by her earlier work. I don”™t know though. As I said I”™d never listened to her before and I haven”™t yet delved into her back catalogue except in reading about her work with Thom Yorke and Nick Cave. So, I”™m looking forward to getting my teeth into some of that soon. For the moment though, I”™ll just enjoy listening to this with my naive ears, which is nice.

PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder

Also, if you like this, then maybe check this out: papercranes ”“ Let”™s Make Babies In The Woods. It”™s pretty good too.

Dave Christensen

By Dave Christensen

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