151 Spotisfaction Monday – 31st January 2011 – Ben Hawling

Apparently today is the most depressing Monday of the year. Or, depending on who you listen to, last Monday was. Listen, it’s January, the weather is shit, you’ve had Christmas, what do you want? It’ll be Spring soon. Yay, daffodils and lambs. You know what lambs mean? Better Sunday roasts, that’s what.

Anyway, we’ve got a great little life-snippet of a playlist today. Ben Hawling is picking out years of his life and retrospectively soundtracking it. I think that’s really cool. Everyone can get taken back to a time in their lives when they revisit music, and so a playlist like this is a way to share that reminiscence. As I listen to the playlist myself, I remember when and where I was when it was part of *my* life, and it becomes interesting how music permeates through our lives like a giant audio Bayeux Tapestry. Anyway, enjoy.


Ben says: In many ways, 2009 was possibly the most influencial and significant year of my life. Over the course of the 12 months, I had writen a dissertation, finished university, recieved my degree, moved house twice, moved across counties, made a whole new set of friends, and most importantly, had discovered a whole bunch of new bands and tracks that quickly defined me. Funny then that the year started with a band who I had loved for years.

This is the soundtrack to my life = 2009

James TAE

By James TAE

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