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Hello everyone and welcome to another editions of Tomorrows Sounds Today – sorry it’s a little late, but we had a manic one at the ol’ day job yesterday. Anyway, let us welcome you in from the cold cold winter and settle you in from of our roaring fire of new and exciting music. Slip off the shoes, pop on the slippers and we’ll make you a warming mug of some tasty new albums, we might even slip in a wee dram of hot releases as its a super cold day.

My first choice this week is one which is not part of Spotify but I feel it is an important thing to raise. I try not to be a charity plugger as there are far too many out there doing too much good work and inevitably they don’t all get equal voice.

That said, I have friends in the field on active service and I’ve spent different periods of my life tied with different Army Units (it was almost a full time career choice for me) so I am a strong supporter of the work the Royal British Legion do, not just at this time of year but all year round. Political views around war aside, people are dedicating their lives on a daily basis.

Anyway…. morale guilt trip over with, onto the normal tunage!

Weezer ”“ Death to False Metal – This album comes very close to the latest studio release Hurley which we covered previously and whilst the songs are all ‘new’, it is not intended as a new album, although the band have professed to giving it the same energy and coverage. It acts as a collection of work spanning their careers, and all I will say is if you are a fan of Weezer already, I think there is plenty in there you will like. However, I don’t think (as you would expect from an informal, non studio release) that it will necessarily convert any non-fans. It is still a great album and worthy of mention along with their main releases, and for me at least it certainly doesn’t feel like a weak B-sides cash in attempt. For that alone they should be applauded, as that is all too easy to do these days.

The Radio Dept. ”“ Never Follow Suit – This EP from Swedish outfit The Radio Dept. is one of an ever growing list from a band who never seem to release many albums but are always punching out the EP’s. To say never is a little unfair as there are a couple out, but EP’s seem to form the backbone. As their name might suggest, they are on the more electronic spectrum and certainly make me think of some of the 80’s electronica bands with hints of New Order, Cocteau Twins and the like. A great piece of work and worthy of the rest of their catalogue.

Ray Davies ”“ See My Friends – This album is a set of covers the Kinks frontman has commissioned with a set of popular artists. Some of the tunes come out horribly predictably (like the Metallica cover of ‘You’ve Really Got Me’) but others are hidden gems of complexity. The re-invention of already classic songs with a particular artist’s twist are well worth the play-through in order to find your own favourites. My personal favourite is a toss up between Billie Corgan’s and Mumford and Son’s but have a listen and enjoy the re-imagining of some really great tunes.

Cee Lo Green ”“ The Lady Killer – As our erstwhile man in charge was seen to quote on one social network or other in recent days, “I didn’t think I would like this album but I really do”. I’m paraphrasing slightly as I don’t remember the original quote but it was enough to make me go out and listen and, for once it would seem, he is absolutely right. It’s not a genre of music I crave but by the same token I don’t instantly run a mile from it either but this album just works. If you don’t think you’ll like it, give it a chance and you may find yourself surprised!

Tom Jones ”“ Greatest Hits Rediscovered – What is there to say about the great Welsh crooner that has not already been said at some stage? Yes a lot of his work is dated and yes a lot of his work is cheesy to the max and borderline middle aged disco fodder, but there is something enigmatic about him and his music. I dare anyone to listen to this album and not enjoy at least one track on it.

We hoped you enjoyed those choices as much as we did, with the ramp up to the festive season coming we’ll be returning next week to Classics Collected, but in December we’ll be doing a 2 part festive edition (modern and classic) so those of you who have some particular or obscure Chrimbo Classics you want us to cover please get in touch!

As always, the playlist is combined below for your enjoyment, please leave us comments if you have any thoughts, likes or dislikes but keep it clean chaps!

Tomorrows Sounds Today 15/11/2010

Peace, Love and music

James Battin

By James Battin

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