Live: Levellers Present Levelling the Land Live

Every now and then something happens to remind you that you aren”™t as young as you used to be (and I”™m not talking about the hangover I had this weekend, here). The first thing that made me feel old was earlier this year when I found out Marathon hadn”™t been called Marathon for 20 years! (for younger readers Marathon is the old name for Snickers). The latest thing that reminded me of the passing of the years was Levellers announcing they were on tour again next year. Now, you may ask why such an announcement would make me feel old? Well, the reason is that this tour for Levellers is to mark the 20th anniversary of their album Levelling the Land, and the first ever concert I attended was on the original tour for that album all those years ago.

Levellers, and indeed Levelling the Land, mark a special point in my music growth. Not only was this my first gig, but Levellers were one of the first bands that I introduced to my older brother rather than the other way round. Since then I have, of course, gone on to develop my own music tastes, but this album marked one of the first steps on my journey of musical discovery.

But Levelling the Land isn”™t just an era defining album for me – back in 1991 when it was originally released it propelled the Levellers to the forefront of the British music scene. Probably hated as much as they were adored, the Levellers themselves were called anything from anarchists, folkies and travellers to musical geniuses and a Great British institution but the one thing that held true was that whenever it was heard, Levelling The Land provoked a reaction.

And so to commemorate the anniversary of this seminal album, which includes the hit singles ’15 Years’, ‘One Way’ and ‘Far From Home’, Levellers are performing it in its entirety, with an encore of other favourites from their back catalogue.

If this is as good live now as it was when I first saw them it should be one hell of a show, and I recommend you check it out at one of the dates below if you get the chance.

Levellers present ‘Levelling The Land Live”™
Special guests on all dates The Wonder Stuff

March 2011
Wednesday 9 BRISTOL O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
Thursday 10 LEEDS O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
Friday 11 GLASGOW Barrowland 0844 499 9990
Saturday 12 NOTTINGHAM Rock City 0845 413 4444
Sunday 13 NEWCASTLE O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
Tuesday 15 SOUTHAMPTON Guildhall 023 8063 2601
Wednesday 16 NORWICH UEA 01603 508 050
Thursday 17 BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
Friday 18 MANCHESTER Academy 0161 832 1111
Saturday 19 LONDON O2 Brixton Academy 0844 477 2000

Kev Atkinson

By Kev Atkinson

Living on a precarious balance of caffeine and alcohol Kevin continues to baffle medical science by continuing to live. In order to keep these finely tuned levels up Kevin can often be found in pubs and clubs where quite by chance there is regularly music playing and through a process of osmosis has acquired a diverse taste in music. Kevin is known for his bright and cheery outlook on life as well as his spectacular sense of humour (some of that last sentence may not be true)

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