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The last decade has been pretty good for indie music. The Strokes quintessential Is This It, released in 2001, wrestled control of rock music from the excesses of nu metal in the 90s, providing a taught, stripped-back lo-fi sound that reinvigorated indie music and set the ball rolling for bands like Interpol, The National, Kings of Leon, Razorlight, Bloc Party and many others in the subsequent years.

In the middle of the decade, bands like Interpol and The Killers integrated influences from the 80s – the formative decade for many artists today. Combined with the flourishing electro scene under Justice, Erol Alkan, Simian Mobile Disco and others, indie’s final integration with dance music was completed with Hot Chip’s The Warning in 2006, and the Klaxons’ Myths of The Near Future in January 2007. Since then, electro has been king, with artists like Friendly Fires finding their electronic side the more fruitful of their parent influences. So, ever wondered what glitchy electro-pop would sound like if it was done by just one man and his acoustic guitar? The answer is RightClickSaveAs.

Live, he’s a jittery, energetic, intriguing solo act who mixes string-melting strumming with melodies that won’t be forgotten. His delivery is consistently frenetic, fuelled by excessive nervous energy and boyish charm while his songs patiently build layers, slowly adding chordal and melodic inflections to what had seemed simple. This combination has the very successful effect of leaving you anxious and on the edge of your seat until the song’s full melody eventually drops, and, like any good DJ would have you do, you drop with it.

On record, he’s now working with producers to capture this energy and approach to songwriting in a fully-fledged electro sound. The transition is proving remarkably smooth, as flagship track ‘Cheat’ (the video for which is below) goes to show. With the craft of his songs clearly having this sound in mind, the layers of melody, both vocally and on guitar, become layers of synths, while the jittery delivery becomes a glitchy percussion track.

RightClickSaveAs is forging a path where he’ll be equally at home on stage or behind a deck, with a full band or playing intimate one-man acoustic sets. Infectious and talented, and with more recorded material in the pipeline, we suggest you check out his Myspace page to hear more of his music and connect to him via Twitter and Facebook. Look out for him gigging around London – in the words of his pals Adam & Joe, “you should take a look at him with your eyes…”.

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