118 Spotisfaction Wednesday – 19th September 2010 – Mike Sheldrick

It’s a hectic day here, so this playlist is a bit late, apologies. But what a playlist it is from Mike Sheldrick today. Keep the submissions coming, we love hearing them and letting them be heard. Here’s Mike’s blurb for his playlist Road Trip.

Mike Says:

And hello again, my friends. And in this episode, its all about turning the volume up to eleven, windows down and sunroof open. Yes, folks its time for a great Spotisfaction Road Trip. So without much further ado lets fill up, and get rolling.

And off we go, with the epicness of Mr Meatloaf (or at least a tribute). Nothing better to get the spirits up than a classic rock anthem. The rest of our journey will continue in very much the same vain as we carry on on our Road to Hell. We get a bit dancey with Hey Boy, Hey Girl and Insomnia, intense enough to keep our motors engaged. And so onto our little sing-a-long section. There comes at time, on every journey, for reflection, with that in mind, the always pleasant ”˜On Your Way”™ will soothe the soul.

We carry on our little trip with a few tracks with a bit more energy to keep us going. With the exciting riffs from the Aliens and the Foo Fighters, you may end up needing to check the speedo. Sadly I could not find The Arcade Fire version of Keep the Car Running, but I found the next best thing. A cover that I feel best represents this finger tapper. And of course, all good trips must come to an end, and I think a nice way to conclude our mini excursion would be with the poetic genius of Drive by Incubus. Have a safe trip everyone, and send us a postcard!

James TAE

By James TAE

James TAE is a Music and Tech Journalist, Editor for Spotisfaction, and writer for God Is In The TV and London Tour Dates magazine. Follow him @James_TAE

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