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Feature: Tomorrow’s Sounds Today

Hi guys. Welcome to another edition of Tomorrow”™s Sounds Today, where we at Spotisfaction Towers give you all the killer and none of the filler from the last fortnight’s additions to the “What’s new” section of Spotify. It has been a truly bountiful fortnight and there is so much content that I couldn”™t possibly fit it all into review and remain meaningful – apologies in advance for not covering it all! As always, you can find the things I couldn’t fit into this piece in the TST playlist after the break. Now, on with the show!

Royksopp ”“ Senior – Our first choice this month was a no-brainer – the latest piece from the top Norwegian electro kings. It is an album which has had an uncommon effect on me in that I don’t want to force unnecessary blurb out about it. Its great, its really great, go listen. That is all I feel it needs.

Atmosphere ”“ To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy: the Atmosphere ep’s – Our next choice this week is a new artist on me and in one I feel sadly remiss I had not discovered earlier. Having played through the album a couple of times (with increasing joy), I felt compelled to go over the back catalogue and I have to say, hand on heart it was one of those days I thank the gods of the Internet for creations like Spotify. There is no way I, in old world music behaviour, would have gone out and bought a back catalogue… but I digress. A great choice for you hip-hop lovers, phat beats, great rhymes with some meaning and edge. A positive voice in questionable times who clearly draws from life rather than faking it.

Skunk Anansie ”“ Wonderlustre – Rather than being known for genre busting, I swear the latter part of the current decade will be known as the time all the old bands reformed! Week in, week out, I see a new band from the past come together to have another punt. Did they iron out their differences or just receive an inordinately large gas bill? I don”™t wish to sound ungrateful, in many cases this is a really good thing (the new Soundgarden for example). In other cases it is just a shameless cash in, doomed to failure.

I”™m on the fence about the Skunk Anansie reformation. I loved them the first time round and I”™ll be honest and say I know little of the drivers behind the reform but how is the sound? Just as good as it ever was and whilst for some the lack of change might not resonate I think it’s an album worthy of note.

Manic Street Preachers ”“ (It’s Not War) Just The End Of Love – Next choice, not a reformation but a new piece from a band who haven”™t been with us a little while. Not a full album yet but an EP at least. The sound continues to evolve but the core elements are ever present and just as strong as they always were. The tracks sound a little more upbeat than others in recent past so this may be the start of a more positive phase for the group.

UNKLE ”“ The Answer EP – Another EP but a fantastic choice of musical creativity from the team at UNKLE. From the opening track it is clear the thought that has gone into every layer of each track to produce something with a truly whole sound. The tracks vary quite a lot in the styling which just goes to strengthen even more the impact of the EP and is definitely one of those pieces made for good headphones and no distractions.

Kitaro ”“ Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Volume 4 – Last choice this time, something a little bit different and something I”™d ask you all to give the once over. This is an instrumental piece and something a little different. Wonderfully relaxing and almost haunting music which I would strongly recommend if you want to take some time out of your normal cycle and do something completely different.

Tomorrows Sounds Today – 20/09/2010

As always, the tracks can be found here gathered together in easy to consume format with a few hidden gems who didn’t make the release space (including some Fatboy Slim, Robyn and MF Doom). Please make use of the comment section to help us steer our work.

Peace, Love and Music,

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