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Feature: Tomorrow’s Sounds Today

Hi everyone, welcome to another edition of Tomorrow’s Sounds Today! For those new to the series, this is our collection of the best from the “What’s New” section of Spotify presented to you for your digestion on a fortnightly basis.

We have some real crackers for you this week, including some unusual choices showcasing our commitment to musical diversity. As usual we’ll present our top picks with a little breakdown for you, but please also take a look at the playlist linked at the end of the post for some little extras and teasers for you!

Wavves ”“ King Of The Beach
– If you have already listened to the Best Coast album we did a review on last week then you are in for a complete treat with this piece. An epic work of positive, pulsing guitar rock that wouldn’t be out of place on a soundtrack for that drive to the beach for a surf weekend. Tones of other genre bands come out in all the tracks but at no point do they feel like they are lending too heavily from other peoples work. Turn this one up loud and feel the summer.

Dexter Gordon ”“ The Capitol Vaults Jazz Series – Our next choice is not a new album per say but it is new to Spotify. For the unacquainted, Dexter Gordon is a jazz saxophonist most prominent in the 50’s. He was an inspiration to the early work of John Coltrane and that alone should stand as recommendation enough to give his work a spin. This album is a collection of recordings from his time with Capitol Records and includes some of his time spent in Europe in the 1960s. An old jazz aficionado or new to the style, I would recommend this to all.

Menomena ”“ Mines
”“ Next up is the new work from Portland, Oregon based Memomena. A trio of multi skilled singers and musicians who collaborate to produce some really great music. They create their music by building the tracks in layers starting with basic loops and recording each instrument on top of the last, often taking it in turns to play particular instruments. This album has a variety of sounds and styles but it is all underpinned by an excellent craftsmanship and a thorough dedication to creating a “whole” sound.

Justin Nozuka ”“ Gray
– I chose this album for one sole reason only. Justin sounds very much to me like the late (and deeply missed) Jeff Buckley. I am a fan of Jeff’s material and while Justin’s work is by no means a copy or imitation, I am often reminded of the similarity and that alone means this album for me is a keeper!

Blind Guardian ”“ At The Edge Of Time
”“ To continue our work around diversity in our music, this little gem ticks multiple boxes. A German based heavy metal band, Blind Guardian have an extra layer of the theatric without going to the Gwar/Lordi extreme. They are heavily influenced by the likes of JRR Tolkein and Stephen King and there is a purely cinematic quality to their work. A mixture of orchestra, speed metal, power rock and lyric craftsmanship blended so perfectly. Even if metal is not your genre I would emplore at least one play. Imagine an epic battle, kung fu fight or chase and put some music to it, you wont be far off.

Sky Larkin ”“ Kaleide
”“ A late addtion to the list (appearing over the weekend) is this great piece of work. Sky Larkin are a band from Leeds and this is their second full release. Their music is a mixture of positive indie, harmonic rock and simple clean riffs all with the delightful vocal charms of lead singer, Katie Harkin providing an extra melody all of its own.

The Thermals ”“ I Don’t Believe You
”“ Last this run is a 2 track pick from the excellent Thermals. If the rest of the album due later this year (September) is anything as good as this short release, we’re in for a treat and I look forward to reviewing it nearer the time. As a product in part of the great Sub Pop label with sounds melted together from influences like the Pixies and Placebo. A great sound from a great band which will turn any bad day into a good day.

I’m afraid that’s all we have time for this run, but as always subscribe to the full playlists for some extras we didn’t get chance to review. See you all next week for another addition of Classics Collected where the Spotisfaction crew point to some retro picks to blow the dust of and give a fresh play.

Tomorrow’s Sounds Today 16/08/2010

Peace, Love and Music.

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