98 Spotisfaction Friday – 13th August 2010 – Mike Sheldrick

Hi guys. Thom and I had the world’s most important debate today. A debate that has the potential to split our nation right down the middle. A debate so fearce and volatile that we’ve both had to have a bit of a sit down and a cup of tea to recover… That’s right, folks, a debate about which Limp Bizkit cover on Spotify was the best one (not including Richard Cheese or Vitamin String Quartet)…

I think it’s Faith, by some dude called George Michael. He’s taken the song and made it his own. Respect.

Anyway, today’s playlist is by Mighty Mike Sheldrick. Friday 13th? Overrated.


98 Spotisfaction Friday (13 Aug) – MSheldrick
Hit the link for Mike’s blurb.

Friday 13th Dark Mystery Mix

And here we are on another one of those infamous Friday 13th”™s. Legend has it that today is one of those days where things aren”™t quite going to go right. In tribute to Friday the 13th, I have conjured up a compilation of tracks with a certain amount of uncertainty thrown in there. Thus, enter”¦ “The xx” with their “Intro” track, to set the tone. Stevie Wonder steps in to the fray with “Superstition” ironically pointing out that apart from a point in time ”“ Friday the 13th is just a Myth.

“Or is it?” The late legend Mr Jackson replies. As the “Thriller Night“ continues, we move into some tracks with a sense of mystery of darkness about them. “Space” question their own “neighbourhood”, which aptly reflects today”™s society – Dare you look outside? Next we have a “Massive Attack” of haunting vocals, masterfully summoned from the depths by “Beth Orton” and “Coldcut”. Our sinister sounds continue with a collection of intriguing instrumental work with the occasional band number thrown in the mix for good measure. Anyways, enough of this waffle, I”™ll leave the rest of the thinking to you. So sit back, relax to this predominately ambient mystery mix.

To quote a certain Chris Evans, back in the (literally) mirror smashing days of “TFI Friday”

”Friday the 13th ”“ YOU DO NOT SCARE US!”

Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

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