96 Spotisfaction Monday – 9th August 2010 – Tudor Howell

Afternoon kids. So this week has been pretty exciting. We’re working on the website redesign, and the first few drafts we’ve been privy to have been awesome. I’m sure when it’s unveiled you’ll like it.

Today’s playlist is by Tudor Howell. Enjoy!


96 Spotisfaction Monday (9 Aug) – THowell
Hit the link for tracklist and Tudor’s blurb.


  1. Madworld – Michael Andrew and Gary Jules – Gears of War
  2. She’s A Rainbow – Rolling Stones – Sony Bravia
  3. New Soul – Yael Naim – MacBook Air
  4. Jacques You Body(Make Me Sweat) – Les Rythmes Digitales – Citroen C4
  5. Baddest Ruffest – Backyard Dog – 2002 Worldcup Coke
  6. Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne – WOW
  7. W.A.R.R.I.O.R – Ebony Bones – Citroen DS3
  8. Walkie Talkie Man – Steriogram – iPod
  9. I Love to Boogie – T. Rex – Robinson’s Fruit Sqush
  10. People Take Pictures of Each Other – The Kinks – Sony Ericsson
  11. Ain’t Got No/I Got Life(Groovefinder Remix) – Muller Yoghurt.

[Editor’s note: Gary Jules isn’t on Spotify, frustratingly, so I’ve added as good a cover as I could find.]

A relatively short playlist that has been created to highlight songs that have been utilised by advertisers so well that I’ve linked the advert and the music together so much so i usually search the advert to find the tune. These are the adverts that stood out prominently in my mind as links to find these songs, and although i don’t love them all they made the adverts interesting.

As a small disclaimer this wasn’t meant as a massive ad, i don’t work for any of these companies just mentioned the products incase you didn’t know where they were from.

Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

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