95 Spotisfaction Friday – 6th August 2010 – Rhys Howell

Afternoon folks. I”™ve spent a good portion of today listening to two local, home-grown acts – the mighty John Madden and Tom Mitchell, and our very own Ben”™s band Stressechoes. As such, I”™m feeling pretty awesome right now.

After Wednesday”™s call-to-arms, we”™ve added a few new people to our team and you can expect to see the first few posts from them shortly. There”™s still time to get involved with Spotisfaction, so if you”™re interested check out this post and give me a shout via email or Twitter.

Today”™s playlist is by Rhys, and is a lovely, meandering mix perfect for a Friday afternoon.

Love, hugs and mealy bugs.

95 Spotisfaction Friday (6 Aug) – RHowell
Hit the link for tracklist and Rhys”™ blurb.

  1. Of Montreal ”“ The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
  2. Paloma Faith ”“ Romance Is Dead
  3. I Am The World Trade Center ”“ Shoot You Down
  4. Purveyors Of Fine Funk ”“ Ashessmashingred
  5. Emmy The Great ”“ We Almost Had A Baby
  6. Raz Ohara ”“ Where Is My Mind
  7. Elvis Presley ”“ Suspicious Minds – Elvis Live version
  8. Cat Stevens ”“ Wild World
  9. Evergreen Terrace ”“ No Donnie, These Men Are Nihilist
  10. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova ”“ Falling Slowly
  11. Cake ”“ Short Skirt/Long Jacket
  12. Lemon Jelly ”“ Ramblin”™ Man
  13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs ”“ Gold Lion
  14. Marina And The Diamonds ”“ I Am Not a Robot
  15. Devotchka ”“ How It Ends

I quite like it in playlists when the jump from one feeling or sound to another. It keeps me on my toes and stops me from just letting them music turn into background noise. That”™s my excuse anyway for the almost random nature of these tracks.

Dave Prowse

By Dave Prowse

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