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Feature: Tomorrow’s Sounds Today

Welcome everyone to another edition of Tomorrow”™s Sounds Today, where we pick all that”™s best from the “What”™s new?” section of Spotify and present it to you, neatly packaged with some thoughts and links!

In this edition we have quite the mix for you, from classic rock, through pop, to that Motown sound. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Robert Plant ”“ Angel Dance

I couldn”™t really start with anything other than the great Robert Plant, mostly as I”™m a huge Led Zeppelin fan since my early teens, via my first guitar. Ok, I”™ll grant this is thus far just a single track but it is well worth a listen and is hopefully a sign of a new album due to grace us soon. Classic Zeppelin it is not but it is full of the hallmarks Plant is famous for and a great addition to a playlist!

Tired Pony ”“ The Place We Ran From

Next up is a new band on the circuit, Tired Pony with their debut effort. I listened to the album before looking into the band and whilst the sound is not entirely original to them, it is a great piece of work. There are hints of Snow Patrol and a definite homage to Buck/Stipe which didn”™t surprise me when I read of his involvement. There are also some definite country hints to the sound but all with beautiful vocal work and the standout track for me, “Get On The Road” is a wonderful build up track.

Morcheeba ”“ Blood Like Lemonade

Technically speaking it was a new Morcheeba track that appeared in the “What”™s new?” list on Spotify, but it leads me to this year”™s album. At the peak of trip hop in the mid to late 90”™s I was a huge fan of Morcheeba”™s mellow funky debut Who Can You Trust?. Their follow up got some big air time but after that, for me, they started to slide a little. Skye Edwards has now returned to the fold and her wonderful voice now carries some of that early magic back into the tracks. Whilst still not surpassing their debut in my opinion, this album contains much of what made their first 2 pieces of work so successful and is definitely an album to play on those more chilled moments.

Husky Rescue ”“ They Are Coming

Another short one, this is just a single effectively but I would recommend listening to the rest of their available work if you have time. I wanted to include it because for me, they were a mix of Silversun Pickups and Sigur Ros (if you can imagine such a thing). One of the drivers for me behind the work at Spotisfaction is to introduce people to as many new and varied sounds as possible and these chaps absolutely make that grade. The Album, Ship of Light, is not necessarily an instant pop classic but I feel it is very rewarding and worth repeat listens.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings ”“ I Learned the Hard Way

The last one for today, but I have saved the best for last. I will be up front and say that I was brought up on blues, soul and that good Motown sound. For me, artists like Sam Cooke, Otis Reading, Al Green and all of that era will have a special place in my heart. Other influences in my life brought in rock, metal and hip hop but good soul is where I started.

It”™s a style of music that over the years has been held as classic to some and is largely forgotten by most others which is why discovering Sharon Jones this week was an absolute gift. When I then researched a little further and found out they were a current group I was gobsmacked, their sound is that faithful to the original works.

You may tune out at this point and feel that soul is not for you but please, I implore you all to give this album at least one listen. Its musical craftsmanship alone deserves that, aside from the unbelievable vocals of Jones herself.

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed this week”™s picks and I hope you”™ve found something new or different that perhaps sends you on your own musical journey through the annals of Spotisfaction. For me Spotisfaction is becoming the new Wikipedia, in that I”™ll get stuck in loops for hours via the various links like “associated artist” or just plan digging. We”™ve all been there at 1am realising we”™ve been stuck in a Wikiloop for hours I”™m sure!

Here is the playlist for the week containing all of the above, plus a few extra surprises which we didn”™t have time to cover here and to keep you on your toes!

Tomorrow”™s Sounds, Today! 02/08/2010

Tune in next Monday for “Old School Sounds”, a delve into the Spotisfaction archives for some classic albums you may have forgotten that demand a dust off and a replay!
Peace, love and music.

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