90 Spotisfaction Monday – 26th July 2010 – James TAE

Evening all,

Sorry for the delayed playlist today. Here it is, forgive us? James is up with his prog awesomeness.


90 Spotisfaction Monday (26 Jul) – JTAE

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TITLE: Progressive Intention.

1.  Behaving Badly – Animals As Leaders
2.  Praha (Ancient Gold) – Ephel Duath
3.  South Side Of The Sky – Yes
4.  The Return Of The Giant Hogweed – Genesis
5.  Strange Deja Vu [Scene Two] – Dream Theater
6.  Deus Nova – Pain Of Salvation
7.  Vocari Dei – Pain Of Salvation
8.  Point To Point – Animals As Leaders
9.  To Rid The Disease – Opeth
10. Blind Curve: Vocal Under Bloodlight/
Passing Strangers/Mylo/Perimetre Walk/Threshold – Marillion
11. Hoedown – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
12. Cross Eyed Mary – Jethro Tull
13. Plant A Nail In the Navel Stream – The Mars Volta
14. Faminepulse – The Mars Volta
15. Kasia – Rolo Tomassi
16. The First Man on Earth – Ayreon
17. The Sound Of Muzak – Porcupine Tree
18. Duel With The Devil – Transatlantic


The term ”˜Prog rock”™ seems to have a lot of connertations. One of my favourite answers to the dismissal of certain ”˜labels”™ was uttered by the Mars Volta thus:

“We are really tired of those labels and questions. Concept album? How can any huge project that takes up most of your life for a year not have a concept? Prog? How can any innovative, forward-thinking art or music not be progressive? It reminds me of when I first heard the term “Emo”, which was the most ridiculous label ever. How can anything you put your heart and soul into not be emotional?”

With that out the way, I”™ve tried to do a mix that introduces people to what Prog, is, was, can be. Yes, there are odd time signatures, long songs, a little cheesiness, frantic musicianship, but there are also interesting, beautiful songs, incredible lyrics, and heartfelt experimentation.

The founders of prog from the 70s and 80s are well represented – crazy tracks from Yes, Genesis, Marillion, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Jethro Tull help outline the heritage of prog.  A noticeable absence is King Crimson: Robert Fripp deciding to have all of his music removed from Spotify.

Then there”™s perhaps the most visible representation of prog these days – Prog Metal.  Animals as Leaders blend jazz riffs, crushing metal guitars, electronic percussion and soft synths to create a plush, dynamic atmosphere.  Ephel Duath blend thrash with pure jazz aesthetic.  Pain of Salvation take concepts to their extremes, whilst at the same time creating the most loving compositions – Vocari Dei is one of the most touching progressive songs I think you”™ll ever encounter. Rolo Tomassi go for abstract song structures and extreme changes in dynamics, while Porcupine Tree craft accessibility into all their songs.

Closing the mix, Transatlantic are quintessentially prog.  Suite-length songs, pop/rock/metal/jazz/psychadelic segues, cheesiness, musicianship.  At 26 minutes, Duel With The Devil doesn”™t try to be anything, other than a joy!