89 Spotisfaction Friday – 23rd July 2010 – Woody Whyte

Afternoon, folkens. How goes it?

Apparently, it”™s Friday today. This means that we are due a weekend. What you guys doing this weekend? I”™m planning on heading over to The Swan in Cheltenham for Swanfest, an annual music alldayer comprised of local talent. Amongst this years acts are the fantastic Juey, John Madden & Tom Mitchell and Stressechos. I”™ll be there from 2pm, what about you?

Today”™s playlist is something that is going to take many of us back a number of years to simpler, more romantic times. The innocence of youth, eh? It”™s Woody”™s college rock playlist. I hopeth you enjoy.

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89 Spotisfaction Friday (22 Jul) – WWhyte


  1. Pavement – Cut Your Hair
  2. Weezer – Say It Ain”™t So
  3. The Breeders – Cannonball
  4. REM – The One I Love
  5. Violent Femmes – Kiss Off
  6. Pixies – Gigantic
  7. Jane”™s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
  8. Nirvana – About A Girl
  9. Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life
  10. Nada Surf – Popular
  11. Sonic Youth – Kool Thing
  12. L7 – Pretend We”™re Dead
  13. Drop Nineteens – Winona
  14. The Replacements – Here Comes A Regular
  15. Weezer – Island In The Sun