Spotisfaction Wednesday 19/05/10 – Guest Mix by James TAE

Afternoon all. Some awesome feedback coming from today’s news post, so huge thanks for all you niaive folks sharing your ideas for us to rip off… uh, I mean implement with full credit as appropriate! Thom and I started Spotisfaction as an ambitious project to listen to every track in the world ever, but in the process we’ve created a small community and we’d love to improve things for those of you who have stuck with us. So, if there’s something you’d like out of Spotisfaction that we’re not currently delivering, let us know.

Anyway, today’s mix is beautiful in my opinion. I’ll hand you over to its loving creator, James Cook.

Tripping the light tangfastic…

Playlist can be found right here.

James says:
The Acoustic Session

To contrast my previous mix Dubisfiction, I’m stripping things back and present The Acoustic Session – a short acoustic-only playlist of folk, bossa nova, classical and crossover.

  1. Loro – Adem
  2. I Was Hoping Winter Was OVer – The Twilight Sad
  3. In A Manner Of Speaking – Nouvelle Vague
  4. Fantasia Sobre La Traviata – Francisco Tárrega
  5. Who Will Comfort Me? – Melody Gardot
  6. Birthday Present – Mirah
  7. Winter Dies – Midlake
  8. Fingerbib – Alarm Will Sound / Aphex Twin
  9. Homenaje A Tárrega: Soleares – Joaquin Turina
  10. Ada – The National
  11. Things Behind The Sun – Nick Drake
  12. This Flight Tonight – Joni Mitchell
  13. Pass It On – The Coral
  14. Saturday Come Slow – Massive Attack
  15. Recuerdos De Alhambra – Francisco Tárrega
  16. The Mosquito Song – Queens Of The Stone Age
  17. Jynweythek Ylow – Aphex Twin
  18. Human Beings Gather Round – Adem


I knew one artist that was going in here straight off the bat – Adem; and so I bookended the playlist with a track from his most recent covers album – Loro by Pinback – and finishing on the album-closer for Love And Other Planets – Human Beings Gather Round.

I also knew I wanted songs featuring my favourite female vocalists – Camille Dalmais on Nouvelle Vague’s cover of In A Manner of Speaking, Melody Gardot and Mirah. Soft, sassy, whisper-in-your-ear delicacy.

Francisco Tárrega is quite simply one of the best Spanish classical guitarists ever to grace the planet and it is a travesty that most people know him only by that Nokia theme. Combining the classical romanticism of the time with the traditional spanish folk of his upbringing, he has created some of the most achingly beautiful classical guitar pieces ever written. To protect the playlist from sections of density, I have interspersed three tracks created or inspired by Tárrega, finishing with his opus, Recuerdos De Alhambra.

2 choices from leftfield by the infinitely various Aphex Twin continue to show the size of his repertoire on these Spotifaction mixlists.

Now, everybody knows Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now and Big Yellow Taxi, and if you don’t, you’re an idiot. I therefore avoided insulting your intelligence by choosing a song of hers that is less well known – This Flight Tonight.

A long-unheared Queens Of The Stone Age bonus track, the effecting Mosquito Song, and the aforementioned Aphex Twin and Adem tracks close out the mixlist. Here’s hoping you’ve enjoyed it!