Feedback time is nao.

Hi folks.

So, we’ve been thinking about how to best go about this whole Spotisfaction malarkey, and have been asking some listeners what they think about the whole thing. It seems that it’s sometimes hard to find enough time to listen to a 2hr playlist every day. So, that leaves us with a couple of options:

We could move to an every-other-day kind of system to avoid over-saturating people’s brainparts with quality music lists. That’d mean that the pressure to fire out a killer playlist would be a bit higher to compensate. The playlists so far have been banging… can the human brain cope with the next level of amazing? I foresee explogasms in the near future.

We could create a ‘best of’ list as voted by our listeners to highlight any stand-out tracks that may have been missed throughout the week. Perhaps this could be in the form of a collaborative playlist on a Friday? We could all choose, say, 4 tracks that we loved that week and bung them into Friday’s playlist. The drawback here is that it’d involve a fair amount of audience participation and wouldn’t work if you fine kids didn’t help out.

So, we’re looking for some feedback please! Let us know what you’d prefer, or even if you’d like us to carry on as we have been doing.

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Finally, a question: How would you describe Lady GaGa in 10 words or less?