NEWS: Hey you. Make me a playlist. Yeeeaaaahhh.

Like Spotisfaction? Want to get involved? Submit your own playlist.

A’ight. We’re looking for people to contribute playlists to our Spotisfaction series, so if you like what we’re doing, give it a shot yerself. To see the guidelines, please continue reading…

  • Try to aim for around the 2 hour mark in playtime (around 25-30 tracks seems to work nicely).
  • Make a playlist of stuff that you’d listen to. You don’t have to love every track. Hell, you don’t have to have heard every track. If there is a track that you haven’t had chance to listen to then queue it up.
  • Try to keep it a bit varied. Themed playlists are fine and we don’t really have any limits on genres, but remember these are Mixtapes for the 21st Century. There is no point sharing the entire Hot Chip catalogue. Make it a bit personal.
  • Let us know where you’re coming from, what your standout tracks are and why. We’d like to know what has fueled this playlist – just a few lines is all that’s needed.

Playlists can be submitted to, in person, by courier or via the medium of dance.

Finally, if anyone would like to get involved but doesn’t have Spotify, give me a shout for an invitation.